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Hair Extensions/ Makeovers Photography

Hair Extension Expert - Great Lengths Certified Since 2006


All Hair Color , Hair Extensions, Lash Extensions, Makeup &

Professional Photos by Ann Marie Walts



100% Real Human Hair Extensions are the only way to go.   So real looking that noone will know you’re wearing them…unless you tell them.

I have traveled as far as Italy, to go to Great Lengths’ Factory in Nepi.   Great Lengths is the Mercedes Benz of hair extensions, and will transform your hair in one afternoon.   With over 60 shades to choose from and 3 types of applications, you’ll really get to experience “unlimited beauty” options.   ~ Ann Marie Walts


Discover Unlimited Beauty

  • Hair Extensions
  • Extreme Makeovers
  • Lash Extensions
  • Photography


If you are looking to leave feeling and looking changed, then you’ll love what we have to offer.  

Your experience will begin at a New Client Consultation. This is the first service appointment, and takes 60 minutes. 

We do not offer any quick, “in and out” services, and are “by appointment only”

CAll us at 413-734-6204 with any questions that you may have. 


REal Photographs

Feel confident that you’ll leave changed!   Ann Marie Walts is an experience Makeover Artist & Professional Photographer

Whether you need your hair color fixed, frizzy hair smoothing, lashes lengthened…we have something for everyone!

Getting a hair extension makeover is a very personal decision.  Maybe your decision to get a makeover is just for fun, or you’re experiencing a change in your relationship status or you need your professional profile revamped?  

Ann Marie Walts has been providing makeovers for more than 2 decades, and her love of photography is equal to her love of hair.

We take pride in being able to show our work with real photographs of real clients.   How can you really tell what you can expect, if all you see are stock photos of professional models? 

What you see is what you get.   

The best part of all of it is……you’ll always receive a private appointment!

FIX Your Hair!

Ann-Marie-Walts-Photography- Headshots Western Ma


Tired of your fine hair? 

Are you frustrated trying to grow your hair out? 

Don’t wait another day!

Why Wait to Grow Your Hair?

Hair Extensions can last UP To 5 Months!

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