Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations

Can you imagine what if would feel like if you could experience styling your hair, like a celebrity, without any limitations?

Today’s hair trends are fun, creative and almost anything goes.


Your Hair…Like Your Favorite Celebrity



Which one of your favorite celebrities have you noticed have changed their look throughout their career, or in the same year?

How is it that they can have short hair one day, and very long the very next day?




How To Have No Limitations to Achieving Celebrity Hair

You will find many that many celebrities are wearing hair extensions!

Why I get so very excited about hair extensions is that you really are NOT LIMITED to having hair that you will love!    Go for it!

You can change your hair’s:


Hair extensions have so many uses, and that is how the stars are able to drastically switch up their

loohair-extensions-for-fine-hair-western-ma-ann-marie-waltsk, and so can you.

Hair extensions can add anything from volume, length, and or just a few splashes of color.


My experience as being a stylist, for the last 20+ years, and certified/specializing in extensions has truly become my passion because I am able to design the hair of your dreams.

You will fall in love with the quality that Great Lengths Hair extensions. These are the best extensions available today!






End results are very natural looking, and the extensions can last up to 5 months.

From time to time, there is and will be a movie star that influences the current hairstyles, cuts and colors.

You may remember when Jennifer Anniston’s hair was THE MOST popular trend?




Your Hair….Only BETTER!


What is your trend?

What is your style?

How great would it feel the have the hair of your dreams?

What is your unique style?

Finding a hairstylist that fits you and your personality will lead to a very creative relationship filled with limitless styling options.


Commuting NYC – Ann Marie Walts

Commuting NYC – Ann Marie Walts

NYC….The Creativity Charger

Do you ever have a day or moment that you ask yourself, “where did the time go?”      I know that I do.

It is 6:50 am this morning, and I am in lower Manhattan, at where else……but Starbucks.   It has been over 20+ years that I have been commuting to NYC for Beauty or Hair Color educational projects.

There is always something magical that happens when I am approaching the George Washington bridge.   It brings me back, and way back to when I was only a little girl with a dream of being a hairstylist.     However, more importantly is my gratitude for whatever the situations that present themselves that I continually get to work in the city.

This year I will celebrate 25 years “Behind The Chair”, and I am really, really not sure where it went.  When I got out of hairdressing school, I knew very quickly that there was so much more to learn.

When it was my first day of school, the school had us write down why we chose this industry, and what are plans were for the first 10 years.   For myself, I thought that I would own a salon by year 10, and that it would take about 10 years to get a “foundation” of knowledge to be able to even think of owning a business.      It turns out that I was not far off.   In my 11th year, I opened my first location that was named “The Loft”.

A lot has happened since 1999, for sure.

Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color?

Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color?

Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color?

The leaves are changing and when was the last time you had a new hair color?

This fall I am mesmerized by the “how” the leaves change their color, and like kid in school, keep asking my 14 year old daughter if she knows?

I always have loved science, and when you can combine that with inspiration then fun things can happen.

As I do not have the answers, yet, on how the color of the leaves change….I certainly am grounded in hair color.


The beauty of all shades of hair color is the fact that there are so many, many shades.   All hair color will shift or fade some.   That is not always a bad thing.

When hair color shifts to a slightly different color, that can be a great transition to your next new look.


Changing Like The Leaves


How fast do you want to shift your color will be dependent on your own comfort level.   It is not without saying that if you are looking to shift quickly…….then your best bet is to choose an actual hair colorist.

The t.v. commercials tend to make things look so easy, and with that do I get a tad bit frustrated.  I get frustrated for the consumer.


Inspiration From Pictures

As much as a photograph of fall leaves may seem a bit odd….is it really?   How many times have you gone to a store like Home Depot to get paint mixed up or matched.

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.


Tips On Using Pictures

If you look closely at the photograph of leaves, what and where is your eye drawn too?


Now think of a time that you have brought in a picture to a salon and thought you were on the same page?Hair-Color-Tip-Photo
If your outcome did not resemble what you were thinking then this is a tip that I can share with you.

Hairstylists and hair colorists tend to be very visual people for the most part, or at least I am.

When two people are looking at a photograph, it is possible that the interpretation may not be the same.


In the example shown, a client may think that they were clear on the shade of blonde that they wanted but the hairstylist thought the shade blond was the shat that was about 3 shades lighter.



Tips To Avoid Misunderstandings

  • Whether the photo is on your mobile device or an actual photograph—point our or circle what you like the most
  • Be open to suggestions
  • Do not be afraid to ask if the hairstylist understands
  • Express why you like that part of the photo so much

Biggest TIPs!

  • Work with a salon that offers detailed consultations.
  • Share what you do not like & especially when it comes to hair color!   


When Was The Last Time You Loved Your Hair?™

Fall in love with your hair color today.  Start gathering your inspiration and make a change.


Thank you for reading.


Ann Marie Walts