What do you mean “Volume” lashes?

What do you mean “Volume” lashes?

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes - Western-Ma-Eyelash-Extensions

 Volume Lash extensions will give you a soft, lush, and full look.

The feature image shows a visual of the types of “fans” that can be made.

Some, of the lingo can be foreign to you, because you do not do eyelash extensions.

Some of the terms for Volume Lash extensions are:

  • Russian Volume
  • 2 D Volume
  • 3 D Volume
  • 4 D Volume
  • 5 D Volume

If you think you would prefer to be fuller & thicker, then you’ll definitely want to get Volume!



Not Your Drugstore False Lashes

Not Your Drugstore False Lashes

The fastest way to get longer lashes is to get professional lash extensions.    Once you see the customization that can be offered….you will get hooked.

As lash extensions are becoming more popular, you may find that there may be more options or business to choose from, these days.

With that said,did you know that eyelash extensions have been around since 2005?

I have written many blog posts on the this subject, however, the most important thing to know is that for your comfort and safety,it is best to choice experience first.


Actual Lash Extension Photos


As a photographer, I do know the value of a photograph.    I respect and grateful that the manufacturers that I work with give my business the option to use their photographs, however, when I can I choose to post my own work.

How can you tell if a business can deliver REAL results?      

It has been my experience when communicating with clients that photographs are the best communication resource.




Lash Extensions Expectations


Lash Extensions services will have you enjoying the benefits of having longer lashes, and all the while experiencing very relaxing treatments.

Your natural lash hair sheds.     Your extensions are attached to an individual natural lash hair.

It is a good idea to have realistic expectations when getting this service.     READ MORE 


Private Salon Appointments

Stay Awhile….Leave Looking Fantastic! Experience Being Pampered!  100% ABOUT YOU Covid Didn’t Make Me Do It! Private Appointments   A new client asked a very sensible question, and that was did I have to change much to be able to reopen? My answer...
Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Lash Extensions Your First Visit Here are the important things to know and do before your eyelash extension treatment. Give Yourself TimeYou will need to arrive 10 minutes before every appointment. Please allow up to 3 to 3.5 hours.    Your eyelash extension...
Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations

Can you imagine what if would feel like if you could experience styling your hair, like a celebrity, without any limitations?

Today’s hair trends are fun, creative and almost anything goes.


Your Hair…Like Your Favorite Celebrity



Which one of your favorite celebrities have you noticed have changed their look throughout their career, or in the same year?

How is it that they can have short hair one day, and very long the very next day?




How To Have No Limitations to Achieving Celebrity Hair

You will find many that many celebrities are wearing hair extensions!

Why I get so very excited about hair extensions is that you really are NOT LIMITED to having hair that you will love!    Go for it!

You can change your hair’s:


Hair extensions have so many uses, and that is how the stars are able to drastically switch up their

loohair-extensions-for-fine-hair-western-ma-ann-marie-waltsk, and so can you.

Hair extensions can add anything from volume, length, and or just a few splashes of color.


My experience as being a stylist, for the last 20+ years, and certified/specializing in extensions has truly become my passion because I am able to design the hair of your dreams.

You will fall in love with the quality that Great Lengths Hair extensions. These are the best extensions available today!






End results are very natural looking, and the extensions can last up to 5 months.

From time to time, there is and will be a movie star that influences the current hairstyles, cuts and colors.

You may remember when Jennifer Anniston’s hair was THE MOST popular trend?




Your Hair….Only BETTER!


What is your trend?

What is your style?

How great would it feel the have the hair of your dreams?

What is your unique style?

Finding a hairstylist that fits you and your personality will lead to a very creative relationship filled with limitless styling options.

Request more information here!

Eyelash Extensions Near Me – Book Online

Eyelash Extensions Near Me – Book Online

Xtreme™ Lashes by Advanced Certified Stylist ~ Ann Marie Walts ~ Since 2007! My fees are based on all of my years of experience and level of the amount of multiple Advanced Certifications. Book Online Today! Frequently Asked Questions What do you get when you book...

Professional Salon Products

Our Product Lines Only The Best for The Best Clients….That is you! Shop Our Online Store Great Lengths Hair Extensions 100% Indian Temple Hair. Ethically sourced and traceable, guaranteed. It has been estimated that of the 1000 tons of human hair shipped into...

Before & Afters – Hair Color Makeovers

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Fusion Hair Extensions Photography Western Ma

GREAT LENGTHS & Photography by Ann walts Luxury Real Human Hair Extensions The Great Lengths concept originates from the textile industry taking inspiration from the heat transfer system which bonded fabric to fabric on a molecular level; this was an attractive...


k Hair Extensions & Makeovers We have many types of applications for various needs and budgets.   Extensions are a luxury service and we offer nothing but the best brands. We can do it all!   Hair Color, Hair Smoothing, Lashes, & Makeup.  Professional...
How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon?

ABOUT PRICING Please my watch video. Out of 28 years of my career, I have been designing hair extensions for 15 years…     How much do hair extensions cost in a salon???  Pricing Is Customized to each tailored & customized makeover. Please respect...
Volume Eyelash Extensions Video – Fluffier The Better

Volume Eyelash Extensions Video – Fluffier The Better

Eyelash extensions are the fasted and most relaxing way for your to have longer lashes.

TIP:   Eyelash extensions are more common now than they were 10 years ago, when I got certified; however you really need to choose your lash stylist by their level of experience.

True Volume eyelash extensions are not flares, or cluster lashes.        Volume eyelash extensions are comprised of a certain delicate & light weight extension that then is made into a handmade fan.

I am 10 years certified  & Advanced Certified by both Xtreme Lashes & Bella Lash extensions companies.

Lash extensions, hair extensions & photography are what I am so very passionate about.     Providing extensions is a tedious and specialized service.

It is luxurious to get them and worth the money for you to pamper yourself!

You will always get to be pampered with a private appointment for any and all services.

If you want fluffy eyelash extensions then give me a call or book online, today!


Book Salon Appointment Online

buy a Gift Card Online BookOnline Consultation – 60 Minutes $100* Non-Refundable & Pays for the Consultation Service Welcome Consultations are offered Wednesdays only.  413-734-6204 Call or Text if you need assistance. Your appointment will need to be booked...


4 Types of Hair Extensions!    Hair Extensions 101 ! More Information Eyelash Extensions !   Ladies, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and already have beautiful, thick lashes? Well, now you can! Eyelash extensions are a growing trend and The Loft Studio Salon...

Bridal Hair Photography Western Ma

YOUR CONVENIENCE….IS OUR SPECIALTY! Pricing At Consultation Only Bridal Consultations $100 – 70 mins Hair – Price At Consultation  Hair Extensions Price At Consultation  Makeup Trials & In Studio $150/hrly On Location : Price At Consult *Prices...
Turn Up The Volume – Eyelash Extensions

Turn Up The Volume – Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume is a advanced eyelash extension technique.   Not all salons that offer eyelash extensions, are versed in providing this type of extension service.

The photograph shown is my work, and reflects what Russian Volume looks like.   Photo credit: Ann Marie Walts Photography

I have been:

Volume extensions are the best option to multiply your density.    Russian Volume consists of the application of multiple lightweight extensions, to one natural lash.

This technique will provide you more extensions than the traditional/classic “one to one” ratio of extensions, that came out about 10 years ago.

Both techniques compliment each other, however, if you are looking for a set of lash extensions that will give your eyes the “pop” that you are looking for, then call me.


Longer Lash Extensions

10 Years Certified  Featured & Advanced Certified   My work starts $399 to $599 for Full Sets THICKEN OR LENGTHEN YOUR LASHES! Lash Extension Guide Eyelash Extension Tips! Ann Marie Walts Owner & Artist-Loft Salon Studio Published Artist “Lash...
Spa Day Near Me

Spa Day Near Me

Selfcare Packages  All About Your Selfie! Your Vaction starts Here! Vacation Day Packages No Consultation Necessary Treat yourself to one or more of our “All About My Selfie” packages. The Vacationer Start your vacation a full day early! Indulge yourself...

Eyelash Extensions Before & After Photos

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Your Eyelash Extension Makeover Experience will be customized. Ann Walts is Advanced Certified by Both Xtreme Lashes & Bella Lash. Book Your Mega Lashes! Take Lash Nap!  Wake up with FULLER Lashes! Hello! So, you want to get eyelash...

Eyelash Extensions Western Mass

LASH EXTENSIONS Advanced Certified since 2007 Xtreme Lashes & Bella Lash Stylist ~Ann Marie Walts (Actual Photo) FAQ’s & Information Luxury, quality & comfort Eyelash Extensions Imagine leaving your stress behind with each of your eyelash extension...

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Hair Extensions & Makeover Solutions   Consultation $100 Your consultation will be your first service appointment.  Book an Appointment This 60 exploratory appointment will be a time that we will design and customize your makeover.   All options, pricing will...

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What is new…Eyebrows Are Trending!

What is new…Eyebrows Are Trending!

Eyebrows Are Trending

Eyebrow sculpting and extensions are more about adding versus taking away.

My friend Melissa is going to be my model and she was a bit nervous because she had had a poor waxing experience.   Once I explained to her that is was about building the brow back up.

I am beyond excited to attend the training over the next couple of days.   This technique truly intrigues me.     Sleek Brows technique can be utilized for eyebrow corrections caused by over plucking, medical conditions and or a bad wax job.

Additionally, it will round out my extension offerings for:


Over the next 2 days, I will be getting certified in providing “3d eyebrows” & eyebrow extensions.    The product line that I will be carrying to offer this specialized service is called Sleek Brows.

The certification will cover:

  • Eyebrow Arching
  • Eyebrow Sculpting
  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Extensions


Well-groomed brows are the upcoming trend.



Initial Visit & Lash Extension Pricing

Your Lashes But Better... There’s nothing more relaxing… Book Today!Learn About Volume! Eyelash & Eyebrow Extensions....It's A Thing!   Advanced Certified Nationally Featured Eyelash Extensions Initial Visit & Lash Extension Pricing Eyelash...

Makeovers & Photography

SPECIALIZING IN MAKEOVERS & PHOTOGRAPHY Our Work Makeovers & Photography Makeovers can consist of a combination of hair solutions, makeup, lash extensions and especially hair extensions. If you are seeking a very fun, customized and personalized studio salon...

Protecting Your Eyelash Extensions

Tips and Advice About Aftercare…

Protecting eyelash extensions is very important to understand how and why to properly take care of them.


Are They “Lashes” Or Extensions?


It has been my professional experience that you can quickly forget that your are actual wearing extensions.    Extension for both eyelashes and or hair extensions require a little bit of aftercare to ensure the longevity of the service(s).





What do I do after I my eyelash extensions?


The single most important aftercare responsibility that you will have will be to properly cleanse your lash line with only the recommended Xtreme Lashes® products.










Why Xtreme’s® Makeup Remover Is A Must


It is sometimes misunderstood……

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

As a serious professional lash extensionist , most recently I called Xtreme Lashes® and asked that they add “lash extension cleanser” to their fantastic product that is their “Eye Makeup Remover”.



Client says, “I do not wear makeup…..& I do not need it…”

It has been my experience that some clients do not wear makeup and do not see the value or need to purchase this item that is truly meant to clean your lash line.



Properly Cleaning Eyelash Extensions


Protecting and caring for your extensions will save you money in the long run because premature extension loss is usually caused by improper aftercare.




Close Up Look At Extension Attachment & Why Cleansing Is A Must

Xtreme Lashes Application-The Loft Salon Studio

Avoid Oil Buildup or Blepharitis

Your eye lash extensions are adhered with surgical grade adhesive to your natural eyelash hair.

Your natural eyelash hair is attached to a hair follicle and there are glands that secret oils.    To much oil build up from not cleaning your eyelash extensions, can result in blepharitis.

“Meibomian glands are glands that are arranged vertically within the eyelid near the lashes. The force of an eyelid blink causes oil to be excreted onto the posterior lid margin. The oil is the “staying power” of the tears that helps prevent rapid tear evaporation. In a patient with Meibomian gland dysfunction MGD), vision is affected because there is too much or too little oil in the tear film.”



Are Eyelash Extensions Safe To Wear?

Yes, with a precise & professional application and followed up with responsible at home aftercare.   You can experience wearing Xtreme Lashes® Extensions for a very long time.



Thank you for your time.

The Loft Salon Studio
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2015 Advanced Certified in Volumation
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Need more information?

Click here to visit our Eyelash Extension page.






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Questions?  We have answers here! Online Booking How to understand The Loft Salon Studio’s Booking process. Learn More Salon Menu What we have to offer to you for studio services.  Specialized work pricing available at consultation. Salon Menu Contact Me Need to...

Actual Photos

Actual Photos My other profession is photography. The photographs are taken by myself; unless otherwise stated. I have always felt that it is easier to convey what can actually be offered through actual photos. Do Not Steat My Photos! Ashley Malloy I can confidently...

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions & Customization

Xtreme Eyelash® Extensions & Customization

Eyelash extensions & customization are what makes me get so excited about providing eyelash extensions!

Getting eyelash extensions is a very detail oriented and precise service.  It is not a “cookie cutter”…one size fits all, either.


Once you see how fine and delicate that the Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions are, you will quickly see and understand that it is extremely important to find a lash stylist that is proficient in providing this semi-permanent cosmetic procedure.

How long can I be extended?Xtreme Lashes Ann Marie Walts

Your own natural lashes will be analyzed and measure.  Xtreme Lashes has built sophisticated Lash Calculator that will determine the customized eyelash extension parameters, for your design.

Eyelash Extensions can be worn safely, and with proper care you can look forward to your “re-lash/maintenance” appointments to ensure that your extensions stay very full looking.

Once you experience wearing eyelash extensions, you will not need to wear mascara, because that is the point of getting extensions.  Additionally, not having to apply and continually removing your eye makeup will reduce stressing your delicate eye area.

Mascara has its limitations and the mascara ads only promise what you can truly get by getting Xtreme Lashes.®

Ann Marie Walts





In The Press

Published projects & activities — Amongst my published works: Manicures Published in Fashion Magazines & have worked with Celebrities My Haircolor Techniques have been published Eyelash Extensions recognized by Xtreme Lashes Hair Extensions recognized by...

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Actual Xtreme Eyelash Extensions Photos

Actual Xtreme Eyelash Extensions Photos

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Eyelash Extension Maintenance

Eyelash Extension Maintenance

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