Best Salon For Japanese Hair Straightening

I know that my Japanese Hair Straightening and Keratin Smoothing Treatments will be making someone very happy TODAY!

The only question is….will this be you?

Japanese Hair Straightening Keratin smoothing changes the hair without damaging effects of formaldehyde, an ingredient in other smoothing and straightening treatments.

With this treatment, you will enjoy smoother, frizz-free, more manageable hair without breathing any noxious vapors. 

 Retex & Cezanne is a product that is on the cutting edge of technology & 100% formaldehyde free.

Lasts up to 6 months!

What is your frizzy frustration level?

I can completely help you determine whether it is your frizz that is driving you crazy, or do you wish you never had to use your flat iron again?

You and I can connect and get together at your private 1 to 1, in person consultation.

There is not a “One Size Fits All” treatment to me professionally recommending the best hair straightening or the best smoothing treatment for your hair type…over the phone or in a text.



I most recently visited The Loft Salon Studio and received amazing service. Where else can you go to get one-on-one service?! I first sat in her shampoo chair, which If anyone has been to a hair salon, they all know these chairs and the position your are sitting in is not the most comfiness.

( These chairs recline, and bring your feet up as well as massage you when you are getting your hair washed!!)

Once I sat in what I thought was a normal salon chair, my feet got raised, and again the massage got turned on!
I have to say I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted done, this being my second time visiting her she recommended the Agave oil treatment again for my frizzy curly hair.

I LOVE the way my hair feels, and I don’t even have to put all these products in my hair now that I have this amazing Agave Oil Treatment!!!

Ann Marie puts you at ease and makes you feel AMAZING! I highly recommend you visit her today and you will walk out of her salon knowing you made the right choice!

How can you feel sexy with frizzy hair?    The treatments that we have are very healing, and can attack the root problem of frizzy hair.

Keratin Smoothing & Japanese Straightening seals down your hair’s cuticle and when that happens your hair will be more resistant to frizz & will dry faster!

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Price At Consultation Only

Smoothing and Straightening Treatments:
Starting at $400+


Absolutely! Our Japanese Straightening treatments do not contain formaldehyde, and are so safe that we do not need to wear gloves.   Even safe for color treated hair.