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Great Lengths Certified since 2006!

If you are looking for a Hair Extension Expert  that specializes in hair extensions...then you are in the right place!  

Hair Extensions are not just an item on our menu….it’s what we do & love!!


Great Lengths hair extensions are the “Mercedes Benz” of hair extensions.   Your decision to add more hair, is a great decision.  The beauty of opting to get Great Lengths is there are endless creative options, color and lengths.

Ann Marie Walts is a Professional Hair Extensions/ Makeover Artist & Professional Photographer.   Hair Extensions & Hair Color are her passion & expertise.    All of the makeovers on this site & the website are have been done by ~ Ann Marie Walts


Best Hair Extensions Western Ma

What Types Of Extensions We Offer:

Design Prices at Consultation

WE specialize in Great Lengths Fusion for both thermal and cold applications.

Great Lengths Tape Hair Extensions

Many more reasons…other than just adding length:

  • Adding Immediate Length To Bangs
  • Fix A Bad Haircut
  • Correct or Thicken your flat fine hair
  • Add Splashes of hair color with “non-chemical highlights or lowlights?
  • Completely lengthen your hair in an afternoon

Hair Extension Makeovers can take 5 to 12 hours, and you look will be customized.   Can last up to 5 months!

Luxury Hair Extensions will transform the way you look & feel!

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Hair Extensions Ma
Hair Extensions Ma
Hair Extensions Ma
Hair Extensions Ma
Hair Extensions Ma

100% Real Human Hair

Great Lengths, So Cap USA, Hotheads & HairTalk are the professional brands that we use.

You can even braid your hair!

Application Options

Whether you need Clip in Hair Extensions, Tape Extensions, Thermal Fusion or Cold Fusion...you want it?

Hair Extensions are what we do, and not just a service on our menu!


How Long Will They Last?

We have options that last 3 to 5 months with proper care, and maintenance.


How Long Does My Have Have To Be?

Your hair needs to be at least 3.5 inches to add some volume/thickness.

4.5 to 5 inches long to add believable length.

How Much?

Our premium options are customized for each client, and we need to see you at a consultation to give accurate pricing.   Makeovers can take 4 to 12 hours.

See More Info


It is more that getting your hair done or a makeover!   Within 7 days of your hair extension installation, we treat you to a professional “Selfie” headshot mini photo session.

Ask for details.

Hair, wonderfully enhanced with extensions by Great Lengths. Be charmed by infinite possibilities.
Vitality, love for life and a healthy dose of self-confidence:

Thanks to Great Lengths nowadays anybody can enhance their appearance. We offer the highest quality strands of real hair for top level hair extensions and thickening.

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