4 Types of Hair Extensions – For Every Budget

Are you still wasting time on growing your hair (without anything to show for it)?



How much is it to get extensions?


Be sure to watch our short 5-minute segment about the various types.

We offer:

  • Invisible hoop extensions – start at $79


  • Real Human hair clip ins – start at $60 per panel or $249 & up for real human hair, and they are very easy to use at home!


  • Tape Hair Extensions – Great for when you are going on vacation
    • Tape extensions – Lengthening starts at $1,000+


  • Fusion  – a Premium option that lasts the longest.   Up to 5 months!  Options are not all about length.
  • Price at the consultation only


  •  Bead/ Link Extensions – Price at the consultation only


For all budgets –


Just Add Hair!


It’s best never to assume that you cannot afford them or to be worried that you may want to refer us because you think we might be out of someone’s price range.   We have something for everyone.



Plus!!    We offer a $100 Salon Gift Card for any referrals that lead to a client book a full set of extensions!



If you are brand new to hair extensions or the idea of them, then you’ll definitely want to watch our video.

Hair extensions come in both synthetic and real human hair.


What length of time do you want to wear them? 

How permanent of an option will affect the cost.  


Do you have a tight budget?



Clip-in hair extensions or the invisible hoop are great if you just want to add extra hair for the weekend or a one-time special occasion.



When are Tape Hair Extensions a good option?



  • Getting married and want your look to last during your honeymoon/vacation



  • Looking for an option that starts at $1,200*



Adding Thickness

Adding extra hair to any hairstyle is a great way to add fullness and volume.

Ann Marie Walts can consult with you to best determine what hair extension option would be best for you and your lifestyle.


Getting hair extensions does not have to be all about length.


As some of the photos that are shown will show, you can see that they can be added for a splash of color or to correct a bad haircut.


With so many options, this is why “one size or price” does not fit all.      We really customize our hair designs and look forward to work with you very soon!

CONSULTATION with Ann Walts      

Get a “One To One” Consultation to  creatively explore designing and customizing your hair extension, haircolor, and/or hair straightening makeover.   Together we will focus on what is your primary problem or goal that you want to achieve.  As well as set you up with the necessary makeover appointments. 

Ann Marie will customize an all-inclusive experience to help you be able to achieve your beauty/image goals. 

Whatever your hair frustrations are, you will get solutions/options from what your consultation reveals.  You will experience the ultimate convenience of getting to go to ONE Artist, instead of going to multiple professionals

Please be prepared to book your appointment(s) to move forward, on the day of your consultation.  *If you are using your debit or credit card, I professionally recommend that you let your banking institution know that you will be using your card for a deposit.   This will save time, in the event that your bank freezes your card for unusual activity. Consultation Fee is Non-Refundable.  

Need Hair Color Ideas? Loft Salon Studio on Mass Appeal

Change Your Hair Color Tips!

If you have been wanting to change your hair color, for the fall, then you will want to set your dvr!

If you are looking for some tips and hair color ideas, then this episode is for you.

Ann Marie Walts was asked back on Mass Appeal’s lifestyle show, on 22 WWLP.  



Monday ~ October 8th, 2018


11am to 12pm

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Set Your DVR -Mass Appeal & Loft Salon Studio – Understanding your hair type.

Set Your DVR -Mass Appeal & Loft Salon Studio – Understanding your hair type.

What type of hair do you have?

Do you know what hair type your have?


Different Hair Types

Have you ever wondered how you can determine, at home, what kind of hair you have?

When you learn a little bit of the science, then you are better educated to choose the right hair products, for your style.

There is not a “one size fits all” for products, because not everyone’s hair is the same.

Are you fine, medium or coarse?

Watch our Mass Appeal segment to find out!

Next up….How To Tips for Consultations.

Get Your Chrome Nails On! On Mass Appeal – Loft Salon Studio

Chrome Your Nails

As Seen On Mass Appeal



Chrome nails is the newest and hottest nail trend is fun to wear and was also fun to demo.         It is fascinating to watch the chrome naile powder go from a powder from, to making your nails look like a hologram.      

It can last up to 2 weeks.      We are currently running a Spring Introductory Special for only $45.    BOOK HERE

Click On Photo To Watch
Click on Photo To Watch

Some Fun DIY Tips



As I wear many, many creative hats….one of them has been an Editorial Manicurist.    That is a fancy title that means you have to pack your suitcase with nail polish, maybe some glitter and a whole bunch of creativity.

So, where the DIY tips come in?

Once you watch the Mass Appeal Episode, you will find that I share one of my favorite stores to find the fun treasures.   The best part is that it is not a  “Professional’s Only” resource.

All About You


If you are looking for an extremly pampering experience then you will enjoy our business model.   It is unique, in the fact, that ever since 1999….we offer private & individual appointments for all of the services offered.

You are never doubled booked.    It can be your place where you can have a “spa-like” experience.


Watch more of our episodes here. 

Set Your DVR – Chrome Nails!

Set Your DVR – Chrome Nails!


Manicure TipsManicure-by-Ann-Marie-Walts

We will be on Mass Appeal on:

Monday, March 5th – 2018

11am to 12pm on WWLP Channel 22


Manicure and Nail trends are so much fun.

Wait until you tune in to see what we will be demoing!







Editorial Manicuring


Our manicures are published in a variety of High Fashion Magazines, and we have been fortunate enough to have manicured some celebrities, too.

Providing manicures for photo shoots is as a creative venture.

It takes a whole beauty team to put together a “look” for a shoot, and the nails have to coordinate with both the clothes and the makeup.



Credit: Ann Marie Walts Photography

Credit:Ann Marie Walts Photography


Fashion Week & Miss Jay

Ann Marie Walts Photography was providing “behind the scenes” photography during an event at Fashion Week.

Ann Marie of Loft Salon Studio provided manicuring services for Ginger & Liz Polish company.

We were all excited when Nails Magazine published the manicure!

How To Blond Hair Tips – As Seen on Mass Appeal

How To Blond Hair Tips – As Seen on Mass Appeal

How to achieve blond hair,  and maintaining blond hair can be an easy experience, when you seek out a professional color expert.

corrective hair color western mass

As shared on the my “How To Blonding Tips” episode, you can learn how to get your hair blond, and how to keep your hair blond.

Ombre’, Sombre’ and Balayage are technique based hair color trends.

Unfortunately, some advertising tries to make what salon professionals can provide to you easy, to try to “do it yourself”.


Realistic Expectations

Ombre’, Sombre’ & Balayage


Lauren Zenzie, Mass Appeal Host, brought up a very good point during our segment.    Your hair color expectations need to be realistic!

This is not a “quick” or “in & out” service.

If you are wanting the “Instagram” or “Pinterest” kinds of blond hair or balayage, and your own hair color is very dark, then you will need to have more than one salon appointment.      That is actually holds, for the most part, true for even lighter shades.



“Why” more than ONE visit…..

There are different scenarios that will affect how soon it will be that you can realistically  achieve your dream hair goal(s).

  • Is your hair previously colored?

This can greatly affect your hair color makeover process.

When we have to lighten hair that has already been colored, that really falls under the category of “corrective hair color”.

More than likely, you will need to pre-book a series of hair color appointments, and expect to make an investment into achieving your goal.

  • How far is your natural hair color away from the shade(s) of blond that you are wanting?


  • Is your natural hair texture?
    • Fine
    • Medium
    • Coarse


Your natural hair texture can affect how easily or not so easily your hair will lift.


Best Tip:

It is best to schedule a hair color consultation, and even if you have to pay for the time of a salon; to do so.    If you invest the time, with a hair color expert, they can best guide you and design for you a look that you will simply love.


Corrective-Haircolor-for-BlondesAnn Marie Walts-Manicurist-Hair-Photographer







Blonding Trends

As the blonding trend is so hot right now, you have to remember that the health & integrity of your hair…..needs to come first.    My salon carries nothing but the best high quality hair color products.

Many of these trends require the use of bleach.   Today’s bleaches are not the bleaches of your mother’s day, by any means.

Also, if you would like a “chemical free hair color experience”, then you can always opt for blonde hair extensions, for your hair color design.  (I am personally, wearing hair extensions, to achieve the palest shades of hair color; while I am working towards my own hair goals)


Best Hair Color Salon Near MeTo Learn More…………..Watch My Mass Appeal Episode.



Click on Hair Tips. Going Blonde






Thank you,

Ann Marie Walts



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Set Your DVR! Mass Appeal – How To Styling

How To Styling & Choose Products


Tune in on Jan 23, 2017 at 11a.m.  on Mass Appeal


Mass Appeal_Loft Salon Studio

Do you struggle with knowing what products to choose for your hair?


Do you wish you could learn some tips on “how to” style your hair to get it to look like it does at the salon?


Be sure to tune in on 22 WWLP this coming Monday to get some tips and recommendations that will help you have a “great hair day…everyday!”

Set Your DVR – All About Wigs – Mass Appeal & Loft Salon Studio

Set Your DVR – All About Wigs – Mass Appeal & Loft Salon Studio

Set Your DVR

OCTOBER 1OTH, 2016  AT 11 AM

Wig Shop – Loft Salon Studio & Mass Appeal

Learn everything you need to know about real human hair wigs, extensions & more!

Check back tomorrow afternoon for the featured production video from 22WWLP’s team/ Mass Appeal.  The segment will prove to very informative and fun, of course.

Wigs are really for all reasons, and that is some of what will be covered.