How Much Will My Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Will My Hair Extensions Cost?

Price at consultation only.

All work is Customized


No estimates over the phone.

There are such varying factors that affect pricing….such as:

  • Your desired look
  • How thick is your hair currently
  • What color is your hair
  • Is your hair color one color or is it dimensional

We cannot “guesstimate” over the phone.  We need to meet with you in person.

Price at consultation only

How much will my hair extensions cost?

You hair extension cost will depend on “why” you are getting hair extensions.

There are so many options, that it is not possible to answer this question without seeing you first.     At your consultation you will be educated on what options that you can have, too.



This is whyconsultation is necessary.

Over the last 29 years, of consulting with clients; I have found that most of the time women wish their hair was thicker.   When you come in for a consultation, you will be given options and those are at varying price points based on your hair needs and thickness.


Ask yourself….what do I need?


Hair extensions are not just for adding length.

Many times they are for just adding thickness, or to compliment a short hairstyle.

I have been providing hair extensions for 11 years, and it has been for all sorts of situations.




Do you need to “Fix A Poor Haircut”?how much for a haircut-It is just a haircut

Several times, I have had to fix a poor haircut.    When it comes to fixing a botched haircut, this solution is a great option to correct just a section.

Maybe you hair was layered too much on one side?      Do be frustrated a day longer.




Do you need to add  “Non-Chemical” Color?Best hair color salon near me

Using hair extensions to add a splash of “hair color” has a dual purpose.     The color will be colorfast & quick but the best benefit is that it will thicken your hair.

Now, if you are looking for a new experienced hair colorist; then I have you covered, too.




Do you need to Fix your Fine Hair?Best Salon for Hair Extensions Ma, Boston, CT

Did you know that you can just ADD HAIR?

Simply adding more hair to your current style and length can have you loving your hair in no time.




I want It Now!   Give me length….Photographer-Hair-Extensions-Near-Me


Adding Length Now!      Yes, now we get to the “obvious” service of lengthening.

When we want something that is instant, and convenient then the price for convenience is usually a bit more.

When it comes to adding length, there is more to simply making the hair longer.   If you chose to get fusion bonded hair extensions, then their are many choices to be made.

You will be able to choose:

  • Different colors
  • Different lengths
  • Texture


What is new…Eyebrows Are Trending!

What is new…Eyebrows Are Trending!

Eyebrows Are Trending

Eyebrow sculpting and extensions are more about adding versus taking away.

My friend Melissa is going to be my model and she was a bit nervous because she had had a poor waxing experience.   Once I explained to her that is was about building the brow back up.

I am beyond excited to attend the training over the next couple of days.   This technique truly intrigues me.     Sleek Brows technique can be utilized for eyebrow corrections caused by over plucking, medical conditions and or a bad wax job.

Additionally, it will round out my extension offerings for:


Over the next 2 days, I will be getting certified in providing “3d eyebrows” & eyebrow extensions.    The product line that I will be carrying to offer this specialized service is called Sleek Brows.

The certification will cover:

  • Eyebrow Arching
  • Eyebrow Sculpting
  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Extensions


Well-groomed brows are the upcoming trend.



Adding Hair Extensions For Body

Adding Hair Extensions For Body

Adding hair extensions for body will provide you more of a benefit than any can of mousse.

It is not to say that mousse will not help, however once your have experienced adding even just a little extra hair to your own fine hair, then you will completely understand.

Adding hair extensions is not always about adding length.

With my client, Laura, we had started out just adding some Great Lengths to accent her hair color with “non-chemical highlights” 

Hair Color and Hair Extensions

Hair Color & Hair Extensionists

Finding both a hair colorist and hair extensionist  that can take care of your complete look will make it convenient for you to achieve a complete look.


Best not to color your hair at home when….you are wearing hair extensions because it is really important to take care of the attachment area.


The reason why is that it can potential cause premature hair extension loss because it is necessary only have your extensions come in contact with professional hair color.




Harmony Of Hair ColorHair-Color-Hair-Extensions-Near-East-Longmeadow

When it comes to blonding, it is sometimes necessary to add some darker lowlights.

This has to be done with care because of two reasons.

One reason is that you do not want your lowlights to be too dark or to turn green.



Is it Hair Color Or Extensions?


The beauty of harmonizing hair color with or to hair extensions takes a certain skill.

Great Lengths offers so many beautifully blended, natural looking hair colors that are simply stunning.

Thickening your hair will give you more confidence.
Laura’s design included:

  • Removed Previous Great Lengths
  • Color Retouch her new growth with a cooler color
  • Refreshed her ends with an icy cool shine gloss
  • Next, Shampooed and Foiled new blonded with deeper lowlights
  • Finally….Great Lengths design included 3 different colors to marry her chemical hair color seamlessly to her hair extensions.

Contact Me for more information.

Thank you for your time,

Ann Marie Walts

Stand back for the ARTIST at work! Ann Marie provides individualized, customized RESULTS that matter, Every time I leave The Loft I am transformed and SMILING. She is a master of her craft(s), which is totally to my benefit! And she loves what she does ,so she rocks it – every time! I would highly recommend this experience for extensions (lashes and hair), color, cuts nails and toes, but only for those people who know they deserve and expect a higher level of service and experience.

Foil Hair Color Versus “Non-Chemical Highlights”

Foil Hair Color Versus “Non-Chemical Highlights”

Hair Color With Hair Extensions


Non-chemical highlights are fantastic way to accessorize your hair.   Unlike traditional highlights that are done with foils, having your hair color done this way will thicken your hair.

It is very common to automatically associate “hair extensions” with only long hair, however there are so many other uses than the obvious.

Over the last 10 years, I have experienced being a hair color educator and working with “coloring the hair with extensions”.

I have to be honest with you that when I went to a hair extension training that had introduced the idea of hair extensions being less “damaging” than chemical hair color I was put off a bit first, but very intrigued.    Partially due to the fact that I was still educating for Redken.

It was my job, at the time, to “eat, breath and sleep hair color”….ha ha.      Now, it is a great thing to be offer both types of “hair color”.


Beautiful & Colorfast Hair Color


Colorfast….Who Wins?

Hair Color and Hair Extensions

The hair color trends have really been bold, lately, and just about anything goes.     However…….”anything goes” is sometimes the “chemical hair color” right down the drain, sometimes.

Why is it that hair color fades, and especially the bolder hair colors?

It is because of the chemical composition and the sizes of the dye molecules.    Red dye molecules are the largest to fit into the hair strand.    The “why” could lend itself to a whole science based post of how hair color works, and that will be saved for another time.


Colorfastness of Hair Extensions


In the case of Great Lengths Hair Extensions, I had the opportunity to actual go to the factory in Nepi, Italy to see how the hair is processed and handled.

The handcrafted way that they “hand dye” the hair is absolutely incredible.   They use a  dyeing process that is much like how cashmere sweaters are dyed.  Textile dye colorants are very durable.

Bold hair color?

If you like very bold hair color or a stronger contrast, then I professionally would recommend that you opt for hair extensions over traditional hair color.




  • Accenting Blond Hair with darker or vivid hair colors
  • You want to wear any of the colors of the rainbow
  • You change your mind frequently



Non-Chemical Highlights


Non-Chemical Highlights with thicken your hair.      

Professionally speaking, it was this professional benefit that did “win me over” as a professional corrective hair color specialist, to realize that traditional foil highlights had their limitations.


Do you get “highlights” because it give your hair more volume?


Do you get “highlights” because it makes your hair less flat?


Do you get your “highlights” every 6 to 8 weeks?


Hot Tips:

  • When you get your “non-chemical highlights” they will last up to 5 months.
  • They are colorfast
  • You hair color will be “spot on”
  • Your hair will be thicker



Final Words

Opting to trying this hair color technique can be just as affordable as “chemical hair color” if you average out the amount of salon visits that it takes to maintain your “traditional highlight foiling”












Clip In Hair Extensions Service

Clip In Hair Extensions Service

 Clip In Hair Extensions Service

Looking for clip in hair extensions?

We offer a customized hair extension service, that will take the guess work out of your struggles of trying to find a beautiful set of extensions.

Watch our video to learn more.

Thank you,

Ann Marie Walts

NYC Photoshoot

NYC Photoshoot

Manicures & Photoshoots

August 12, 2015 – Wednesday, I will be working/manicuring in NYC on a photoshoot with TV personality & Model ~ Fatima.

It has been about 6 years that I have been involved with High Fashion shoots with   I provide the manicuring when I work on the shoots.

Over the last 6 years, the team that I am on, has been published in countless magazines.

I will be back in the salon on Friday – August 14, 2015

Artificial Intelligence and Haircolor

Science Fiction is the invention of unrealistic ideas being tomorrow’s gadget, right?

Well, as a professional haircolorist….I draw a line when technology is trying to automate such an artistic profession.

True hair color formulation can be as artistic as a child playing with finger paints when they discover that if they mix a two colors that they will get a third.

It’s amazing how as we all (or quite of few of us) are so

eager to use computers, smartphones (love mine), and self checkout.   It comes with a price.

Have you ever thought of what that price is?  The price of automation?

How many times do you actually need live 100% real human customer support when you have a problem?

Haven’t you ever tried to call a customer service number and only after yo

u have been tortured to go through all of

the prompts….maybe even push the the wrong selection to only have to hang up and try again?

In a day in age, where all of the gadgets that were featured in the icon cartoon “The Jetsons”, not in a million years would I ever expected to see a touch screen computer trying to sell what I call “the ease of use” of the non-professional haircolor that is found at local retailers.

The “system” in itself may actually have great information but there is one factor that the big haircolor companies are leaving in your hands…….the non-hair colorist consumer being able to truly judge their own natural haircolor level.

As I stood in front of this computer

screen, in utter disbelief, I turn to my friend and joked that the big companies should

have a second screen next to it…..

Being a professional corrective hair colorist for close to twenty years, I have first hand experience correcting hair color that did not come out as hoped.

It’s been quite some time since our blog has had a post

about haircolor.  Why?  Well, thank you for stopping by our blog to begin with, and the very first article was about the “why” behind choosing the “at home” hair color or seeking out a salon with a professional hair colorist.


One thing I can professionally share with you  that if you are someone that is interested in odds…….I would professionally recommend a salon than trying to guess what your own natural haircolor is, and hoping that “the box” is right.

Automated “formula advice giving machines” still cannot offer what the salon professional can.   I could not find a section that let you hang out, laugh, and share with your stylist the “goings on in your life”.

When it comes to technique a salon wins!

Did you know that both salons and the big color companies are grasping to get your attention and the fact is that the natural melanin (natural hair color level) only makes up 1% of your hair strand.

Yes, that’s right 1%. Everything else is moisture, protein, salt bonds, disulfide bonds, carbs and more.

Maybe you are not into science, however science is what hair color is about.

What is the price of automation?  Every service that we are prompted to do our selves by way of advertising, inventions, self-computerized advancements really essentially disconnects us to some extent.   Yet, we are convinced by “technology” that we are connected.  The more computers make our lives “easier” the less there is left to do for us humans.     Gee, isn’t that a chapter out of a sci-fi movie.

But hair color?  Maybe I should build my robotic prototype to ensure that I still have a place in my industry, in the future….. lol.

So ….all you will need is a “Flowbee” and a Corporate Automated Formulating Computer screen  to do your hair?   That’s sad.

Maybe technology will intergrade or upgrade the system to listen to a clients woes or celebrations?

Artificial Intelligence and Hair Color………what’s next?        Hologram Relationship?

Corporate Automated Formulating Advice

Haircolor. Ten years Younger????

Finding the right haircolor can be hard to do, on your own.
Have you ever stood in the haircolor aisle looking at all of the boxes of haircolor?

It is the advertising that makes that $7.00 box of color look so appealing.
The grocery store haircolor companies are investing lots, and lots of money into enticing the consumer into taking their own haircolor into their own hands.
Some of the companies have even included highlightening tools and combs.
They make it look easy, however the outcome may not look like it does on the box, and then what???

The benefits to having your haircolor professional done are many.
The most advantageous reason is working with a Redken Certified Colorist is that they are train specifically in color and color formulation.
Everyone has their own unique style, eyecolor and skintone. All of which is taken in consideration during a haircolor consultation. Makeovers can be just a slight change or to the extreme.




The right shade selection of haircolor is an art and skill.
It can literally shave years off someone’s look. If you think that the grocery store aisle has a lot of choices, you should see what a salon has to offer.

Many salons are beginning to store their professional haircolor out in plain sight.
Redken believe’s in making the colorist’s and clients’ color experience very interactive.
You can use salon locator to find redken salon’s.
You can also use www.redkencolor.comto find Redken Color salon’s and Redken Certified Colorists

WWW.REDKENCOLOR.COMis a great resource of tips and information.

It is great when you can actually see before and after photography of what the salon of your choice, is offering.

Photographs speak a 1,000 words…and sometimes more.

So, from looking Sleek, sophisticated or wanting to look “Ten Years Younger” working with a professional color line and a professional Certified Redken Colorist you are guaranteed to look great!

Brides, Extensions for Hair and Eyelashes

Extensions, today, offer so many styling options.  The Loft Salon Studio, 201 Westfield Street, in West Springfield Mass– utilizes three types of extensions.  413-734-6204

When it is your hair that needs to be extended, Great Lengths Hair extensions are what they have to offer.  Great Lengths Hair Extensions are 100% real human hair, and attached strand by strand.  They are extremely gently and can last up to 5 months.    Hair extensions are a great option when you want to add immediate length, fullness and or splashes of color.

The other type of extension service that they offer are eyelash extensions. Yes. Eyelash Extensions.

Xtreme Eyelash extensions are not only glamorous, but very practical.  This procedure is very sought after today by everyone.

Especially for brides.

Among the many styling, haircolor and hair related services that has to offer all and especially brides, they offer professional photography services.  This is makes it very easy for completing a brides look.   Hair, Makeup & Photography all in one place.

He proposed and you said “Eye Do”

The moment finally came.
He proposed.
Whether it was just yesterday, 6 months ago I bet you probably remember every detail of your engagement.
Now the fun begins.

The smallest details will make your wedding day reflect your own personal style, taste and decor.
Where do you even begin?
Who will be in attendance?
Do you want a big wedding or something more on the private side?
To think all he has to do is put on a tux! ( and maybe go play golf or maybe go water-skiing)

Planning today’s weddings are a bit easier, due to the fact that the internet is such a valuable resorce of information.
Maybe you really would like to have a wedding planner take care of all of your details?
Where can you find a wedding planner?
The internet.How about where will you–the bride to be and your groom escape on your honeymoon?
Making a list is a great place to start when it comes to planning your wedding.
Research and locate upcoming bridal expos, in your area.
Bridal expos are a great place to meet all sort of merchants and vendors that will offer you, the bride, everything and detail to make your wedding day perfect.

Once all of the major wedding plans are in place, some serious thought should put on how you will and want to look on your perfect wedding day.
What will you do with your hair?
Begin to look in magazines for various styles that will portray your unique style.
Are you classic, modern,traditional?

Nowadays, the options that brides have are limitless….and I mean limitless!!!If normally, you do not use professional quality hair products; this is a good time to start.
Healthy hair equals very shiney, beautiful, bridal hair!<p> Have a hair analysis done to find out what your specific hair type needs.
With limitless hair options time is not a problem anymore should you perfect wedding day be in only a couple of months, and your hair is not long enough. Great Lengths Hair Extensions are a fabulous, immediate option to achieving beautiful, bridal hair. Great Length Hair Extensions are 100% human hair extensions, and can last up to 5 months.
Perfect makeup,photography, hair, nails, shoes, gowns, flowers, vacation and attendants….what is a bride to do?

Do love mascara, and makeup?
Let’s flash forward….it’s your perfect wedding day and you are at the church.
You are getting out of the limo, and your heart is beating very fast.
You have been waiting, and waiting for this day to come.
The music starts to play and now it is your time to shine, as the picture perfect bride.
Emotions run high and there may be a chance of “tears of joy”….what about that mascara you chose? Is it or will it be waterproof enough??
No room for the littlest detail to stress you out.

Let’s come back to the present moment, and look into you “limitless styling options”.
Limitless styling options no longer just pertain to what hair style you have your heart set on, as the bride.
You know have the option to have your eyelashes styled.
Yes, your eyelashes.Eyelash Extensions are extremely glamorous, as well as very practical.

Extensions are a bridal must-have.
No bride wants anything to stress her out.
When you have your eyelash extensions you can be rest assured that your mascara will not run, on your picture perfect wedding day.
Why and How?
Once you have your full set of Xtreme Eyelash extensions beautifully customized for you….you will love that fact you will not have to wear any mascara, on your wedding day.
How great will that be?
Not to mention, you full set of Xtreme Eyelash extension will make your natural eyelashes look thicker, fuller, longer and extremely glamorous.All eyes will be on you, and as they should be.

After all, you did all of the planning.He asked. You said, “yes”, and next you will say, ‘EYE DO!”