When is the last time you simply loved your hair color?

Beautiful hair color does not happen by accident.  It happens by appointment.


Change Your Hair Color in *1 Day

Price At Consultation


Many, many years ago, when it came to corrective hair color you would have been told that it may take more than one hair color appointment, to achieve your hair color goals.


The fact of the matter, that still may be true with the exception that if you have the time, need, want. and the money…we can book an entire day and fast track your wants and needs….a lot quicker. 

Corrective-Hair-Color-Salon-Near-Me-Western-Ma-Photography Corrective Hair Color & Photography by Ann Marie Walts

7 Hour’s To Color Correct at-home Black Hair Color

Traditional hair color appointments can be about 2 hours or maybe slightly longer if your hair is longer if you were to not come to my salon.   However, my process is different than the “norm” because you can book an entire day to get what you want. 



4 to 12 Hours Makeover Appointments

A new client shared that she was so happy to not have to go to a big city like NYC or Boston to get the type of makeover she was looking for.

As much as I specialize in hair extensions, the hair color makeovers are such an important component to making the extensions look so real. 

As a former hair color educator and a true artist I can “see” color, create color and correct color.


Why wait and be frustrated any longer?

 Book Your Makeover Consultation!  You deserve it!

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