3 Ways to Get Rid of Your Frizzy Hair

Japanese Hair Straightening

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair What is your level of frustration with your frizzy hair?   If your frizzy hair has you wanting to just scream, then you are not alone.    You do not have to suffer from it any longer, …

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Don’t Panic : Hair Color Is Not A Tattoo – Corrective Hair Color


Don’t Panic : Hair Color Is Not A Tattoo – Corrective Color To The Rescue!     Hair Color Is An Artform   As hair color is not a tattoo,  it truly is an artform.        If you were deciding to get a …

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Real People Makeovers


 Real People Makeovers!   How many times have you watched a makeover t.v. show? What is it that keeps you glued to the end of the makeover show?     It is always the final after photograph or reveal!   How To Tips:   Maybe you …

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Brides, Extensions for Hair and Eyelashes

Extensions, today, offer so many styling options.  The Loft Salon Studio, 201 Westfield Street, in West Springfield Mass– utilizes three types of extensions.  413-734-6204 When it is your hair that needs to be extended, Great Lengths Hair extensions are what they have to offer.  Great …

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He proposed and you said “Eye Do”

The moment finally came. He proposed. Whether it was just yesterday, 6 months ago I bet you probably remember every detail of your engagement. Now the fun begins. The smallest details will make your wedding day reflect your own personal style, taste and decor. Where …

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