Corrective Hair Color

If you are looking for big results with your hair color, and thought that you had to go to a big city, then look no further!


Change Your Hair Color

Many, many years ago, when it came to corrective hair color I would have to state that to achieve your hair color goals…it may take more than one appointment.

The fact of the matter, that still may be true with the exception that if you have the time, need, and the money…we can book an entire day and fast track your wants and needs….a lot quicker. 

Traditional hair color appointments can be about 2 hours or maybe slightly longer if your hair is longer if you were to not come to my salon.   However, my process is different than the “norm”.

My customized 1 hour consultation that I designed over 17 years ago, is what enables me to provide to you results because we will sit down, and plan things out.   From there, next your hair color appointments will be set up. 



4 to 12 hour Appointments

A new client shared that she was so happy to not have to go to a big city like NYC or Boston to get the type of makeover she was looking for.

As much as I specialize in hair extensions, the hair color transformations make up 50% of the hair extension designs that I create.

As a former hair color educator and a true artist I can “see” color, create color and correct color. 

Please book your pre-paid consultation through my site. 

Thank you,

Ann Marie Walts - Makeover Expert - Hair Extensions

Ann Walts


Impeccable Expert Color Matching

As you can see, my client’s hair color was close to becoming black-ish.

In the “After” photograph, take a look at the color I create with her natural hair, and then take a close up look at the hair extension hair!

Expert hair color like this does not happen by accident.  It is designed and created.


When is the last time you simply loved your hair?


Best Salon For Hair Color- Western Ma


Do you like to walk on the wild side?  Expressing your vibrant personality can be a whole lot of fun with very vivid hair color!


This blonde hair color makeover took 7 hours.

Hair Extension Salon - Hair Extension Expert Near Me
Icy Blonde - Platinum Hair - West Springfield Salon
Best Hair Color Near Me


If you are seeking a blonding specialist, then you will enjoy knowing that Ann Walts is extremely educated when it comes to creating shades of blonde hair color!


Corrective Hair Color & Hair Extensions


At Home Color Gone Wrong!

Coloring your hair at home rarely turns out like expected.  Now that $10 box of color has you visiting my website…..

But rest assured that you will be making a good investment of your time and money by getting your hair fixed by me.  

I cannot share enough how much I enjoy Ann Marie Walts’ expertise. She really takes her time with all that she does. I have had my hair color and my eyelash extensions done by her. The results were so very natural looking. My hair was left in excellent condition and it was amazing to not have to wear mascara or barely any makeup anymore, because of my lashes. Additionally, I used her for what I needed for photography. She sees things through her lens that will bring the moments you want to last a lifetime stay with you forever in the pictures she takes.  She doesn’t just take pictures, she captures the story.  Being the lead singer of a band, I have had many pictures taken of me over the years. Nothing can compare to the way Ann Marie can catch the beautiful moments that are real, either by directing the shot or just capturing those moments you think no one else saw, she does. You can see the feeling in the picture and that’s what I’ve found is so rare and what I have found in Ann Marie’s work.  If you want a photographer who is a true professional artist, look no further.

Laurie H

Best Salon For Makeovers

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the consultation fee go towards my color?

The $100 Consultation fee pays for your 60-minute consultation.   This service appointment is extremely detailed. 

How come it is not free?

It’s is because I charge for my professional time. 

Can you simply give me an estimate or range?

This is not possible because every makeover is customized, and can vary in length of service time that needs to be scheduled. 

Can I get my hair color done the same day?

No.    You will need to book a consultation, first, and then at your consultation, I will set you up with your necessary appointment(s) with the accurate amount of time need for your color correction. 

Appointments can range from 3 to 12 hours. 

What happens if I do not move forward after my consultation?

The consultation fee is Non-Refundable, and pays for my professional time for the service. 

It would be unfortunate if you made this decision, however, you have to consider if you are having these doubts now, and haven’t booked a consultation…then you may not be really ready to get started. 

Corrective Hair Color is NOT inexpensive. 

When is the last time you simply loved your hair?

Beautiful hair does not happen by accident.  It happens by appointment.

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