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Ann Marie Walts

Making You and Your Business Over

If you are looking for a very personalized, and ultra-customized experience, then you are in the right place.

My creative journey began in the 90’s, and so did my business.

You will experience something that you haven’t ever experienced before, because it is my mission that you feel great about how you look and feel!!

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Ann Marie Walts - Makeover Expert - Hair Extensions








 Ann Marie Walts –
Internet Marketing Strategist, SEO, YouTube Marketer & Makeover Artist -Hair Extension Expert, Photographer & Owner of Loft Salon Studio


[I’m not your “typical” hairdresser, and my “salon” is not your “typical” salon experience….the word “typical” is rather dull and boring.

And I haven’t met you yet, but I bet you are not attracted to or want to spend your money on anything “typical” and “boring”?…… }

Hello!  I’m Ann Marie Walts.


Thank you for visiting my website, for what you might be thinking about changing about yourself.

This is my story.

I specialize in Luxury Makeovers, Photography and Marketing   

My career has consisted of helping people like yourself, to change the way they look and feel about themselves. 

Artistic Life

I’m feel very grateful the be an Artist to my core.
I couldn’t imagine having to do the same thing everyday, at the same time, and in the same manner.

You will get celebrity treatment, and I mean it.  

My career lent itself to me being part of Celebrity Photoshoots, and I have manicured some very popular talent, worked behind the scenes at Fashion Week, and taught hair color all over the country. 

My Makeover Business is different because of how I’ve combined all of my experiences, certifications, passions, and deciding to do things differently than most.


My “story” of 29 years has many stories…and I simply love what I do.
I have been designing Makeovers &  Hair Extensions for my entire career.

You will find that I’m extremely Artistic, and extremely detail oriented.   I’m a good fit for some, and maybe not for others.   And that’s ok with me. 

I can take care of you from Head to Toe

Ann Marie Walts

Personal Trivia about Me – Ann Marie Walts

Since 1992 I create what I believe in.  I am an Artist, through and through.

As a published artist, I feel that if you love what you do, then it will love you back.

I’m a challenged driven artist that loves to create, with people that share the same passion and values as I have.

I love all things learning, motivational, fitness,beauty, shopping, sewing, painting, traveling abroad, photography, art, graphic arts,  analyzing data, business,marketing, technology, and social media.

My Favorite movies: Devil Wears Prada, Field Of Dreams, The Matrix…and just about any Adam Sandler movie.

My days off:  I love spending time with my family, and my dogs (Max & Squirrel)…Simply enjoying life.

If you feel like this is you. I’d love to work with you.

Once I was told, “Get A Real Job!”

I am glad that I did not listen to that poor advice.

I’m approaching 29 years in my industry with almost 15 of that dedicated to hair extensions. 

65% Of my business is comprised of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. 

Hair Extensions during Covid 2020-Western Ma



Hair Extensions during Covid 2020-Western Ma

Trivia about Education: 

I have invested close to $100,000 into all of my education.    If there was a PHD in cosmetology then you are looking at it.   🤓

I’ve had my own business since 1999 when I was 29 years old….and so what does that all mean for you?

I love what I do, and you can go to 1 person for just about everything you need.

Actual Before and After Makeover Photos



Actual Before and After Makeover Photos

Career Certifications & Professional Highlights

(…Keep Scrolling….there’s alot of them…🥰)

I LOVE HAIR EXTENSIONS & Designing hair!!


Certified Great Lengths Hair Extension Stylist Certified…SINCE 2006!!

  • Thermal Fusion
  • Cold Fusion
  • GL Apps Tape Hair Extensions

Other Hair Extension Brand Certifications

  • Pure Hair Extensions Certified – Bead/Micro Links
  • HotHeads Hair Extensions Certified
  • Hair Talk Hair Extensions Certified
  • Balmain Hair Extensions Certified
  • So Cap Hair Extensions Certifield

Time & Money Invested in my Hair Extension education alone was:

  • 31 Days of training
    • Included Elective Refresher Courses
  • Approximately $15,000 

Hair Extensions Near Me



  • Behind the Scenes at Fashion Week (Manicuring & Event Photographer)
  • Work on NYC Photo shoots & Celebrity Shoots (As manicurist)
  • Provided Commercial Headshot Photography to Loreal USA & Published Commercially
  • All images on my sites are created by Ann Marie Walts Photography

You can come to me for EVERYTHING…literally, everything.

I have been shooting since 2001, and see things differently as a well rounded artist.   I don’t “just do hair”.

Editorial Published Celebrity Photography Credit in Nails Magazine – of Miss J

“Alexander Jenkins, known as J. Alexander or Miss J, is an American reality television personality and runway coach best known for his work on America’s Next Top Model.”


Advanced Xtreme Lash Stylist Certified

  • 2007 – 1ST Certification
  • 2015 Advanced Certified in Volumation®
  • 2012 Advanced Certified in Design & Color Theory


  • Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Technique

Time & Money Invested in my Eyelash Extension education alone was:

  • 10 Days of training
    • A Few Elective Refresher Courses
  • Approximately $10,000 


  • Makeup Techniques with Photography Lighting in NyC

Celebrity – Rap Artist Eve

Nails by Ann Marie Walts

Press, Feature & Publications:

  • Featured by Modern Salon Magazine for Great Lengths Hair Extensions
  • Featured by Xtreme Lashes® as 2011 “Lash Stylist Of The Month”
  • Published in Harper’s Bazaar
  • Hair color techniques published
  • 2016 to 2019 – Guest Expert on Mass Appeal
  • 2013 -Formerly “Official Salon/Hairstylist to CBS 3 ” News Anchor desk


  • Certified by Redken for Hair Color
  • Former Redken Hair Color Educator
    • I taught all over the the country, and my techniques have been published.
    • Provided Haircolor Education to Saturday Night Live’s Wig Dept

Time & Money Invested in my Hair Color education alone was:

  • 10 YEARS of BEING trained & training
    • Approximately $50,000




  •  Certified by American Hairlines – Non-Surgical Hair Replacement & Wigs


  • Certified by Creative Nail Design
    • Versed in Acrylic, Gel & Nail Art
    • Manicures published in several Fashion magazines.
      • Worked on Celebrity Photoshoots while providing manicuring services
        • The Kardashians
        • Miss Jay (America’s Top Model)
        • Maggie Grace
        • Rap Artist Eve
        • Models from top NYC agencies

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