Using Tape Hair Extensions For Highlights To Thicken!

Using Tape Hair Extensions For Highlights To Thicken!

Add Some Color with Tape Extensions!

The beauty about highlighting or adding splashes of color with hair extensions is that choosing to have it done this way…..will thicken your hair!


Maybe you have wanted to try tape hair extensions, or some extensions but are a little undecided or shy about it.

The hair is 100% real human hair, and it is reusable up to 1 time (With proper care)   

*Please keep in mind that if you are trying to grow out your hair, then you may need to brand new extensions, because the original set will be at the length that we installed them, when we remove them.


Your Service will include:

  • Choice of one beautiful shade of Tape Hair Extensions
  • Shampoo, Haircut & Blowdry
  • Education on how to properly care for your hair extensions


Your choice of color can be anything from soft, subtle to vivid & bold.    The best part is the hair extension hair is colorfast.


It is a fun, fast and great way to accessorize your hair without the commitment of permanent hair color.

Your results can last up to 6 to 8 weeks!


For more information:



Don’t Panic : Hair Color Is Not A Tattoo – Corrective Hair Color

Don’t Panic : Hair Color Is Not A Tattoo – Corrective Hair Color

Don’t Panic : Hair Color Is Not A Tattoo – Corrective Color To The Rescue!



Hair Color Is An ArtformCorrective-Hair-Color-Near-Me-Ann-Marie-Walts


As hair color is not a tattoo,  it truly is an artform.     


If you were deciding to get a tattoo, wouldn’t you do a bit of research, first?     

Your hair is just as important, to get what you want done right, the first time.        


Corrective Color costs more because it is more complicated & time consuming.    


Color Wheel ….Laws Of Color

corrective hair color western mass


There are different levels of knowledge of  understanding, when it comes to “coloring hair”.       My professionally expertise, involved formerly teaching for Redken; as a colorist.



Is there really a difference between working with a corrective color specialist,  trying an online formulation company or a salon that “offers” hair color?



Coloring hair versus color correcting hair, are two very different things.          In my professional experience, my ability to “see color” is grounded by the color wheel versus simply pulling a pretty color off of the shelf, after picking a shade out of a “color” book, and hoping for the best.




Elementary School….but not so elementary! Hair-Color-Salon-Near-Me-Color-My-Hair




Color is very much like paint…it is just in a different form.   Do you remember being in elementary school?


How do you make orange?     Do you remember? 


If you came up with:

Red & Yellow = Orange………then give yourself a pat on the back!


That is only one of the building blocks to understanding how to make custom hair color formulations!      





Don’t Panic!   Breathe & Book An Expert!

How can you tell if a salon is right for you?






Stock Photos….Don’t tell the actual story 


Does the salon have a portfolio of actual makeovers, of real people?    

Photographs can speak 1,000 words, and can express the range of colors that the salon has been able to achieve.



Lastly……….take a deep breath, and remember……it’s not a tattoo, and can be fixed! 

~Thank you,
Ann Marie Walts 

Image Makeover Consultant/ Photographer & Digital Marketer


Is It Hot or Just A Mess? Corrective Work

Is It Hot or Just A Mess? Corrective Work

Help is on the way….HAIR COLOR!

There is nothing worse than having something go wrong with your hair.


Hair Accidents


Unfortunately, there are times when you might or have experienced a “unexpected outcome”.   Maybe this happened at home.   I think we have all tried to play hairdresser, at one time or another.

Unfortunately, sometimes things may not come out like you had hoped from a “professional” salon experience, either.



Hair Color Mishapscorrective hair color western mass


The “laws of color” will alway dictate your outcome of your hair color!


My personal professional frustrations about “at home hair color” is not the fact that you may try to color your hair at home, as much as the T.V. commercials advertising.     They make it look “so easy”, but in reality it takes a whole professional beauty team of artists, on set.




From Brown To Red To Blonde…..


Just about 10 years of my career were spent educating for Redken, across the country, as a hair color educator.  

 Fixing & correcting hair color  is a strong portion of my corrective work & hair solution portfolio.



Avoid & Correct Your “Hot Mess”…….


Seek out an experienced corrective hair colorist.


Communication is key.    

My studio offers a very detailed consultation and an interactive experience, when designing your new look.




  • Bring in pictures
  • Use Pinterest to express what you like
  • Communicate your dislikes
  • Be open to suggestions


Corrective hair color may require a series of visits to achieve your “dream hair”, depending on how much of a change you need or are looking for.


Let’s fix the mess and leave you looking “hot”.    Lol.


Thank you for your time,


Ann Marie Walts




Tips – Trying A New Hair Color

Tips – Trying A New Hair Color

New Hair Color!

Trying a new hair color can be exciting, fun or down right scary if something goes wrong.

It is safe to say, that there can be a level of nervousness when trying to decide to change your hair color, in general.


 Useful Tips!

  •   The most useful tip that you can do is to find photographs of different hair color shades that you love.   It is much easier to communicate with photos, then trying to convey what you want with words.   Your idea of warm blonde, and a stylists’ idea of what they may think is warm blonde might differ.


  • Find The Right Hair Salon!      Whether you change is a want or specifically a need……be sure to find the right salon that is the best fit for you!     In the event that you colored your hair at home and now need hair color correction, be sure that they offer consultations.


  • Do Your Homework!!     When you think you want to try out a hair salon that is new to you, be sure to check them out first.   Check out their Instagram, Facebook and their reviews.     Pictures speak 1,000 words of whether it is plausible for you to move forward with calling or contacting them.    When you can see “actual photos of real people” and not stock photography, that can be very helpful.


  • COMMUNICATE!    Years ago, I was once told this, ” A client might not know what they want, but you and ask them what they do not like.”   That was the best advice that I was given when I was a new hairstylist.    So, do not put so much pressure on yourself to be able to go into a salon with what you exactly want because if you hair color consultation is thorough enough, then you can work together with the salon and/ or stylist.


  • Avoid Trying To Find The “Cheapest”   –    It is understandable if you want to save a few dollars, however in the case of seeking out hair salon for creative or corrective hair color you will want to choose experience first.    I have heard scenarios of clients being quoted one price over the phone, and then it being something else when the client’s hair was finished.   If it sounds too cheap, then it might be “too good to be true”.



The saying “You get what you pay for….” can be applied towards too cheap, and winding up with more disappointment.


  • Consultations –   Do you chose to go with a salon that charges for a consultation or a free consultation?   It truly is a personal choice.     Our business offers a very personalized and customized consultation that can take up to 1 hour.   It is necessary, in some instances to do a strand test to evaluate how our hair color products will work.   This helps to determine how long it may take to lighten your hair, etc.




Need Hair Color Ideas? Loft Salon Studio on Mass Appeal

Change Your Hair Color Tips!

If you have been wanting to change your hair color, for the fall, then you will want to set your dvr!

If you are looking for some tips and hair color ideas, then this episode is for you.

Ann Marie Walts was asked back on Mass Appeal’s lifestyle show, on 22 WWLP.  



Monday ~ October 8th, 2018


11am to 12pm

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Adding Bright Color with Hair Extensions

Adding Bright Color with Hair Extensions


Think Pink

Adding Pink Great Lengths Hair Extensions To Your Blonde Hair

When you need help making your blonde hair blonder, you simply cannot go wrong letting us help you with that.

There are many shades of blonde hair.     Why it is easier, to let us do your hair is because we have professional hair color & the expertise.


Professional vs Box Hair Color


A huge difference between what we have at the salon, are the strength of the chemicals, and the quality.

Your local drugstores are not able to sell you professional strength hair color.

Why?    The reason why is because you need to be licensed to use what is used at a salon.



There is so much chemistry that goes into getting your hair to come out the correct color.

If you want to go from blonde to red, and you want it to come out natural-looking then it is much easier to have a professional hair colorist take care of that for you.

Now on the topic of having to be “licensed” to use the hair color chemicals that we do….formulating hair color is a form of chemistry!!  


We have to understand PH, Developers, and alkalinity.

There is so much more than just “mixing up the color” and putting it on.




When you experience having your hair color, truly, designed for you… will not want to try coloring your hair at home again.    Not to mention how relaxing getting a scalp massage can be.

When it comes to “artistry”, if your hair color compliments your eye tone and skin color, then you will not really have to rely on having to wear makeup everyday.

The reason why is that a beautifully designed color will help you look refreshed.


Adding Great Lengths Hair Extensions for Color

Hair Extensions are sometimes misunderstood.     Hair Extensions are not just for making your hair long.

Maybe you are looking for pink hair extensions?

If you have wanted to add a bright hair color, but are a bit concerned that you might not like it, then getting Great Lengths Hair Extensions is a great option.

A few fun strands of Great Lengths Hair Extensions can add a little bit of thickness.    It is a great way to “try” hair extensions.


Great Lengths can last up to 5 months!

How Much?   We can help you at a consultation. 

Welcome to my website & blog!
I am an Artist to the core, and a Published Luxury Makeover Artist, Hairstylist, Hair Extension Expert and Professional Photographer.

I love all things that have to do with creativity!
I enjoy helping others look and feel their best, and have been in my industry for 29 years.

As a self-taught geek, I have many tech savvy skills that include Blogging, Self Hosting WordPress Websites, Digital Marketing, and designing packages for Personal Branding for small to mid-size businesses.

If you need too look good from head to toe to setting up your WordPress Website… will find that you will have many solutions available, to you, when working with me.

Tips On Correcting Your Hair Color & Hair

Tips On Correcting Your Hair Color & Hair

Correcting Your Hair Color

How do you go about correcting your hair color?    It certainly can be doubly frustrating when you dislike your hair color, and you wish your hair was healthier.


#1 Tip – Communication & Being Listened To

As a consumer, it can be sometimes nerve racking coming up with the best adjectives to explain what hair color shade you want.

One of the best ways to communicate is with the use of pictures.    Find photographs that are your inspiration for your dream hair or your end goal.      Hairstylists are highly visual people.

We do not expect your to come in and speak our technical language…such as:

“I feel that I am a natural level 7 with an underlying undertone of orange and I want your to make me a cooler tone, and make sure your use blue/violet.”


What you can do is use Google and Google a shade.   For example, “sandy blonde hair



Opt For Consulting


How great do you or would you feel that really have a stylist, truly, listen to you and your needs?  

The extra time it may take to have a consultation, may just be well worth getting to your end results faster, in the long run.



Before & After – Realistic Expectations


Instagram has really become a force to be reckon with, in the sense of seeing some extreme makeovers.    Just because you see it on Instagram, can or should it be done, and how will you get those results that you may be drooling over?


#2 Tip – Consider The Maintenance

You may want to consider how much maintenance there will be, after you get  your new hair color; but BEFORE you do it?


Consider how much time do you have, within your schedule to commit to maintaining your “dream hair color”?


Do you like going to the salon?    Is is a treat for you, or are you so busy that the thought of adding one more thing to your plate make your groan?


Do you need to have a stylist show you the “how to” style your hair or to recommend the correct aftercare products?


Tip #3  Healthy Hair -The After


When you have perfectly prescribed products recommended for your individual hair problem….wella!

Your hair can be transformed.

All color manufacturers design their lines to have products that will support the longevity of their hair color line.

JBeverly Hills is an exceptional luxury line that is enriched and made with the finest grade of botanical ingredients.

Their hair color line has less that 1% ammonia, and actually nourishes the hair from the inside to the out!

Happy, Healthy & Manageable Hair!

Would you do it?  Blond To Red Hair

Would you do it? Blond To Red Hair

Would you do it?

Blond To Red Hair

When is the last time you changed your hair color?

Maybe you have been thinking of changing your hair color for some time, but are a bit nervous to take the leap.

 Skin Tones & Eyecolor


Your skin tone and eyecolor can play one of the most important roles in whether a color shade will be right for you.

If you plan on taking a huge leap, like the hair color makeover shown, you will not want to “go it alone”, and especially if you are used to being blonde.   Blonde hair is blond because it is lacks red.


What do most Blondes say?


I don’t want to see any red, right?

However, many, many times you will find that shades of red hair color can and would look nice on you as well.   This is especially true if you have any warmth in your eye color.   Try taking a look very, very close to your eyes in the mirror.     If you have hazel eyes that have flecks of amber and gold, then you will most likely make a stunning red head!   


Remember This!


It is not a tattoo….color can be changed.


Hot Tip:    Put together a Pinterest board of hair color shades that catch your eye.   It is best to have an assortment of photographs of real hair to communicate with.

If you are not certain of what you want exactly…you can be certain that you will most likely know what shades of red that you would NOT want to have.



Shades Of Red

There are so many shades of red hair, too.

Cool Red, Warm Red, Rose Gold, Copper Red, Red Violet….and on, and on, and on.


Take the plunge….Just Do It!


Be sure to ask for some makeup tip recommendations, too

Balayage Specialist

Balayage Specialist

Balayage Specialist

Balayage hair coloring technique is a free-hand technique that can create a soft blend of highlights.

Your own natural color or color that your hair is now will determine what “realistic” results that you can achieve in 1 visit.


Also, you will have to consider your:

  •  Commitment level for maintenance
  • Finances to maintain
  • Patience level to be in the salon


Best Balayage Tips:

The right hair color combination will be the one that best compliments you!

Seek out a consultation to ensure that you are comfortable with the stylist that will be coloring your hair.

Be sure to consider your wardrobe, and what color clothes do your wear the most.

In fact, if you are planning of making a very big change, it is a good idea to get some photographs together.   Save them to your favorite Pinterest board.

You will find that it is much easy to communicate what you like and what you do not like to your balayage specialist.

Best Hair Coloring Products

We are so happy to be a J Beverly Hills Concept hair coloring salon.    They use nothing but the finest ingredients.

Your hair will be left in superior condition, and if you current hair’s condition needs help currently, then we can recommend a haircare regimen to you.   Not all shampoos are created equal, and not everyone’s hair is the same.

The best shampoo is one that can be prescribed to you based on your needs for care and for styling.       Additionally, being on a professional haircare regimen can ensure that you experience longevity with your chemical services.


Extreme Makeovers…Change How You Feel

Big City Makeovers….right here!   Hair & Photography!


Taking your experience from ordinary to extraordinary!

Absolutely no need to go to NYC or Boston, to truly enjoy a TV like makeover.

Go from the Salon To Photography Studio & Leave Changed!

A full day of beauty is so much fun when you get to experience a full hair color makeovers & photography.

If you are new to The Loft Salon Studio, then the first thing I want to do is to say, “Welcome!”.

I have an extremely unique business model because I am equally passionate about providing “real people makeovers” and professional photography.

As you look around my site,  , you will find many, many real makeover photographs.

It has taken me years of consultations, and experience to build a portfolio of makeovers that can express what you can or maybe able to really achieve working with me.

My passion for photography began in 2001.  A little while later, is when I began to fuse “hair & photography” together for my everyday salon life.


Time For Yourself

My businesses offer private appointments.

Do you find that you are always doing something for others, and put yourself on “the list” last?    Maybe it has been unintentional, however, it is so important to allow yourself sometime that is for….just you.


Full Day Treat!

Retreat to a full day of just you.    It will begin at the salon, and then you will follow me to my photography studio in Chicopee, Ma.

Your hair will look fantastic.  You will not have to worry about your makeup either, because I will take care of that for you too.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself.Photographer near me- Western Ma

My photography business has a variety of prints and products with a online viewing gallery for your convenience.

Indulged yourself with a complete hair color makeover with your own photo shoot today!

The Loft Experience….

  • Beauty Shoots
  • Image Consulting
  • Business headshots
  • Modeling Comp Cards
  • Senior Portraits
  • Glamour Sessions


Stay Awhile….Leave Looking Fantastic!

Ann Marie Walts




Your Blonde Hair Frustrating You?

Your Blonde Hair Frustrating You?

Your Blonde Hair Frustrating You?

Not all shades of blonde hair are created equal.

There are really so many shades of blonde hair.

There are cool blondes, and then there are the warmer tones.

So, what is the best way to achieve what you are looking for?



  • Communicate what you want by using pictures
  • Best Tip!!!!!   If you do not quite know what you want….be sure to communicate what you do not like!
  • Try avoid using very descriptive terms like “Ash”, etc.   You may be trying to help, however, a very experienced hair colorist will be able to provide you what you are looking for by you using your favorite photographs, and them analyzing your hair.
  • Be prepared that it may require more than one visit to ultimately achieve your dream hair color.   This will be especially true, if maybe you had an accident with “at home” box hair color.

Hair Color Correction

As an expert hair colorist, I began getting really serious about consulting with clients, about 15 years ago.

Over the course of my creative career path, I spent 10 years educating hair color for Redken.   There is an extreme difference between experiencing working with a certified hair colorist versus simply getting your hair colored.


All art form mediums that color comes in are ruled by “the laws of color”.   Whether it is a tube of hair color or a tube of artist’s oil paint…..the “laws” will never change.

My background is very versatile and very, very eclectic.    I do work with artist paint, and feel that my hair color is just that……..artistic paint.


Your hair is the canvas!   

To Use Box Hair Color or Not To Box…

Hot topic… Home haircolor versus getting it done in the salon, right?

  Am I biased…yes.  However, coming from an educated viewpoint I can share the “why” it is extremely beneficial to consider leaving the box of haircolor on that shelf.



Chemically speaking, at home box- hair color definitely has its limitations.  The strength of the chemicals are not design the same as for the professional hair colorist.



In the salon, with an experience haircolorist  they are able to enhance, adjust, lighten and manipulate the natural pigment of natural haircolor with much more choices of hair coloring tools.


Best Hair Colorist Western Ma



Some of the components of professional hair color, enable the hair colorist to adjust the developer (peroxide) and or the alkalinity of the hair color formula.



In many cases, it may take more than one shade of hair color to make the perfect shade.  This is an art form based on principles.


The principles include:  Laws of color, the artistic eye of the hair colorist & analyzing the condition (porosity) of the hair.  All of these factors will play a very important role for the hair colorists’ selection of what type of hair color will be used.

corrective hair color western mass






Many times I have been at a store and see a consumer looking at the side of the “box/ at home hair color” with such a puzzled look….


I have been there, personally, and it cost me in the long run.  Understandably, cost can be a factor; however the end cost can be definitely costly if the wrong “box/ at home hair color” is selected.



Switching gears, another option to opting for color can be achieved with Great Lengths Hair Extensions.




 Great Lengths Hair Extensions are not just for adding length, but also for adding hair color.


The  photo below was an extreme makeover that included:


1. Consultation- Very Important and the very first place to start to changing your look!



Professional Haircolor (s) plural.  Her natural hair was colored the day prior to the installation of the hair Extensions.


 Then to be sure that the extensions blended in seemlessly….the hair extensions had to be treated with professional haircolor, too.


The beauty about reconsidering splurging is not just about the haircolor, but the experience of just letting someone take care of everything for you.


Today’s life styles are so rushed and packed with “things to do”.


There truly is nothing better than having someone else shampooing you.


Box or no box?



Balmain Hair Extensions

Ombre’ Haircolor- Wild To Mild

Ombre’ Haircolor- Wild To Mild

What is your flavor of Ombre Haircolor?

 Wild To Mild.


Having fun with you hair color can be so artistically expressive.

For sometime, some were saying that Ombre was just a passing fade.   However, it does not seem as if it is going away.

In fact, what is so great about this haircolor technique is that it really is rather low maintenance.


Transition of Haircolor Shades

Whether you “flavor” or taste is wild to mild, this color trend will have something for you.     The color trends that are in fashion now, really do have something for everyone.

Whether you want colors like a peacock or something mild for the office; then ombre’ is a great choice.


Finding The Right Hair Colorist

My approach to color hair is ground by my love of “painting hair”.    I spent almost 10 years educating for Redken, and my work has been published.

One of my very own clients’ makeovers was featured by Creative Age Publishing in a Style Educational piece!

My creative background also include abstract painting with oil paints and canvas.

So, if you are looking to have fun & fall in love with you hair; then I am confident that I will be the right hair colorist/hair stylist for you!


Book your consultation today!


How To Tips For Designing Ombre Hair Color

How To Tips For Designing Ombre Hair Color

Ombre’ … Fading Away?


Ombre’ hair color was thought to just be a passing fad, but it has not fading at all.  This trend originated in or about 2000.

The only thing about this trend that seems to “fade” are the beautiful color choices that can blend into each other.


Designing Nikki’s Ombre








Visualizing Is KeyHair Salon West Springfield


Inspiration from pictures!


Nikki want to achieve an Ombre hair color, however was seeking to do this with getting hair extensions.

Great Lengths has what is called “Flow Strands”.   Flow Strands are customized Ombre shades of hair color and are simply beautiful.


Thinking things through….


Like the diagram above, I had to visualize “how” we were going to have to:

  • Color her own hair with the “Ombre Hair Color” technique
  • Choose the shades of hair extensions hair
  • Finally the placement of the hair extensions


Her picture was the starting point and what “feeling” and look that she was going after.   She expressed that she missed being blonde.



Tips For Ombre’

Decide which way you want to achieve this:


Remember that the health of your hair is the most important, and if you are wanting a really extreme contrast that you will want to consider getting your Ombre with hair extensions.


Lastly, and most importantly be sure to book a consultation.   Communication is key.


Working with a professional hair colorist will get you the results that cannot be achieved at home.






Book your consultation today!





P.S.  If you need some cute leggings or clothes then contact Nikki!



How To Go From Blonde To Red

How To Go From Blonde To Red

How To Go From Blonde To Red



Is it time to change your hair color?     Looking for a hair salon in West Springfield?


Well, one of the easiest ways to change your hair color is to seek out professional help.    One of the greatest benefits are the color choices, and there are many.

Not only that, but my salon was very active formerly educating for Redken as a hair color educator!    


Kerri’s Makeover


From Blonde To Red


Kerri is fortunate that she can actually wear any hair color.    She was bored with her blonde hair, and wanted to also improve the health of her hair.    For her “color story”, I used Essensity hair color by Schwarzkoph.


Book Your Consultation Today!


Adding Hair Extensions For Body

Adding Hair Extensions For Body

Adding hair extensions for body will provide you more of a benefit than any can of mousse.

It is not to say that mousse will not help, however once your have experienced adding even just a little extra hair to your own fine hair, then you will completely understand.

Adding hair extensions is not always about adding length.

With my client, Laura, we had started out just adding some Great Lengths to accent her hair color with “non-chemical highlights” 

Hair Color and Hair Extensions

Hair Color & Hair Extensionists

Finding both a hair colorist and hair extensionist  that can take care of your complete look will make it convenient for you to achieve a complete look.


Best not to color your hair at home when….you are wearing hair extensions because it is really important to take care of the attachment area.


The reason why is that it can potential cause premature hair extension loss because it is necessary only have your extensions come in contact with professional hair color.




Harmony Of Hair ColorHair-Color-Hair-Extensions-Near-East-Longmeadow

When it comes to blonding, it is sometimes necessary to add some darker lowlights.

This has to be done with care because of two reasons.

One reason is that you do not want your lowlights to be too dark or to turn green.



Is it Hair Color Or Extensions?


The beauty of harmonizing hair color with or to hair extensions takes a certain skill.

Great Lengths offers so many beautifully blended, natural looking hair colors that are simply stunning.

Thickening your hair will give you more confidence.
Laura’s design included:

  • Removed Previous Great Lengths
  • Color Retouch her new growth with a cooler color
  • Refreshed her ends with an icy cool shine gloss
  • Next, Shampooed and Foiled new blonded with deeper lowlights
  • Finally….Great Lengths design included 3 different colors to marry her chemical hair color seamlessly to her hair extensions.

Contact Me for more information.

Thank you for your time,

Ann Marie Walts

Stand back for the ARTIST at work! Ann Marie provides individualized, customized RESULTS that matter, Every time I leave The Loft I am transformed and SMILING. She is a master of her craft(s), which is totally to my benefit! And she loves what she does ,so she rocks it – every time! I would highly recommend this experience for extensions (lashes and hair), color, cuts nails and toes, but only for those people who know they deserve and expect a higher level of service and experience.

Foil Hair Color Versus “Non-Chemical Highlights”

Foil Hair Color Versus “Non-Chemical Highlights”

Hair Color With Hair Extensions


Non-chemical highlights are fantastic way to accessorize your hair.   Unlike traditional highlights that are done with foils, having your hair color done this way will thicken your hair.

It is very common to automatically associate “hair extensions” with only long hair, however there are so many other uses than the obvious.

Over the last 10 years, I have experienced being a hair color educator and working with “coloring the hair with extensions”.

I have to be honest with you that when I went to a hair extension training that had introduced the idea of hair extensions being less “damaging” than chemical hair color I was put off a bit first, but very intrigued.    Partially due to the fact that I was still educating for Redken.

It was my job, at the time, to “eat, breath and sleep hair color”….ha ha.      Now, it is a great thing to be offer both types of “hair color”.


Beautiful & Colorfast Hair Color


Colorfast….Who Wins?

Hair Color and Hair Extensions

The hair color trends have really been bold, lately, and just about anything goes.     However…….”anything goes” is sometimes the “chemical hair color” right down the drain, sometimes.

Why is it that hair color fades, and especially the bolder hair colors?

It is because of the chemical composition and the sizes of the dye molecules.    Red dye molecules are the largest to fit into the hair strand.    The “why” could lend itself to a whole science based post of how hair color works, and that will be saved for another time.


Colorfastness of Hair Extensions


In the case of Great Lengths Hair Extensions, I had the opportunity to actual go to the factory in Nepi, Italy to see how the hair is processed and handled.

The handcrafted way that they “hand dye” the hair is absolutely incredible.   They use a  dyeing process that is much like how cashmere sweaters are dyed.  Textile dye colorants are very durable.

Bold hair color?

If you like very bold hair color or a stronger contrast, then I professionally would recommend that you opt for hair extensions over traditional hair color.




  • Accenting Blond Hair with darker or vivid hair colors
  • You want to wear any of the colors of the rainbow
  • You change your mind frequently



Non-Chemical Highlights


Non-Chemical Highlights with thicken your hair.      

Professionally speaking, it was this professional benefit that did “win me over” as a professional corrective hair color specialist, to realize that traditional foil highlights had their limitations.


Do you get “highlights” because it give your hair more volume?


Do you get “highlights” because it makes your hair less flat?


Do you get your “highlights” every 6 to 8 weeks?


Hot Tips:

  • When you get your “non-chemical highlights” they will last up to 5 months.
  • They are colorfast
  • You hair color will be “spot on”
  • Your hair will be thicker



Final Words

Opting to trying this hair color technique can be just as affordable as “chemical hair color” if you average out the amount of salon visits that it takes to maintain your “traditional highlight foiling”












Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color?

Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color?

Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color?

The leaves are changing and when was the last time you had a new hair color?

This fall I am mesmerized by the “how” the leaves change their color, and like kid in school, keep asking my 14 year old daughter if she knows?

I always have loved science, and when you can combine that with inspiration then fun things can happen.

As I do not have the answers, yet, on how the color of the leaves change….I certainly am grounded in hair color.


The beauty of all shades of hair color is the fact that there are so many, many shades.   All hair color will shift or fade some.   That is not always a bad thing.

When hair color shifts to a slightly different color, that can be a great transition to your next new look.


Changing Like The Leaves


How fast do you want to shift your color will be dependent on your own comfort level.   It is not without saying that if you are looking to shift quickly…….then your best bet is to choose an actual hair colorist.

The t.v. commercials tend to make things look so easy, and with that do I get a tad bit frustrated.  I get frustrated for the consumer.


Inspiration From Pictures

As much as a photograph of fall leaves may seem a bit odd….is it really?   How many times have you gone to a store like Home Depot to get paint mixed up or matched.

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.


Tips On Using Pictures

If you look closely at the photograph of leaves, what and where is your eye drawn too?


Now think of a time that you have brought in a picture to a salon and thought you were on the same page?Hair-Color-Tip-Photo
If your outcome did not resemble what you were thinking then this is a tip that I can share with you.

Hairstylists and hair colorists tend to be very visual people for the most part, or at least I am.

When two people are looking at a photograph, it is possible that the interpretation may not be the same.


In the example shown, a client may think that they were clear on the shade of blonde that they wanted but the hairstylist thought the shade blond was the shat that was about 3 shades lighter.



Tips To Avoid Misunderstandings

  • Whether the photo is on your mobile device or an actual photograph—point our or circle what you like the most
  • Be open to suggestions
  • Do not be afraid to ask if the hairstylist understands
  • Express why you like that part of the photo so much

Biggest TIPs!

  • Work with a salon that offers detailed consultations.
  • Share what you do not like & especially when it comes to hair color!   


When Was The Last Time You Loved Your Hair?™

Fall in love with your hair color today.  Start gathering your inspiration and make a change.


Thank you for reading.


Ann Marie Walts






Hair Color For Long Hair

Hair Color For Long Hair

Hair color for long hair takes time.  Corrective hair color for long hair needs to be done with care.  If  you are contemplating changing your hair color, it is important to work with a hair colorist that has a strong background in hair color.

Maybe this is stating the obvious, however, the fact of the matter is that my business consists of correction work ; in general.

Maybe you are reading this and have long hair?   If you hair is long naturally, without hair extensions, that is awesome!   I completely understand how long that it has taken for your hair to be as long, as it may be.

Few Facts About Long Hair

On average, hair has the ability to grow about 1/2 inches a month and or 6 inches a year.   As the hair gets long or longer, the porosity (condition/health) of the length can change from simply being older, and the damage from heat styling products.

Long hair needs to be handled with attention and care when you choose to get it colored.    The new growth (hair at the scalp) will automatically respond differently to hair color, than your mid shaft and ends.

There is much more that goes into coloring longer hair than you might think.   Your professional customized hair color will have really even results because we have hair color chemicals that, simply, are not available at the drugstores.





Ann Marie Walts will respond to your inquiry shortly.

Artificial Intelligence and Haircolor

Science Fiction is the invention of unrealistic ideas being tomorrow’s gadget, right?

Well, as a professional haircolorist….I draw a line when technology is trying to automate such an artistic profession.

True hair color formulation can be as artistic as a child playing with finger paints when they discover that if they mix a two colors that they will get a third.

It’s amazing how as we all (or quite of few of us) are so

eager to use computers, smartphones (love mine), and self checkout.   It comes with a price.

Have you ever thought of what that price is?  The price of automation?

How many times do you actually need live 100% real human customer support when you have a problem?

Haven’t you ever tried to call a customer service number and only after yo

u have been tortured to go through all of

the prompts….maybe even push the the wrong selection to only have to hang up and try again?

In a day in age, where all of the gadgets that were featured in the icon cartoon “The Jetsons”, not in a million years would I ever expected to see a touch screen computer trying to sell what I call “the ease of use” of the non-professional haircolor that is found at local retailers.

The “system” in itself may actually have great information but there is one factor that the big haircolor companies are leaving in your hands…….the non-hair colorist consumer being able to truly judge their own natural haircolor level.

As I stood in front of this computer

screen, in utter disbelief, I turn to my friend and joked that the big companies should

have a second screen next to it…..

Being a professional corrective hair colorist for close to twenty years, I have first hand experience correcting hair color that did not come out as hoped.

It’s been quite some time since our blog has had a post

about haircolor.  Why?  Well, thank you for stopping by our blog to begin with, and the very first article was about the “why” behind choosing the “at home” hair color or seeking out a salon with a professional hair colorist.


One thing I can professionally share with you  that if you are someone that is interested in odds…….I would professionally recommend a salon than trying to guess what your own natural haircolor is, and hoping that “the box” is right.

Automated “formula advice giving machines” still cannot offer what the salon professional can.   I could not find a section that let you hang out, laugh, and share with your stylist the “goings on in your life”.

When it comes to technique a salon wins!

Did you know that both salons and the big color companies are grasping to get your attention and the fact is that the natural melanin (natural hair color level) only makes up 1% of your hair strand.

Yes, that’s right 1%. Everything else is moisture, protein, salt bonds, disulfide bonds, carbs and more.

Maybe you are not into science, however science is what hair color is about.

What is the price of automation?  Every service that we are prompted to do our selves by way of advertising, inventions, self-computerized advancements really essentially disconnects us to some extent.   Yet, we are convinced by “technology” that we are connected.  The more computers make our lives “easier” the less there is left to do for us humans.     Gee, isn’t that a chapter out of a sci-fi movie.

But hair color?  Maybe I should build my robotic prototype to ensure that I still have a place in my industry, in the future….. lol.

So ….all you will need is a “Flowbee” and a Corporate Automated Formulating Computer screen  to do your hair?   That’s sad.

Maybe technology will intergrade or upgrade the system to listen to a clients woes or celebrations?

Artificial Intelligence and Hair Color………what’s next?        Hologram Relationship?

Corporate Automated Formulating Advice