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I most recently visited The Loft Salon Studio and received amazing service. Where else can you go to get one-on-one service?! I first sat in her shampoo chair, which If anyone has been to a hair salon, they all know these chairs and the position your are sitting in is not the most comfiness. ( These chairs recline, and bring your feet up as well as massage you when you are getting your hair washed!!) Once I sat in what I thought was a normal salon chair, my feet got raised, and again the massage got turned on! I have to say I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted done, this being my second time visiting her she recommended the Agave oil treatment again for my frizzy curly hair. I LOVE the way my hair feels, and I don’t even have to put all these products in my hair now that I have this amazing Agave Oil Treatment!!! Ann Marie puts you at ease and makes you feel AMAZING! I highly recommend you visit her today and you will walk out of her salon knowing you made the right choice!

Sarah Thomas

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best salon near me for hair extensions

I first met Ann Marie when I went to her in hopes that she would be able to fix/remove hair extensions I had gotten from another salon. I had always looked at her work and loved it ! But at the time was in a pinch for money so I went to a salon that offered extensions for a “cheaper” price . Guess it’s true you get what you pay for ! Because they almost couldn’t be removed from my head ! Ever since Ann Marie was able to not only fix my hair but make me love my hair again I was addicted to her services . Don’t let the pricing scare you away because every penny is truly worth spent at The Loft Salon Studio!

Anna Bathelt

Ann Marie is an amazing person above all which makes your “me time” even better ! My hair is fab and I love not having to use mascara with my xtreme lashes ! I’m new but here to stay ! Thank you for calling Mix 93 .1 and taking a chance … Radio works and I only talk about places I truly love …. Cheers to heels, hair (great lengths of course) , make up and xtreme lashes !!! Photoshoots never hurt either

Kera Burke

93.1 Radio Talk Show Host

Ann Marie did an amazing job with my eyelash extensions!

Jenny Hamner

I am sooo happy with my new hair! I dont trust many people cutting off over a foot of hair, believe me I AM PICKY!!! But Ann MArie did a wonderful job! Thanks!

Amelia Wendall

Today was the most wonderful day of my life I had the best experience and made a new friend for life my husband loves my new hair and my extensions look 100% natural. I would tell anyone looking to get extensions to come here where u will be treated like a princess. Walk in a hot mess and come out looking like a model. Hollywood treatment without the Hollywood prices!

Tara B.

A Huge Thank You to Annmarie for doing the impossible to fix my hair that I thought I could cut myself~~LOL. I thought my bangs would grow, 3 weeks before my sons wedding~~NOPE! I thought maybe she could at least whisp them to look better. Then she says, I have something up my sleeve! She is amazing! My hair never looked better, she put some soft highlights, fixed my mess and even made my bangs grow!! I AM STILL AMAZED AT WHAT SHE CAN DO! Maybe the wedding pics won’t look so bad after all. Thank You Annmarie Walts!!

Betty Brown

I have been back to the salon 4 times for the bio ionic straightening. If you are looking for an unparalleled experience where you are the only customer in the salon and are treated with uncompromising service this is where you go and the reason I’m a customer for life!
Karen Alstrup

Obsessed with my new #greatlengths #hairextensions done by the super talented @annmariewalts at #theloftsalonstudi0! Because of my #lularoe.I was able to treat myself an go to the best hair extensionist hands down anywhere in my area!


Nikki’s Google Review

I found Anne Marie through searching for stylists that did great lengths hair extensions in Western MA and stalked her Instagram for a while before finally contacting her for a consultation.

I had fusion extensions that were slipping out left and right and I knew that I wanted them done professionally. I was so impressed with everything she had done online so was a little intimidated going into the consultation. Once I got there and met with her, those feelings were completely forgotten about.

Anne Marie is so warm and welcoming and I could tell immediately that she absolutely loves what she does! Her confidence and enthusiasm made me feel so good about being there. We looked at pictures of where I was hoping to me and she analyzed how to get there. It was so refreshing to have a stylist really listen to me!

At the end of my consultation, which felt way more like a chat with someone I’ve known for a long time, she gave me three options of what she could do for my hair, with a full explanation of each, at three different price points. There was no pressure to go with any of them, she was just giving her professional opinion.

I decided then to book what I had gone in looking for which was a full color makeover, and great lengths extensions. We booked a date that worked with both of our schedules, which was about three weeks out. Knowing I was anxious to get my hair done, she called to get me in as soon as she could, earlier than my original appointment. We had talked at length about the color I wanted, which was a dark brown to very white blonde ombré, and she spoke to Great Lengths and was able to order specially colored hair that matched exactly what I was looking for, and chose a few complementing shades to weave in between.

When I arrived the day of my appointment and saw the colors, I was amazed at how perfect they were! She spent the early part of the day coloring my natural hair, and after a lunch break we began the extension process. i thought it would be a long and tedious process, but as a busy mom and small business owner I found it was the most relaxing time I have had in forever!

Anne Marie put my feet up, gave me comfy blankets and pillows, and played funny movies for me the entire time she was working her magic on my hair. The hours flew by and before I knew it she was done! When I finally saw my hair and the colors all together I was speechless! I felt absolutely beautiful! She took my after pics and was kind enough to take pictures that I can use for my clothing business- she has such a fun and creative energy!

She sent me home with all of the products I need to take care of my extensions. I can’t say enough about now perfect they are- you would never be able tell that I was wearing extensions! and the color is absolutely beautiful- a “natural” sunkissed looking ombré.

Thank your for my “Pinterest” hair!
I can’t say enough about Anne Marie! She obviously has the experience behind her, but she is up with every new trend and is always looking forward to what is next and has the knowledge to do it! She is an artist in what she does.

She is kind and humble, and when you are in her chair you have her undivided attention. You get what you pay for, and Anne Marie is hands down the best!!

Nikki C

LaLuRoe Consultant, Live Laugh Shop LuLaRoe by Nikki

best hair salon near me-western ma

I can confidently say that I my hair has never looked better after Anne Marie worked her magic on me. If you’re looking to be transformed, look no further. Anne Marie conducted a thorough consultation with me before we began the process of creating a new look. She listened carefully to my hair saga, and addressed all questions and concerns I had. From the get go, I felt comfortable because she’s a clear communicator, a warm personality, and is an expert in her field. She is meticulous in her application of extensions and in her styling. She checks in with you every step of the way to make sure you’re satisfied with everything. And talk about pampering! You have her undivided attention being alone with her in the salon. She’ll make your entire appointment all about YOU. In addition to giving you a fresh fabulous look, she treats you to a photography session afterwards, so you’ll have some glamour shots to give to friends and family afterwards, if you’d like. Anne Marie is a true professional. After going to get I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my hair. She’s an expert in healing hair and making you feel like your best most authentic self! Also, she has the best massage chairs which you’ll be treated to during both your shampoo and your hair cut! I can’t express enough my gratitude to Anne Marie or recommend her highly enough. You’ll realize how much confidence you’ve been robbing yourself of for not going to her sooner! Best salon experience of my life.

Ashley Malloy


I wish I found Ann Marie sooner…I finally love my hair! I have fine hair and was getting so frustrated with it. In fact, you should see my bathroom cabinet of styling products. Anyhow, about 2 years ago I decided that maybe I should look into getting extensions. My hair has never looked better, and no one can tell that I am wearing them. Not only do I love how thick my hair feels now, but I also am very pleased with my haircolor. She meticulously color matched my both my extensions and hair color. After my makeover, she took me out for my own personal photo shoot. I had such a great time. Currently, I always look forward to my “me” time now. She runs on time, and her expertise is worth every penny. I highly recommend that you call her, for many reasons, and especially if you are considering getting hair extensions.

Kathleen Brunelle

I simply cannot express what a relaxing experience I had. A friend of mine just got her eyelash extensions done and recommended that I go see Ann Marie. I can share that I was a bit nervous at first but after I went in and everything about my service was explained then I knew I was in good hands. I absolutely LOVE my Xtreme Lashes. I even fell asleep during my appointment. I will be definitely going back and highly recommend her services. It is rare for me to get time for myself because I have four kids and not much time.

Cami M.

If you are looking for exceptional service with someone that is extremely knowledgeable then you will want to go see Ann Marie at The Loft Salon Studio. She does fantastic cuts and color. I once had a very bad experience at another salon with a cut and Ann Marie took the time to evaluate what had happened and she suggested a few extensions on one side to fill in where I was butchered! The extensions were a life saver! Make your appointment today, you will not be disappointed!

Donna O'Sullivan

Nothing like a short nap and waking up looking younger!! Thanks for making my mornings easier on the “eyes”!

Laura W.

Medical Professional

I went to see Ann Marie at The Loft Salon Studio this past weekend to have eyelash extensions put on. First of all her salon is absolutely adorable. It is a house turned into a salon and it felt very welcoming. Prior to starting the lash extensions Ann Marie explained in detail the things to expect along with referencing her website that has additional information should any questions come up after I left. She brought me up to the second floor to a room that looks like it is dedicated to eyelashes! She had me lay down on this comfortable table under a nice warm blanket. I am pretty sure I fell asleep as the bed was so nice and warm and she put on nice calming music. I then woke up to fuller lashes which is exactly what I was hoping for. She completely met all of my expectations and more!! I will definitely be going back to maintain my beautiful lashes. I even plan to have hair extensions put on. I have seen her work and I can already tell I would trust her with not only my eyelashes but my hair as well. I highly recommend The Loft Salon Studio!

Valerie Garcia


lash extensions near me

n my experience, once you visit The Loft Salon and Ann Marie, you will NEVER want to go ANYWHERE ELSE. Ann Marie’s skills are amazing and was able to accomplish in one visit the look i had been trying to accomplish since i was 16 and first started coloring my hair. After countless visits to multiple different salons i began to think the look i was going for couldnt be done on me because of my own hair texture and what not. Ann Marie shocked me and made it possible. I had never left a salon so happy. Also, aside from her skills, her attitude and humbleness make it so comforting whereas in most salons where your sitting in their chair for a number of hours I am antsy and i usually ask them to not even blow dry because i just want to get out! I could have stayed longer and talked with Ann Marie, HAH! All in all The Loft Salon and Ann marie are amazing.

Olivia K.

I recently had my hair done by Ann Marie and I am absolutely in love with everything she did! She transformed my hair completely and it looks amazing. I went in with dirty blonde hair and left with a deep brown beautiful color with extensions. The process of getting them installed took all day but we had a lot of fun. We ate food, watched netflix, listen to music and got to finish the day with a great photo shoot with the finished product. I am beyond pleased with how everything turned out and the service was spectacular. I felt extremely comfortable with everything due to the fact Ann knows everything about what she’s doing down to the littlest detail. She really cares about making you happy and making sure you are nothing short of satisfied. GO SEE HER!!!!!!!!

Gina B.

I went to the Loft to change over from a blonde to a brunette. Ann Marie made me feel so welcome and comfortable. She was really open to ideas, and unlike many other salons she was very open for change. Her style of work was very acurate and thorough. She is a natural, with an artistic eye that i trust. She took some great pictures of my hair after the change, and I posted them on my facebook page, and it just blew up!! Everyone was amazed at the amazing job Ann Marie did, and the amazing color of my hair!! I also got lash extensions. I absolutely love them! I never even where mascara now, my lashes are so long and it looks so natural. I wear contacts, and they are so comfotable. I forget i even have them, until someone gives me a complient 🙂 . Its such a great Salon with so much to offer the client.

Laurie C.

I found The Loft Salon studio during an on-line search while considering Hair Extensions.  I’m from the Northern, CT area and I was planning to visit NYC or Boston for this service.  However, I was able to see pictures of actual extension work on her site, and I planned a visit for a consultation as I was impressed to see such great work locally, without having to travel several hours. I had a consult for extensions which was very thorough, included a written questionnaire, and I was able to see examples of different techniques.  I was happy to find that Ann-Marie was certified in several different methods of hair extensions and was genuine in her recommendation of which method would best suit my need and hair type. I have now had three services, Hair Color, Japanese Straightening and Hair Extensions from The Loft Salon and Studio. I drive to NY to get my hair colored normally, and I do not have a local person, since I have had a long relationship with my colorist.  To be honest, I was more than a little nervous trusting someone new.  I am happy to say that Ann-Marie has a very special eye for color.  Ann-Marie was just proving a touch up to cover new growth, so it was critical that she matched what I already had.  She spent a lot of time carefully comparing my hair and available colors.  To my surprise, she did a perfect job, and my base color and highlights were exactly right.  I am not sure how hard it is to do this without knowing the brand, or colors used previously, but it was no problem for Ann-Marie. Secondly, a straightening process was recommended for my hair prior to extensions.  I have chemically straightened my hair in the past, but never by the process that Ann-Marie suggested.  I did a lot of research about the products, process and results prior to my service.  Ann-Marie also did a great job here, my hair turned out as expected, and as she promised, I did have more time in the morning, now that I did not have to flat iron.  I noticed that she was very careful during the process, and followed every step, to ensure a good outcome. Lastly, she installed my extensions.  She did a fabulous job.  I work in a corporate environment, and the length was quite a change. But the real test were my kids.  She matched my hair color by expertly using (4) different extension colors, added highlights to extend my own, and it looked so natural that my kids, did not notice when I came home! Everyone has had positive comments. Overall, I liked that Ann-Marie’s booking system sends me emails and confirmation emails when I make an appointment.  It also emails me receipts after my visit.  She only takes one client at a time which makes for a very personal and focused visit.  With my crazy schedule I know that when I make an appointment I don’t have to wait for her.  She is ready and available when I walk in the door. Her salon is clean and modern, and she’s a great find for me, who is happy to find a local choice for services.

Nicole Y.

The Loft Salon located in West Springfield is by far the best around. I met Ann Marie almost a year ago when I walked into her salon for a consult for great lengths hair extensions. Ann Marie was very welcoming and the salon had a fun and relaxing feel to it.

My hair was very damaged and Ann Marie recommended a few steps before doing my extension work. Ann Marie did a retro straightening on my hair as well as color correction with Schwarzkopf hair coloring.

After treating my hair is was soft and gorgeous, Ann Marie then went ahead and placed my extensions. She picked out colors that would work with my skin tone and made my eyes pop. The work was gorgeous. Ann Marie also did my hair,makeup and photos for my wedding.

I couldn’t have been more happy with the results. She took her time and was caring to my needs. She made my look gorgeous on my special day and nobody could even tell the extensions were placed. They looked so real. Recently I had an extension removal with corrective cut and color.

The removal of the extensions were painless and there was NO damage to my hair. My hair still looks great!

Thank you Ann Marie for all you’ve done. Your styling is the best and I would highly recommend many to you for services epically the great lengths hair extensions..the rumors about extensions ruining hair is all wrong! My hair is beautiful thanks to Ann marie (: she’s the best.

Page H.


I have known Ann Marie for many years now, and she is by far the best hair stylist I have ever been to. She is so welcoming, and will listen to you and will recommend hairstyles that she feels best suits you. I recently agreed to be Ann Marie’s mock bride in the upcoming bridal show and to get Great Lengths Hair Extensions. That was by far the best choice I have EVER made! I LOVE my Great Lengths Hair Extensions! She did an amazing job with the application, and people can’t even tell where my natural hair is, they blend so well! The Great Lengths feel so natural, like your own hair, and you can style them every which way; they are AMAZING! I would recommend Great Lengths Hair Extensions to anyone, and if you are looking for a really good hair stylist to apply them, going to Ann Marie. She’s the best! I would recommend her for anyone who wants a change or who wants to touch up/update their look!


I first met Ann Marie when I went to her in hopes that she would be able to fix/remove hair extensions I had gotten from another salon. I had always looked at her work and loved it ! But at the time was in a pinch for money so I went to a salon that offered extensions for a “cheaper” price . Guess it’s true you get what you pay for ! Because they almost couldn’t be removed from my head ! Ever since Ann Marie was able to not only fix my hair but make me love my hair again I was addicted to her services . Don’t let the pricing scare you away because every penny is truly worth spent at The Loft Salon Studio!

Anna Bathelt

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