Frizzy Hair Driving You Nuts?

Frizzy Hair Driving You Nuts?

Agave Smoothing Oil treatment to the rescue….

If your frizzy hair is driving you crazy, then there is no reason for your to hate your hair another day.

I could write a post to try to compel you to try Agave, but it will be your level of frustration with your hair that will prompt you to find out more.

Agave can control your friz up to 100%, and with repeated treatments the health of your hair will improve.

  • Same Day to shampoo your hair
  • Same Day hair color is an option
  • Great for Highlighted blondes

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions & Customization

Xtreme Eyelash® Extensions & Customization

Eyelash extensions & customization are what makes me get so excited about providing eyelash extensions!

Getting eyelash extensions is a very detail oriented and precise service.  It is not a “cookie cutter”…one size fits all, either.


Once you see how fine and delicate that the Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions are, you will quickly see and understand that it is extremely important to find a lash stylist that is proficient in providing this semi-permanent cosmetic procedure.

How long can I be extended?Xtreme Lashes Ann Marie Walts

Your own natural lashes will be analyzed and measure.  Xtreme Lashes has built sophisticated Lash Calculator that will determine the customized eyelash extension parameters, for your design.

Eyelash Extensions can be worn safely, and with proper care you can look forward to your “re-lash/maintenance” appointments to ensure that your extensions stay very full looking.

Once you experience wearing eyelash extensions, you will not need to wear mascara, because that is the point of getting extensions.  Additionally, not having to apply and continually removing your eye makeup will reduce stressing your delicate eye area.

Mascara has its limitations and the mascara ads only promise what you can truly get by getting Xtreme Lashes.®

Ann Marie Walts





Clip In Hair Extensions Service

Clip In Hair Extensions - Loft Salon Studio

 Clip In Hair Extensions Service

Looking for clip in hair extensions?

We offer a customized hair extension service, that will take the guess work out of your struggles of trying to find a beautiful set of extensions.

Watch our video to learn more.

Thank you,

Ann Marie Walts