Can hair extensions damage your hair?

Can hair extensions damage your hair?

The question “Can hair extensions damage your hair?”  is a very common question, and searched on Google every day.

The Answer is…No! 

Not when you go to a hair extension expert such as myself and adhered to the proper hair extension aftercare maintenance.

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Poor Hair Extension Applications can cause damage.
(Poor application applications shown were not done by Ann Marie Walts)


Whistler Blower Trivia

Be sure you are getting what you are paying for, if you are getting Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

One Great Lengths Certification Certificate..

DOES NOT cover an entire salon.

Did you know that salons are not required to take any additional training to provide you hair extensions?      

This is so sad, but true.     

With this said, you can rest assured that I have taken the Great Lengths Hair Extension course 4 times, and have invested close to $8,000 with just Great Lengths alone. 

If you are going to spend your very hard-earned money a luxury makeover, then it’s so very important that you get the results that you are looking for…the very first time.

Did you know if you are getting GREAT LENGTHS hair extensions, from a salon that advertises this brand that the Great Lengths certificate is issued only to the actual stylist that took the class?

Tip: Ask to see the certificate. 

If you are going to spend $100’s to $1,000’s on your hair and your hair extensions, then the last thing you want is to have a stylist that has not actually taken the class.

Salons & Stylists Cutting Corners

Unfortunately, sometimes some businesses will try cutting corners, and costs by “training” a staff member versus paying the fee to have them properly trained. 

Hair Extensions-Bad Extensions
Hair Extensions-Bad Extensions

Can hair extensions damage your hair?

Poor Applications & Sloppy Work

So, I have to share with you that I have been providing hair extensions safely for over 15 years. 

I had never dreamt that there was going to be a need for hair extension corrections.       

You have to be joking, right? 

Initially, I have wrongly assumed that if you spent less than $1000.00 on your hair, then you could just expect to get bad “work”.   

 Now, you have to know that I’ve been doing hair for close to 30 years, and I have owned my own business for 21 years, taught as a Redken Educator for 10 of that, too. 

Why I share this, is just so that you have a little bit of a backstory of where my thought processes were coming from. 


POOR HAIR EXTENSION APPLICATIONS  are the most expensive hair extensions, and not the fee that a certified salon like mine charges.

Doe Price Matter?

I was found out that I was wrong to “stereotype” a certain dollar mark had something to do with the higher chances of a bad hair extension application.

Now, with that being said, there is a lot of truth in the statement “you get what you pay for”.

My old way of thinking was “if you pay less that $1,000.00” then you are just about guaranteed a bad application, and much of that thinking was influenced by me having to fix bad hair extension jobs. 

Until……I took care of Faith, and she had spent more than $1,000 UGH!

Do hair extensions damage hair

Don’t just take it from me…

What can happen if you make your decision based on just price.. 

Anna shares her hair extension story.

Cheaper Hair Extensions are the most expensive.

Watch Anna’s video!

It was a very disappointing for Anna, when she regretted not having me do her hair extensions for her the first time, and she shares this in the video. 

Unfortunately, too, the stylist that was supposed to do her hair extensions, had an “assistant” do her extensions. 

That was not what Anna had paid for or knew what was going to happen. 

Who will do your hair extensions when you book with my business? 

Me – Ann Marie Walts

I don’t work with an assistant, and in fact, I am the one that will take care of you through the entire process. 

Not Done by The Loft Salon Studio

Your keratin-tipped fusion extension attachments should never look like this.    They should be about the size of a grain of rice. 

Do It Yourself…or Your Husband Tried to Play Hairdresser!


The photo shown was from a husband that tried to play hairdresser.

Just because you see some “how to’s” on social media, doesn’t mean you should try to do hair extensions on your own. 

Your friend or husband might have the best intentions when they try to do your hair but it will only cost you more to have it done the right way.

The combination of DIY hair extensions and not properly taking care of them can result in a prolonged removal process.

You can cause damage to your own hair, if you try to do hair extensions without the proper training. 

It may seem like a good idea, however, it will be difficult to really experience getting a professional salon result.

Tip:   Tell your husband to go to hairdressing school or not to be too cheap, AND BUY YOU A GIFT CARD to get it done right. 

My Experience & Certifications

Professionally below is my experience:

I have 15 years of experience providing hair extensions. 

Over the 15 years, I am proud to share with you that I have been certified by 6 different companies.

I started out with Great Lengths, and or but wanted to try a few before deciding what would be the best brand(s) and or applications to offer for my business.

My interest in education, took me as far as Texas, and all over the country to be certified.

  • Traveled to Italy-Went To Great Lengths Factory
  • Great Lengths Thermal Fusion
  • Great Lengths Ultrasonic Fusion
  • Great Lengths GL App- Tape Hair Extensions
  • Pure Hair Extensions  Bead Hair Extensions
  • Hair Talk – Sewn-In Wefts
  • So Cap  Thermal Fusion Extensions
  • Balmain Thermal Fusion, Double Hair
    • Went through the “Become an Educator training”
  • Hotheads Tape Extensions
Went to Italy to go to the Great Lengths Factory!

All the photographs of the makeovers are my photography.

From Anna:

“One of the best salon experiences I’ve had so far! Ann makes every appointment private/one-on-one so you feel like you are getting celebrity treatment. I went in to get some tape extensions filled (I had them done by someone else in another town), when she told me that the extensions I paid for were originally blonde (my hair is dark brown) and that the salon just secretly bleached them without telling me. The blond tape would always show through my scalp when the wind would blow–I always just thought that was the color of the tape for tape extensions. Ann fixed them immediately, and put in Great Lengths extensions that actually matched my hair color, and hair weight as well. They feel so great, I can’t even tell I’m wearing them! Ann really does know what she’s talking about!

can hair extensions damage my hair
can hair extensions damage my hair

I first met Ann Marie when I went to her in hopes that she would be able to fix/remove hair extensions I had gotten from another salon.
I had always looked at her work and loved it ! But at the time was in a pinch for money so I went to a salon that offered extensions for a “cheaper” price .
Guess it’s true you get what you pay for ! Because they almost couldn’t be removed from my head ! Ever since Ann Marie was able to not only fix my hair but make me love my hair again I was addicted to her services . Don’t let the pricing scare you away because every penny is truly worth spent at The Loft Salon Studio!
Anna Bathelt