How Much? It’s Just A Haircut!

How Much?  It’s Just A Haircut!


A bad haircut or messed up haircut can happen at the hands of someone at home, or unfortunately at a salon.


Interestingly enough, this week, is the reason for this post.   I have worked with clients for all different reasons, when it comes to the topic of “haircuts”.


How do you choose?


When it comes beauty, we all choose what, who, & where we want to go, for various reasons:


  • Maybe it is location
  • Maybe it is because of a referral
  • Maybe it is because you can “simply walk in”
  • Was it the website
  • Price




Choosing by Price Alone


Scenario 1:    FREE

Cutting your hair at home-

I think at, one time or another, we have all taken are hair into our own hands.   I have heard stories that this has happened because of either finances, or because of more than one bad experience haircut experience at a salon.



Scenario 2:  

Quick & Cheap —

Let me first say, that I do not feel that just price depicts a professionals ability.    When I worked for Redken, I did provided corporate salon education for and to Chains such as:

  • HairCuttery
  • Fantastic Sams
  • Regis
  • Cost Cutters

Chain salons are able to have reduced pricing because of the fact that they are really a huge business.   Not all professionals, entering the industry choose to work in privately owned salons, because some of the chains offer employee benefits.

Anyhow, in my experience of working with clients that chose to go for the very “convenient” appointment, found that they did not receive consistent results.   Not always, but many “haircut stories” had similarities.



Scenario 3:

   A “Walk – In ” stops by an “Appointment Only” environment–  “HOW MUCH????”

What warrants a studio/salon to charge what they feel they are professionally worth?     That answer can only be answered by the actual business.



Personal Story:  An anonymous consumer, stopped in quickly this week and asked if I take walk in?



Consumer; “Do you take walk-ins?”

Loft:  “Well, I always welcome the opportunity to work with a new guest & let me see when my next client is coming in.”     Please have a seat at my desk.

Next, I began to take their information, and began to ask questions of what they wanted?

Consumer:  ” How much are your haircuts?”           Fair enough question.


Loft:   I answered them before services were rendered…..instead of just a “yes” I can take care of you.




Conclusion & Client interaction inspiration:

My prices were not a fit for them, however it was how they asked…………. “HOW MUCH???? IT’S JUST A HAIRCUT!!!”


As quickly as they left, I had not tried to “sell why” they should stay but it did leave me with wanting to explore………….is it just a haircut?



Fixing Haircuts & Education


Communication with clients is priceless.     I have spent close to 10 years fixing haircuts with hair extensions

My studio’s pricing is directly tied to the years of education to my profession, and the monetary expenses that I have spent to keep my skills current.

I know haircutting techniques that can:

  • Create volume
  • Reduce bulky hair
  • Flatter your facial features
  • I work with fine hair
  • Grow Out Nicely
  • Create Shapes that are unique to your head shape.




Our view about:


“It’s just a haircut……….”


I am confident in my haircutting capabilities, that I feel that a haircut is more than just that.     An awesome haircut can be a haircut makeover!


Conclusion & Tips:

As personal as your haircut is to you, and what you want to spend… up to you.

  • Choose who you feel comfortable with
  • Choose a stylist that will listen
  • Bring in photos
  • If you do not feel comfortable, then do not move forward


Price……..the old adage, “You get what you pay for….”, usually proves itself true.


If you want a different haircut experience or experience a haircut makeover, then give me a call.