Corrective Hair Color


Change Your Hair Color! Do you need to work with a Corrective Hair Color Expert? Going from blond hair to a new shade of red hair color is very fun hair to show off your sassy & fun personality.   Step Away From DIY! I …

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Need A New Haircut?


Not all haircuts are created equal.  Just the right haircut can make you feel fabulous. You can never go wrong with a stylish, yet classic bob.     And the beauty of not having to limit yourself with your hair type, density, or texture because you …

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Hair Extension Review – Tips About Fine Hair


Megan DeMarey   recommends This experience with Ann Marie has been amazing and with her experience and passion for what she does, it was so easy to put my trust into her work. I’m very happy with the finished product and I love my new …

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The Same Has Been Discontinued by Ann Walts


Artist Rebel

Your personal appearance should never be boring.

I’ve never known a hair trend to be called “The Same”, and as a hair artist, and an artist at heart…the words “the same”, are like nails on a chalkboard.





1999 was the year I rebelled, as a hairstylist.

Ann Marie Walts - Makeover Expert - Hair Extensions

Please watch my video to find out more!


Makeovers are my hearts passion.


Makeovers are my expertise.


Makeovers are about change.


“The Same” has since been discontinued and is not on my salon’s menu.



100% ABOUT  DESIGNING your hair

17 years ago I designed a customized hair consultation process that has help yield the results shown on my site.

No two makeovers have ever been “then same”.

Each clients “story” have been as unique as the amount of time that has been necessary to remove them from “the same” thing they were previously experiencing…..and that’s why they had reached out to my business.



 And This questions…..”Do you do JUST…..XYZ?”

The word “Just”, or “Regular” and is very similar to “the same”.

In my opinion, “Regular” is for when you get gas, and not about when you speak about your appearance.

Don’t you want to feel SPECTACULAR?


When is the last time someone walked up to you and said, “Wow, you look really regular today, and I noticed you look the same.’?




Change can be scary,  but you sticking with “the same”……




WELL, I can professionally share with you that as I cannot see what you look like right now while you are taking the time to read this…..I have the professional abilities to change the way you look, AND that usually can lead to a boat  load of compliments, because…………you had the courage not to STAY THE SAME.







So, no I don’t do:


“Just” Hair

“The Same”






It’s MORE LIKE….if you want or need to be a butterfly, chameleon, want to get noticed, and your appearance helps you to feel fantastic, then I just may be the right fit for you.




Let your transformation begin!



Customizing Hair Color & Hair Extensions

Customizing Your Hair Color & Hair Extensions! Corona use to mean you needed a lime…       Now, it might mean that you are wanting to run to the salon to get your hair colored because you have been locked down.       …

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Reviews Of Loft Salon Studio -What Clients Are Saying!

Spending Time With Clients When you decide to get a makeover, it is a very personal decision.     Where will you go to experience that?   Who will you work with? Many of the makeovers that my business has provided, over the  years, can take up …

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Hydrate My Hair Shampoo

Its formula thoroughly cleanses while repairing split ends, restoring manageability, and adding shine. Suitable for both natural and colour-treated hair. Sulfate and paraben-free.

Using Tape Hair Extensions For Highlights To Thicken!

Hair Extensions Ma

Add Some Color with Tape Extensions! The beauty about highlighting or adding splashes of color with hair extensions is that choosing to have it done this way…..will thicken your hair!   Maybe you have wanted to try tape hair extensions, or some extensions but are …

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Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity


Styling Without Limitations Can you imagine what if would feel like if you could experience styling your hair, like a celebrity, without any limitations? Today’s hair trends are fun, creative and almost anything goes.   Your Hair…Like Your Favorite Celebrity   Which one of your …

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What are the best hair extensions?


The Best Hair Extensions In my experience of providing hair extensions, for the last 13 years, I feel that the best hair extensions will be based on your lifestyle. This before & after hair extension makeover photograph depicts is a  full set of Great Lengths Hair …

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Get Pink Hair Extensions!


Looking For Pink Hair Extensions? If you are looking for pink hair extensions, I have them. As we are approaching October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, choosing to wear pink hair extensions is a very nice way to show support, in general, or for personal …

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4 Types of Hair Extensions – For Every Budget

Are you still wasting time on growing your hair (without anything to show for it)? HAIR EXTENSIONS ARE FOR EVERYONE!  As seen on Mass Appeal   How much is it to get extensions?   Be sure to watch our short 5-minute segment about the various types. …

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Video “How To” Tips for Hair & Consultations


If you want to change your hair it is best to seek out a hair consultation! Best Tips – Communication   Whether you need your hair to be healthier, happier or a different hair color; the faster you are understood by a hairstylist the quicker …

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Tips On Correcting Your Hair Color & Hair


Correcting Your Hair Color How do you go about correcting your hair color?    It certainly can be doubly frustrating when you dislike your hair color, and you wish your hair was healthier.   #1 Tip – Communication & Being Listened To As a consumer, …

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Did You Know? Braiding Hair Extensions


Braiding Hair Extensions If you have never worn hair extensions, and are maybe considering it, then you probably wonder how and which way you could wear them? Professional applied extensions are virtually undetectable, and this is what makes wearing hair extensions be so very natural …

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Ombre Your Hair With Extensions


Ombre Is Here To Stay Using hair extensions to achieve your Ombre’ will give you many benefits. First of all, you hair will be thicker and fuller.    You will be on your way to having hair that looks like Victoria Secrets hair!   Customize …

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The Loft Salon Studio – Make An Appointment – NOT ON YELP


The Loft Salon Studio – Make An Appointment – NOT ON YELP We do not do business with Yelp, Advertise or Offer Appointment Bookings!   The only place to “Make An Appointment” is through our “The Loft Salon Studio” website. Yelp’s online marketing may have …

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Get Your Chrome Nails On! On Mass Appeal – Loft Salon Studio

Chrome Your Nails As Seen On Mass Appeal     Chrome nails is the newest and hottest nail trend is fun to wear and was also fun to demo.         It is fascinating to watch the chrome naile powder go from a powder …

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Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – 15 Years

Best Eyelash Extensions Western Ma

Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – We are happy to be celebrating 10 years of being certified by both Xtreme Lashes and Bella Lash extensions. With a decade of experience your lashes will be full, long and lush! Our studio specializes in extensions. 413-734-6204   Eyelash …

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Balayage Specialist

Balayage Specialist Balayage hair coloring technique is a free-hand technique that can create a soft blend of highlights. Your own natural color or color that your hair is now will determine what “realistic” results that you can achieve in 1 visit. Also, you will have …

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You Are Worth It! Lash Extensions


Volume Lashes Fuller Looking Eyelashes To often you forget to take time out for yourself, and how often do your feel a little guilty spending money on yourself? There are many benefits to getting lash extensions and the best benefit is the relaxation factor.   The …

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Hair Extensions & Photography

Headshots - Glamour shoots-Western Ma

Hair Extensions & Photography are a very common combo for photo shoots. When is the last time you had a professional photo of yourself? We find that most people are a bit uncomfortable, at first, when it is time to think about having a personal …

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Photography & Hair


Photography & Hair are really fun when they are paired together. Can you think of that favorite “selfie” that you know just simply makes you feel good? Makeovers & Photography are what makes up The Loft Experience. <blockquote class="instagram-media" style="background: #FFF; border: 0; border-radius: 3px; …

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Texturizing Haircuts


#texture A post shared by Ann M Walts – Hair Extensions (@annmariewalts) on Nov 3, 2017 at 4:35pm PDT Adding texture to a hair cut with texturizing shears, is a great way to reduce bulk and create internal movement.

Dimensional Blonde Balayage

Best Salon For Balayage Near Me

Balayage for Dimensional Blonding   Dimensional Blonde hair can be so many different shades of blonde hair color. Blonde can be warm to cool. The beauty about “Balayage” is that it creates a very soft hair color look.   You can go longer between hair color …

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Mommy Makeovers


Do you find that your new baby made your over?    It’s ok, and celebrate by pampering yourself Take time to take yourself back! Mommy Makeovers are a must, and I specialize in them!    From head to toe, to hair & makeup, and even …

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