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Dear New Guest,

Please book a consultation first.

Thank you.

Book Online To Earn More

Booking your hair salon appointments has never been easier.


Why Book Online?


Your Crazy Schedule

Much of the days of having a “9 to 5” job are probably not the majority of us.   Or if you do, and have a family that is active in school activities then your free time, is pretty much run by your “schedule”.

Somedays, the time goes by so fast and when you think about calling the salon……….we may be closed.


Booking Online is available 24/7!     My online booking system is easy to use and available when you need it.


Why Book Online?


Rack Up Your Points!Loft Salon Studio Loyalty-Points-2016


There has to be something in it for your if I suggest or encourage that you book online, and that I have to offer to you.

You will receive EXTRA POINTS for using the online booking system.    You get even more points when you schedule and check out.


How Can Points Be Redeemed?


When you points accrue enough, you can apply them towards:

  • Future Services as a savings
  • or Towards Products
  • Apply towards a gift certificate for a friend


You have 1 year to use your points.   They are on a “use them or lose them” basis.


Once Your Account Is Made


  • Make new appointments
  • Change existing ones
  • Buy gift certificates
  • View packages





Consultations Necessary


Most services will require that you book a consultation first, unless there is a promotion or it is a service such as:


  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Haircut (optional)

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