Your Selfie will thank you.


Luxury Hair Color Makeovers & Personal Photoshoots


You will definitely turn heads when you transform your hair color.

As a former Redken Hair Color Educator, my level of experience enables you to get results a lot faster.

And additionally, I’ve been a professional photographer since 2001! 


Who are my color services for?   Only YOU!

  • They are for you when you have a milestone event, and you need to look fabulous.
  • You have always wanted to make a HUGE change!


Girls Just Want To Have Fun! 

Since I offer a very private environment, and specialize in booking FULL DAY makeovers…you and I can get very creative with you photoshoot!

Full Day – Luxury Color Packages
Starting at $1999

You can change your hair drastically in just ONE DAY!


Will I be a fit for your needs?

Only if you are looking for this type of experience.  



What Your Options Can Be!

I understand that you want to know “How Much”?

And I want you to understand that when you experience the type of Luxury Makeover that I can customize for you….


Best Hair Color Near Me

Specializing in Blonding for Long Hair

Long and Blonding…

Beautiful Shades of Blonde 

Hair Color is an Art, and when it is combined with your own shoot!

Everyone that I do business with gets hair extensions, and gets to experience being the one and only client in the studio.

You will experience something different, because I’ve been a professional photographer since 2001. 




*This package may require multiple appointments, and that will be reflected in your makeover agreement packaged price.



Fashion Colors

This look took 13.5 hours AND was completed in 1 day!


Feel Like A Model

You don’t have to be a model to look like one!

I can help transform the way you look, and help you to get very relaxed in front of the camera!

What if my hair is really greying and I need regular maintenance?

My business specializes in Luxury Makeovers, and my focus is working with clients 2 to 4 times a year.   

I want you to give me my color formula?

That is not possible.

Supplies and Formulations belong to The Loft Salon Studio. 

You are paying for an experience and not a color formula. 

Why do I have to have a consultation?

This is the first service appointment.

The process of setting up realistic expectations, and getting to know you is so very important to my business.

During this 60 minute, 1 to 1 , design and assesment process, we will establish your goal.

You will be given options and the prices for your makeover package.

Can you fix my color??? I used Splat or Henna....

I’m so sorry, but I have some bad news for you….you will have to let it grow out.

It is not possible to safely remove either Splat or Henna because those products are not compatible with any salon product.

If I get hair extensions, then will you maintain my color?

Absolutely, and it is highly recommended.

You must have a flexible schedule. 

Maintenance appointments start at $195 +

And yes, that is where my “retouching” price starts at because I specialize in hair extensions and have to charge for my time according to what my business offers.  

As well as, you are working with a professional that has 29 years of experience. 

You will always get a 1 to 1 private appointment. 

How much are color services without a photoshoot?

Thank you for asking, but if you are asking this, then you just might not be ready for the type of makeover I offer.

I will wait for you, though.

I only specialize in Full Day Makeovers.

Just as posted :

Luxury Color Makeovers with Shoot start at $1999

And if you are looking at this and think it’s crazy?

Yes, it’s a crazy good time that is worth booking!