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Hair Extension Makeovers with Limitless Options!


You will get RESULTS!

Over 20+ Years of REAL PHOTOS because when Ann Marie Walts becomes your Personal Hair Extension Artist…you get a Professional Photographer, too!

Hair Extension Makeovers, Photography & Marketing

What You Can Expect “Virtual” Tour….Hit Play!

Limitless Options because you can add volume, thickness, length or color with hair extensions.   You’re in for a real treat.

Great Lengths is the best 100% human hair extension hair, on the market.

The hair is ethically sourced from India, and has been specially treated to be wearable for 3 to 5 Months!

The hair can be colored, curled, flat ironed, washed, blow dried and styled just like your natural hair.

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Luxury Makeovers & Photography

My  luxury makeover studio is just about ONLY YOU because in 1999 I stopped working on 2 clients at a time. 

You are not kept waiting, and you will not be working with any “assistants”.  And when you get hair extensions, it’s important that you get what you expect and pay for. 

Since, 2001, I’ve been providing Professional Photography.

I can authentically, offer you a extremely unique experience, that you will not find at most “salons”.

You truly will have absolutely limitless options for your hair and leave with an AMAZING PORTRAIT!

I simply cannot wait to meet you!

Ann Marie Walts – Owner


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Marketing For Your Business

When you do business with me, Ann Marie Walts – Owner of Loft Salon Studio, you get a whole lot more than “just” a hairstylist. 

Makeovers & Marketing  
Your image makeover experience does not need to just stop when your makeover experience is completed.

Photography & Digital Marketing
18 Years ago, I had online booking, and started my business in 1999….over 2 decades, ago.  

Since then, my combination of services that have helped my business thrive…now, can help your business, thrive, too.

Maybe your are an aspiring Social Media Influencer, and you need both an Image Makeover & Digital Marketing???  

Oh, the fun we could have……

What is your biggest problem with your hair?

 If you think your hair is hopeless, then you simply have not found the right salon, stylist or solution to your hair problems.


Here at The Loft Salon Studio, since 1999, my business has focused on hair extension makeovers, photography and fixing 1,000’s clients’ hair problems.

Your hair problems do not stand a chance with me as your Makeover Artist!

From 6 hours to 40+ hours…You will get results!

Hair Extensions and Keratin Treatments

Platinum Package Makeovers
Let’s talk about transforming everything you want to about your hair!


  • Keratin or Japanese Straightening
  • Hair Color Correction
  • Customized Hair Extensions

Most of my clients get this experience because it provides you the maximum results.


Eliminate Your Frizzy Hair!
Get rid of your endless frustrations about your frizzy hair, once and for all.

Invest in your hair for the year, and have beautiful frizz-free hair everyday!

Join my VIP Yearly Club and Get Perks.

*Must Pre-Pay for 2 To 4 Treatment Packages



Fashion Hair Color Makeovers & Personal Photoshoot Makeover

Have you ever wanted to feel like you are on a Fashion Photo Shoot?

Ann Marie Walts has photographed behind the scenes on Fashion Photoshoots.

Want to change your color fast?  and Do you want  Trend,  Vivid colors?



Luxury Hair Makeovers by Ann Marie Walts

You want longer hair?  Yes!
You will find that all of the makeovers and hair extensions, found on this site were custom designed by myself, Ann Marie Walts.

I prefer to speak directly to you, right now, because you will be taken care of by me.

Great Lengths Factory - Ann Marie Walts

How much are hair extensions, and why can they be expensive?

(Shown – Ann Marie Walts in Italy, at The Great Lengths Hair Extension Factory!)

This is the most frequently asked, and answered question.

Hair extensions are a raw and natural resource.   And 100% real human remy hair, like Great Lengths is a premium brand.

I know you will get what you pay for when you do business with me, because I have invested so much money into my education.

Hair Extension Research?
   Just like you, are doing right now…I can share with you that I traveled all the way to Italy, to go to the Great Lengths Factory.

Just because someone says, “it’s the best”…I need to see if for myself, and I bet you do, too!