I can provide you a makeover from “head to toe”….and

photograph you going down the aisle.






I look forward to meeting & working with you.

As I have not met you yet, I am confident that I can change your look….if that is what you are interested.  I absolutely love consulting with clients to discover what will best work.    I fix hair.

What I have to offer to you that is unique, is that I am also a photographer.

My photography has been commercially published, and love graphic arts.    I have found that blending photography with my hair salon life has been truly fun and really brings the “makeover experience” to life.

The photography on my site is mine; unless otherwise stated.

My passion for hair extensions, makeovers & corrective work is what makes up what I have to offer.  Plus…24 years of experience.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Allow me to help you LOVE YOUR HAIR, again.   You will find that I am very detail oriented, artistic and strive to provide solutions, through a interactive consultation process.

Book you salon appointment, online, today!


Ann Marie Walts

My Portfolio

Hair Extensions ~ My Photography

Hair Styling – Ann Marie Walts

Since 1993 I create what I believe in. As a published artist, I feel that if you love what you do, then it will love you back.

I’m a challenged driven artist that loves to create, with people that share the same passion and values as I have.

If you feel like this is you. I’d love to work with you.

Ann Marie Walts

Certified Makeover Artist & Photographer

Hair/Lash Extensions, Wigs, Editorial Manicurist


All About Extensions & Hair Corrections

Hair Extensions & Eyelash Extension Specialist

Stay Awhile…Leave Looking Fantastic!

See my video of my trip to The Great Lengths Factory!

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Ann Marie Walts - Extensions, Corrections, Haircolor & Photography

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