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Refer To Earn

Loft Salon Makeover & Hair Extension Referral Club


 Refer Me for Hair Extensions and you will recieve:

  • Get $75 Gift Voucher when your referred gets a Thickening Service
  • Get $150 Gift Voucher when your referred books a Full Lengthening.


When you refer someone:

  • Be sure that they have your name
  • If possible if you are new to me as well…a way to get a hold of you.
  • You can share this post or hit the “email” icon


Are you the REFERRER? 

Please be sure to text 413-734-6204 your name and the name of the person that you are referring.


*Referred must book for a full set of hair extensions for you to receive the $150 referral service reward.

Program subject to change without notice

See my post about “Extreme Makeovers Can Change How You Feel”

It is always fun to be rewarded, and I truly appreciate your recommendations.


Thank you,

Ann Marie Walts






Corrective Hair Color

Corrective Hair Color

Change Your Hair Color!

My hair color services are available, when you get hair extensions…

Do you need to work with a Corrective Hair Color Expert?

Going from blond hair to a new shade of red hair color is very fun hair to show off your sassy & fun personality.

Step Away From DIY!

I fully understand the appeal of thinking that you can color your own hair, because of how T.V. commercials can make it look easy.    The only “easy” part about trying to this at home is….it’s far too easy to mess your hair up.

How To Find A Hair Color Specialist

If you are trying to find a salon for corrective hair color then, the first thing you need to do is to take a look at their work.

Next, you really should read their reviews.   All of them.

Finally, do not assume that all hairstylists are proficient in corrective hair color.

I would love to help you with your hair!

All work on this site was created by myself – Ann Marie Walts.    Over the course of my career, I was a hair color educator for close to 10 years.

I had to teach hair color all over the country.

I work best with clients that need correction work, want to get a makeover, and/or if you like to get your hair colored every few months.

And if you are wondering if I do haircuts?

Yes, and the way I provide my customized haircut experience is different because you will get your very own 1 to 1 private appointment with a hairstyling lesson.

Book an Appointment

Need A New Haircut?

Need A New Haircut?

Not all haircuts are created equal. 

Just the right haircut can make you feel fabulous.

You can never go wrong with a stylish, yet classic bob.     And the beauty of not having to limit yourself with your hair type, density, or texture because you can truly have all of your hair needs can be fixed!

If you think a “haircut is just a haircut….”, then maybe you have not yet experienced a real makeover…

Hair by Ann Marie Walts


Cheap, Quick, and What Went Wrong?…

My professional guess-timation  is there was a lack of communication between you and the stylist.

This sometimes can happen because maybe you assumed that because they were “the professional” then they “should know what they are doing”?    It’s not your fault.

It is somewhat understandable that when you are looking to get a haircut, that you may or may not choose a salon based on just price.


Look For Experience….It’s your appearance. 


Did you know that there is quite a bit of anatomy involved in designing your haircut?

Yes, there is!    And
I get all excited about educating my clients on how to maintain, style and handle their hair.






Hair Extension Review – Tips About Fine Hair

Hair Extension Review – Tips About Fine Hair

Megan DeMarey


This experience with Ann Marie has been amazing and with her experience and passion for what she does, it was so easy to put my trust into her work. I’m very happy with the finished product and I love my new hair!

Hair Extension for Fine Hair

Megan reached out to me for hair extensions because she felt that her hair lacked body.

Fusion Hair Extensions can last up to 5 months with proper care. 


Researching The Internet

She had been researching hair extensions online for awhile. 

 Once she reached out to me she had shared…”The internet has been confusing! “



Yes!  I couldn’t agree more with Megan, that there is so much information about hair extensions on the internet now, that it can simply leave you more confused or armed with misinformation.

What helped Megan was my video about….



Do hair extensions damage your hair?

Types of Applications


What method or hair extension application should you choose for your hair?


Answer:    My professional recommendation is not to “go it alone” and get fixated on a certain type without the true professional guidance of a hair extension expert. 




Fusion Hair Extensions

Unlike “sew-in” hair extensions, fusion hair extensions can be used for correcting a small section of your haircut.

In this example you will see that this client wanted her bangs/fringe to be thicker and slightly longer. 

Benefit = Fixing your haircut or changing up your haircut!

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions, when done properly, can be very comfortable, non-damaging, and can last 1 to 1. 5 months with proper care.

You can thicken your hair or add immediate length in as little as 1 to 3 hours!

Tape extensions and Fusion hair extensions are very lightweight and are an excellent choice if you have fine hair.

See Hair Extension Reviews

Ann Marie Walts will respond to your inquiry shortly.

Review Of Loft Salon Studio – Best Hair Extensions

Review Of Loft Salon Studio – Best Hair Extensions


Jolene’s 4-Day Makeover


Please watch Jolene’s video.


Q.  Had you worn hair extensions before?

A. Yes.  I wore clip-in hair extensions everyday, and I was spending at least 45 minutes a day getting ready.



Step #1 (Day 1)  – She booked her consultation online through my website!  🙂


Step #2 (Day 2) – Next, on a separate day, she came in for her hair color correction to her very private and exclusive appointment.

Step #3 – At the end of her hair color appointment, I then color swatched/matched her new natural hair color to match the Great Length Hair Extensions. 

Everything has to be seamless. 


As the only reason you would want to tell anyone that you are wearing extensions is if you want to participate in my referral program……. 😉





The Mane Event!

Step #4 (Day 3)

On Day 3, Jolene came in for her ALL DAY HAIR EXTENSION MAKEOVER!     

Yes….it can take all day!   

Every makeover is unique, and the amount of time it can take to transform any of my guests or for yourself will vary.    This is WHY, it is not possible to answer the “how much will my hair be” over the phone.


Day 4 – The Follow Up


2 Weeks after every hair extension makeover, there is a follow-up check-up.

At this appointment, you will come in and we go over any outstanding questions.    As Certified Great Length Hair Extensionist, it is important that I know you are confident in the “how to” properly take care of your extensions.

Also, it is a fun appointment that is designed to teach you “how-to” style your own hair to look like it was done at the salon.


In Closing


Hair Extensions are a luxury, and having additional hair added to your own natural hair can definitely help your hair to be thicker, longer and have more body.

Your makeover experience starts to begin when you book a 1-hour consultation.    More than likely, you have never experienced this kind of appointment, and it is the most valuable service that I have to offer.

It’s important that you know what you are getting into before simply “jumping in”.

My services and personality are best suited for those who are ready to make a change, and are not looking for “the same” thing.


Are you ready to make a change?




The Same Has Been Discontinued by Ann Walts

The Same Has Been Discontinued by Ann Walts

Artist Rebel

Your personal appearance should never be boring.

I’ve never known a hair trend to be called “The Same”, and as a hair artist, and an artist at heart…the words “the same”, are like nails on a chalkboard.





1999 was the year I rebelled, as a hairstylist.

Ann Marie Walts - Makeover Expert - Hair Extensions

Please watch my video to find out more!


Makeovers are my hearts passion.


Makeovers are my expertise.


Makeovers are about change.


“The Same” has since been discontinued and is not on my salon’s menu.



100% ABOUT  DESIGNING your hair

17 years ago I designed a customized hair consultation process that has help yield the results shown on my site.

No two makeovers have ever been “then same”.

Each clients “story” have been as unique as the amount of time that has been necessary to remove them from “the same” thing they were previously experiencing…..and that’s why they had reached out to my business.



 And This questions…..”Do you do JUST…..XYZ?”

The word “Just”, or “Regular” and is very similar to “the same”.

In my opinion, “Regular” is for when you get gas, and not about when you speak about your appearance.

Don’t you want to feel SPECTACULAR?


When is the last time someone walked up to you and said, “Wow, you look really regular today, and I noticed you look the same.’?




Change can be scary,  but you sticking with “the same”……




WELL, I can professionally share with you that as I cannot see what you look like right now while you are taking the time to read this…..I have the professional abilities to change the way you look, AND that usually can lead to a boat  load of compliments, because…………you had the courage not to STAY THE SAME.







So, no I don’t do:


“Just” Hair

“The Same”






It’s MORE LIKE….if you want or need to be a butterfly, chameleon, want to get noticed, and your appearance helps you to feel fantastic, then I just may be the right fit for you.




Let your transformation begin!



Customizing Hair Color & Hair Extensions

Customizing Your Hair Color & Hair Extensions!

Corona use to mean you needed a lime…




Now, it might mean that you are wanting to run to the salon to get your hair colored because you have been locked down.




Is your hair color messed up?




Did you grab a box of at-home hair color, because you thought that coloring your hair was easy?



Fix at home hair color - Hair Color Western Ma

Well, I have to share that I after talking with a new client that I think I fully understand part of the problem with why coloring your hair might look easy!      I asked one guest if they thought that the color on the box, was what and how their own hair was going to come out?

There answer was, “yes”.

Wow!………and there it was, and it simply does not work that way, but it certainly help me to understand the “why” behind trying to do it yourself.



Customizing hair color, and correcting color requires a certain level of professional knowledge.   There is much more to coloring hair then just grabbing a tube or a box, and hoping that it comes out the way you want it too.

It’s really not your fault, too, if you have thought that trying to do it yourself was easy, because T.V. commercials target you. 


The Box said….”It would just wash out”


It said…. “It did not contain ammonia”

“I’m not sure why I have roots, because it said it wasn’t permanent color?”

Working with a Haircolorist and why it’s worth it!

I can personally share with you that I was a former hair color educator and taught color all over the country.     

I learned:

  • How to create/formulate and customize original color formulas
  • How to use different professional strength chemicals
  • How to determine what your natural hair’s undertones are
  • How to create beautiful blondes
  • How to safely lighten up overly darkened hair
  • How to interpret your “layman” language to be able to work with you to help you achieve what you are looking for
  • And more!
Reviews Of Loft Salon Studio -What Clients Are Saying!

Reviews Of Loft Salon Studio -What Clients Are Saying!

Spending Time With Clients

When you decide to get a makeover, it is a very personal decision.     Where will you go to experience that?   Who will you work with?

Many of the makeovers that my business has provided, over the  years, can take up to all day, and or have taken several appointments.

You need to feel comfortable with who you are going to work with, and you want to ensure that they:

  • Understand your wants & needs
  • Listen
  • Have the experience to get you to your goal


How many times have you watched a makeover show, and you sit there glued to see the very end.   I think the best part of a makeover show is the reveal or when they put the “before” and “after” shot next to each other.   Or how about when the guest gets to see them for the very first time?

Hair, makeup and photography are the perfect trio to provide that experience.

As a Makeover Expert, I cherish the time that guests have trusted me with their transformations.   It is always heart warming when they have taken their time to share their experiences.

Unless, otherwise stated, the photography of the “after” shots are by my other business

How many times have you posted a “Selfie” that you love of yourself, and your social media channel gets some hits.  It is fun, right?    Well, can you imagine getting a complete makeover?   BOOM! 

You do not have to take it from me that “you will get what you pay for”, if you do business with me….see more of what clients are saying!



Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

What is “Old” is the “New” way…

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

My own professional journey into the industry to become a hairstylist began when I went to hairdressing school in 1992.    It has been quite a ride since then.

My career led me to work for a large well-known hair color manufacturer, as a hair color educator.   That had kept me extremely busy traveling all over the country teaching.


One Chair…since 1999

As it was my childhood burning desire to “do hair” and to become a hairstylist, I quickly realized that I did not like or agree with my own industry’s “norm” of double-booking appointments.

So, I did something really crazy, 21 years ago!    I STOPPED DOUBLE BOOKING. 


Reopening Massachusetts and A-One Chair Salon

My own experience, and account of the “impact”

My business, like any business, has it’s ups and downs….like the first time my business’s livelihood was threatened…that business test lasted for 3.5 years!!  Oh, my!


Now Enter Covid19 for the next business challenge!

Now when Covid19 came to our area, and how it has impacted the whole entire world…well that really has created things to change, for many.

It already seems like March was 5 years ago.  Yet it was only 2 months ago, when I was sitting at my desk, and I was realizing that my business was most likely going to be forced to close.



What would that look like?

I am self-employed.     My “job” and “passion” were just about to be abruptly interrupted, and I really did not have a say, because the larger picture of “Flattening The Curve” would soon become every day “Normal”, and without a timeline or an expiration date.


Now…Reopening Massachusetts for Salons

Per Mass.Gov
Limit service to hair services only (haircuts, color, blow-drying, and treatments). Non-hair services are not permitted (eyebrows, beard trimming, lip waxing, manicures, etc.)

• Provide training to workers on safety standards, up-to-date safety information and precautions including hygiene and other measures aimed at reducing disease transmission

• Adjust workplace hours and shifts (working teams with different schedules or staggered arrival/departure) to minimize contact across workers and reduce congestion

• Close waiting areas and ask customers to wait outside or in cars until it is time for their appointment • Require customers to make an appointment in advance to receive service


Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

• Maintain a log of workers and customers to support contact tracing (name, date, time, contact information) if needed • Remove non-essential amenities (magazines, customer-facing water or coffee, coat rooms, etc.)

• All workers must stay home if feeling ill • Workers who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 according to the Centers for Disease Control (e.g., due to age or underlying conditions) are encouraged to stay home

• Encourage workers to self-identify symptoms or any close contact to a known or suspected COVID-19 case to the employer

• Encourage workers who test positive for COVID-19 to disclose to the workplace employer for purposes of cleaning / disinfecting and contact tracing.

If the employer is notified of a positive case at the workplace, the employer shall notify the local Board of Health (LBOH) in the city or town where the workplace is located and work with them to trace likely contacts in the workplace and advise workers to isolate and self-quarantine. Testing of other workers may be recommended consistent with guidance and/or at the request of the LBOH • Post notice to workers and customers of important health information and relevant safety

What the Loft Salon Studio DID NOT have to change?


Well, like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, back in 1999….I stopped double booking, AND began to offer private appointments!   For over 2 decades

I chose to grow my business, as a one chair salon, to be able to focus on my guests’ experience, and focus on growing a hair extension & hair color correction makeover business. 


Covid19 and Your Comfort are Priority #1

Hair-Extensions-Makeovers-Photography-Western-Ma 1

Hair-Extensions-Makeovers-Photography-Western-Ma 1

You can rest assured that you will no be in an overcrowded environment with lots of people, because of a creative business choice that I made decades ago.

So, what is “old”…is the “new” way….and I am happy to be part of the Reopening Massachusetts.    Over the years, there were many days that I had questioned whether I had made the right choice about giving up double-booking, and yet many clients have shared their experiences with working with me.

As a fellow Barber had stated on Facebook….“Mom and Pop shops are the backbone of our communities”, and I couldn’t agree with him more! 


So, in closing….I have no intention of going anywhere and am truly grateful for my community, family, and my creative stubbornness not to have thrown in the towel.  In fact, all of the time I have had off…helped me to dive into growing my online Motives Cosmetics business.  🙂

Life must go on, and you may need a new salon/stylist!


Thank you for reading.

Ann Marie Walts - Makeover Expert - Hair Extensions

Ann Walts

Owner of Loft Salon Studio & AMW Photography, Beauty and The Geek Coaching

2301 Westfield Street – West Springfield, Ma 01089


Using Tape Hair Extensions For Highlights To Thicken!

Using Tape Hair Extensions For Highlights To Thicken!

Add Some Color with Tape Extensions!

The beauty about highlighting or adding splashes of color with hair extensions is that choosing to have it done this way…..will thicken your hair!


Maybe you have wanted to try tape hair extensions, or some extensions but are a little undecided or shy about it.

The hair is 100% real human hair, and it is reusable up to 1 time (With proper care)   

*Please keep in mind that if you are trying to grow out your hair, then you may need to brand new extensions, because the original set will be at the length that we installed them, when we remove them.


Your Service will include:

  • Choice of one beautiful shade of Tape Hair Extensions
  • Shampoo, Haircut & Blowdry
  • Education on how to properly care for your hair extensions


Your choice of color can be anything from soft, subtle to vivid & bold.    The best part is the hair extension hair is colorfast.


It is a fun, fast and great way to accessorize your hair without the commitment of permanent hair color.

Your results can last up to 6 to 8 weeks!


For more information:



Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume

Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume



Pictures have are better able to communicate, what is the difference between “classic lash extensions” versus “volume or ‘Russian Volume'”.

Providing eyelash extensions has very intricate nuances.   If you are new to deciding to get lash extensions, then you are in for a treat.


Did you know?


Eyelash extensions come in different:

  • Weights
  • Lengths
  • Colors
  • Curvatures



Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume



Classic eyelash extensions –  

This technique option is good for someone that may already have great lashes and density.

What can you get and expect?     The classic application you will only get one extension per natural lash hair.


Volume Eyelash Extensions:




This eyelash extensions technique is an excellent choice if you want to maximize your customization options!


What can you get and expect?    


 The Loft Volume technique will provide you with multiple extensions per natural lash!!!!




It is important to remember, that as common as lash extensions have become, that this is definitely an extension service.




Thank you for reading,


Ann Marie Walts


Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations

Can you imagine what if would feel like if you could experience styling your hair, like a celebrity, without any limitations?

Today’s hair trends are fun, creative and almost anything goes.


Your Hair…Like Your Favorite Celebrity



Which one of your favorite celebrities have you noticed have changed their look throughout their career, or in the same year?

How is it that they can have short hair one day, and very long the very next day?




How To Have No Limitations to Achieving Celebrity Hair

You will find many that many celebrities are wearing hair extensions!

Why I get so very excited about hair extensions is that you really are NOT LIMITED to having hair that you will love!    Go for it!

You can change your hair’s:


Hair extensions have so many uses, and that is how the stars are able to drastically switch up their

loohair-extensions-for-fine-hair-western-ma-ann-marie-waltsk, and so can you.

Hair extensions can add anything from volume, length, and or just a few splashes of color.


My experience as being a stylist, for the last 20+ years, and certified/specializing in extensions has truly become my passion because I am able to design the hair of your dreams.

You will fall in love with the quality that Great Lengths Hair extensions. These are the best extensions available today!






End results are very natural looking, and the extensions can last up to 5 months.

From time to time, there is and will be a movie star that influences the current hairstyles, cuts and colors.

You may remember when Jennifer Anniston’s hair was THE MOST popular trend?




Your Hair….Only BETTER!


What is your trend?

What is your style?

How great would it feel the have the hair of your dreams?

What is your unique style?

Finding a hairstylist that fits you and your personality will lead to a very creative relationship filled with limitless styling options.


What are the best hair extensions?

What are the best hair extensions?

The Best Hair Extensions

In my experience of providing hair extensions, for the last 13 years, I feel that the best hair extensions will be based on your lifestyle.

This before & after hair extension makeover photograph depicts is a  full set of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. 


Quality of Hair Extensions

Not all hair extension hair is created equal.   I can share with you that I went all the way to Italy, to visit the Great Lengths Factory

Great Lengths extensions may cost you more than other brands and applications, however it is worth it.



Lesser Quality but Not A Choice

There are plenty of hair extension suppliers that have tried to get me to do business with them.    Their “sales pitch” is that they are cheaper than what I have to offer.

Just like anything else, things that are simply cheaper are not always the best option.        Cheaply priced extensions usually come with a poor hair extension application, more times than naught.

Superior Quality

Great Lengths is 100% ethically traceable and sourced.    Their hair extension quality control is absolutely top-notch!

The factory workers hand blend and customize the extensions.   There are so many people that are involved to prepare the hair that you will eventually wear!


Unlimited Options:

Depending on how busy your lifestyle is can help you determine what option may work for you.


In Conclusion:

The best extensions are those that are applied by a professionally certified hair extension specialist.    Extensions are a luxury service, and you will want to go to someone that knows what they are doing.

Also, remember that hair extensions can be worn safely without damage, when you properly care for them with your hair extension aftercare.


Thank you ~ Ann Marie Walts

2301 Westfield Street – West Springfield, Ma 01089


Visit my Great Lengths Only site!

Get Pink Hair Extensions!

Get Pink Hair Extensions!

Looking For Pink Hair Extensions?

If you are looking for pink hair extensions, I have them.

As we are approaching October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, choosing to wear pink hair extensions is a very nice way to show support, in general, or for personal reasons.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are colorfast and the highest quality.

This is a quick service.  Please be sure to come in with clean & dry hair.    After you get your extensions, you will want to wait 48 hours, before getting your hair wet.





What do you mean “Volume” lashes?

What do you mean “Volume” lashes?

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes - Western-Ma-Eyelash-Extensions

 Volume Lash extensions will give you a soft, lush, and full look.

The feature image shows a visual of the types of “fans” that can be made.

Some, of the lingo can be foreign to you, because you do not do eyelash extensions.

Some of the terms for Volume Lash extensions are:

  • Russian Volume
  • 2 D Volume
  • 3 D Volume
  • 4 D Volume
  • 5 D Volume

If you think you would prefer to be fuller & thicker, then you’ll definitely want to get Volume!



Only Committed for 5 Months – Fun Hair Color

Add Color With Hair Extensions

Have you only thought that hair extensions are for just making your hair long?

If so, then you are not alone.


Artistic Fun

Your hair is a fun way to express your individual sense of style.     This is an actual photography of my own hair.

I wanted to add some artistic fun to my look.



Hair Color Without Commitment

Have you ever wanted to try a fun fashion color?     You can, and without the commitment!

The funky looking extensions, shown, are custom colored with hair color first!     Great Lengths come in a variety of colors, and  your options are close to endless. 




4 Types of Hair Extensions – For Every Budget

Are you still wasting time on growing your hair (without anything to show for it)?



How much is it to get extensions?


Be sure to watch our short 5-minute segment about the various types.

We offer:

  • Invisible hoop extensions – start at $79


  • Real Human hair clip ins – start at $60 per panel or $249 & up for real human hair, and they are very easy to use at home!


  • Tape Hair Extensions – Great for when you are going on vacation
    • Tape extensions – Lengthening starts at $1,000+


  • Fusion  – a Premium option that lasts the longest.   Up to 5 months!  Options are not all about length.
  • Price at the consultation only


  •  Bead/ Link Extensions – Price at the consultation only


For all budgets –


Just Add Hair!


It’s best never to assume that you cannot afford them or to be worried that you may want to refer us because you think we might be out of someone’s price range.   We have something for everyone.



Plus!!    We offer a $100 Salon Gift Card for any referrals that lead to a client book a full set of extensions!



If you are brand new to hair extensions or the idea of them, then you’ll definitely want to watch our video.

Hair extensions come in both synthetic and real human hair.


What length of time do you want to wear them? 

How permanent of an option will affect the cost.  


Do you have a tight budget?



Clip-in hair extensions or the invisible hoop are great if you just want to add extra hair for the weekend or a one-time special occasion.



When are Tape Hair Extensions a good option?



  • Getting married and want your look to last during your honeymoon/vacation



  • Looking for an option that starts at $1,200*



Adding Thickness

Adding extra hair to any hairstyle is a great way to add fullness and volume.

Ann Marie Walts can consult with you to best determine what hair extension option would be best for you and your lifestyle.


Getting hair extensions does not have to be all about length.


As some of the photos that are shown will show, you can see that they can be added for a splash of color or to correct a bad haircut.


With so many options, this is why “one size or price” does not fit all.      We really customize our hair designs and look forward to work with you very soon!

CONSULTATION with Ann Walts      

Get a “One To One” Consultation to  creatively explore designing and customizing your hair extension, haircolor, and/or hair straightening makeover.   Together we will focus on what is your primary problem or goal that you want to achieve.  As well as set you up with the necessary makeover appointments. 

Ann Marie will customize an all-inclusive experience to help you be able to achieve your beauty/image goals. 

Whatever your hair frustrations are, you will get solutions/options from what your consultation reveals.  You will experience the ultimate convenience of getting to go to ONE Artist, instead of going to multiple professionals

Please be prepared to book your appointment(s) to move forward, on the day of your consultation.  *If you are using your debit or credit card, I professionally recommend that you let your banking institution know that you will be using your card for a deposit.   This will save time, in the event that your bank freezes your card for unusual activity. Consultation Fee is Non-Refundable.  

Is It Hot or Just A Mess? Corrective Work

Is It Hot or Just A Mess? Corrective Work

Help is on the way….HAIR COLOR!

There is nothing worse than having something go wrong with your hair.


Hair Accidents


Unfortunately, there are times when you might or have experienced a “unexpected outcome”.   Maybe this happened at home.   I think we have all tried to play hairdresser, at one time or another.

Unfortunately, sometimes things may not come out like you had hoped from a “professional” salon experience, either.



Hair Color Mishapscorrective hair color western mass


The “laws of color” will alway dictate your outcome of your hair color!


My personal professional frustrations about “at home hair color” is not the fact that you may try to color your hair at home, as much as the T.V. commercials advertising.     They make it look “so easy”, but in reality it takes a whole professional beauty team of artists, on set.




From Brown To Red To Blonde…..


Just about 10 years of my career were spent educating for Redken, across the country, as a hair color educator.  

 Fixing & correcting hair color  is a strong portion of my corrective work & hair solution portfolio.



Avoid & Correct Your “Hot Mess”…….


Seek out an experienced corrective hair colorist.


Communication is key.    

My studio offers a very detailed consultation and an interactive experience, when designing your new look.




  • Bring in pictures
  • Use Pinterest to express what you like
  • Communicate your dislikes
  • Be open to suggestions


Corrective hair color may require a series of visits to achieve your “dream hair”, depending on how much of a change you need or are looking for.


Let’s fix the mess and leave you looking “hot”.    Lol.


Thank you for your time,


Ann Marie Walts




Did You Know?  Curly hair can get extended.

Did You Know? Curly hair can get extended.

Curly Hair!

If you have curly hair, then you already know how long it takes to gain any length.

It can literally take years, and longer if you cannot find a stylist that can handle your mane!


Ends Need Friends

Normally, to make your hair look thicker, a haircut maybe in order.  However, when you have textured hair…..getting a haircut can set you back, if you are trying to grow it out.



The “Before” & Solution

As the “before” photo shows, you can see that the back of our guests hair looks as if she would need a haircut, but she actually wanted some length.

As, Ann, wanted hair extensions, and she did not need a full lengthening.    I did a “zonal” application, and filled her back nape area.   The end results were that her perimeter looks thicker, and she has added volume.

Hair extensions come in a variety of textures, and they are not for just straight hair!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Reviews Of Loft Salon Studio – “Worth every penny!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Reviews Of Loft Salon Studio – “Worth every penny!”

AMAZING!!  That’s the only word I can think of to describe Ann Marie!! I had hair extensions done and I left The Loft feeling great!   This morning I left for work feeling confident and looking good!!   Ann Marie is so knowledgeable about what she does.

She explained everything to me from the process to the products. (I’m talking down to the molecules!)

My hair had a few different shades of blonde and even some brown.   Ann Marie customized each extension so that it would flawlessly blend with my color.    You can’t tell the different between the extensions and my natural hair.

She makes you feel comfortable and is so easy to gab with!   By the time I got home I already had an email with aftercare instructions and when I woke up this morning I had an email with a how-to for each of the products I went home with.   A cheat sheet that I can use until I’m familiar with them. As a bonus Ann Marie is inspiring!!   

She has the best stories and you can tell that she absolutely loves what she does. Her patience and attention to detail is astounding. 

Worth every penny!! 

I did a lot of research before I decided to go ahead with extensions and everything I came up with pointed to The Loft.  Thank you, Ann Marie!!!

Video “How To” Tips for Hair & Consultations

Video “How To” Tips for Hair & Consultations

If you want to change your hair it is best to seek out a hair consultation!

Best Tips – Communication


Whether you need your hair to be healthier, happier or a different hair color; the faster you are understood by a hairstylist the quicker you can get from point A to point B.

Having healthy hair is definitely not out of reach for anyone.   The technology of ingredients that are available to you today, for salon products are simply amazing.

You no longer really have to sacrifice wanting to achieve your “dream hair” if you find a hairstylist that is the “right” fit for you.

After all, it is your hair.   You are the one that has to wear it, and feel good about how you look everyday.

Healthy Hair On Purpose


When you are at drugstore, and have question about an over the counter medicine….who do you go and ask to get an answer?

Most likely the Pharmacist.


Why is that? 

 I bet it is because you want to be sure that you are choosing the correct product, and because medicine is made up of chemicals…you do want to choose wisely.



Your Hair Type = One Size Does Not Fit All!


How many shampoos and conditioners have you tried, in your life time?

Have you made your choices by the pretty little marketing description, that is found on the back of the bottles?     Have you ever experienced being disappointed, and so then you try buy even more shampoo?

Sound familiar?


The Professional Product “Prescription”

Heck….why would anyone spend $20+ on a bottle of shampoo?    Is there really a difference.


Absolutely, and here is why:


Just as a Pharmacist can made recommendations that are based on the chemistry….so can a professional hairstylist.    Hair products are all about chemistry.

It is just not that often that that is really discussed.   It is more important how is works, versus how “pretty” is smells, and when you get both; well that is an absolute bonus!

When you experience an extremely thorough consultation, and work with a professional that is extremely passionate about all aspects about your hair, and ensuring that your hair is the healthiest…….that is the point of difference.

Having a hairstylist educate you on what your hair type actually is, and what are the best nourishing ingredients that your hair lacks… the key reason.

No longer will you have to aimlessly wander down a shampoo aisle, and hope that you find your “dream hair” in a bottle.

For more tips be sure to watch our video.




Tips On Correcting Your Hair Color & Hair

Tips On Correcting Your Hair Color & Hair

Correcting Your Hair Color

How do you go about correcting your hair color?    It certainly can be doubly frustrating when you dislike your hair color, and you wish your hair was healthier.


#1 Tip – Communication & Being Listened To

As a consumer, it can be sometimes nerve racking coming up with the best adjectives to explain what hair color shade you want.

One of the best ways to communicate is with the use of pictures.    Find photographs that are your inspiration for your dream hair or your end goal.      Hairstylists are highly visual people.

We do not expect your to come in and speak our technical language…such as:

“I feel that I am a natural level 7 with an underlying undertone of orange and I want your to make me a cooler tone, and make sure your use blue/violet.”


What you can do is use Google and Google a shade.   For example, “sandy blonde hair



Opt For Consulting


How great do you or would you feel that really have a stylist, truly, listen to you and your needs?  

The extra time it may take to have a consultation, may just be well worth getting to your end results faster, in the long run.



Before & After – Realistic Expectations


Instagram has really become a force to be reckon with, in the sense of seeing some extreme makeovers.    Just because you see it on Instagram, can or should it be done, and how will you get those results that you may be drooling over?


#2 Tip – Consider The Maintenance

You may want to consider how much maintenance there will be, after you get  your new hair color; but BEFORE you do it?


Consider how much time do you have, within your schedule to commit to maintaining your “dream hair color”?


Do you like going to the salon?    Is is a treat for you, or are you so busy that the thought of adding one more thing to your plate make your groan?


Do you need to have a stylist show you the “how to” style your hair or to recommend the correct aftercare products?


Tip #3  Healthy Hair -The After


When you have perfectly prescribed products recommended for your individual hair problem….wella!

Your hair can be transformed.

All color manufacturers design their lines to have products that will support the longevity of their hair color line.

JBeverly Hills is an exceptional luxury line that is enriched and made with the finest grade of botanical ingredients.

Their hair color line has less that 1% ammonia, and actually nourishes the hair from the inside to the out!

Happy, Healthy & Manageable Hair!

Did You Know?  Braiding Hair Extensions

Did You Know? Braiding Hair Extensions

Braiding Hair Extensions

If you have never worn hair extensions, and are maybe considering it, then you probably wonder how and which way you could wear them?

Professional applied extensions are virtually undetectable, and this is what makes wearing hair extensions be so very natural looking.   It is always fun to surprise a client by braiding their hair, and showing them they are really not limited to hair styles.

Braiding is so much fun, and possible!

Would you do it?  Blond To Red Hair

Would you do it? Blond To Red Hair

Would you do it?

Blond To Red Hair

When is the last time you changed your hair color?

Maybe you have been thinking of changing your hair color for some time, but are a bit nervous to take the leap.

 Skin Tones & Eyecolor


Your skin tone and eyecolor can play one of the most important roles in whether a color shade will be right for you.

If you plan on taking a huge leap, like the hair color makeover shown, you will not want to “go it alone”, and especially if you are used to being blonde.   Blonde hair is blond because it is lacks red.


What do most Blondes say?


I don’t want to see any red, right?

However, many, many times you will find that shades of red hair color can and would look nice on you as well.   This is especially true if you have any warmth in your eye color.   Try taking a look very, very close to your eyes in the mirror.     If you have hazel eyes that have flecks of amber and gold, then you will most likely make a stunning red head!   


Remember This!


It is not a tattoo….color can be changed.


Hot Tip:    Put together a Pinterest board of hair color shades that catch your eye.   It is best to have an assortment of photographs of real hair to communicate with.

If you are not certain of what you want exactly…you can be certain that you will most likely know what shades of red that you would NOT want to have.



Shades Of Red

There are so many shades of red hair, too.

Cool Red, Warm Red, Rose Gold, Copper Red, Red Violet….and on, and on, and on.


Take the plunge….Just Do It!


Be sure to ask for some makeup tip recommendations, too

Ombre Your Hair With Extensions

Ombre Your Hair With Extensions

Ombre Is Here To Stay

Using hair extensions to achieve your Ombre’ will give you many benefits.

First of all, you hair will be thicker and fuller.    You will be on your way to having hair that looks like Victoria Secrets hair!


Customize Your Color

When you have darker hair, it can take several visits to achieve the shade of “ombre” you are wanting, when you opt for chemical hair color.   The second benefit and probably the most rewarding it the instant gratification of being able to have your designed customized in one visit.

Now mind you, having your hair color customized with chemical color is very nice too, and we do love to paint some hair as well.