Wavy To Curly Hair

Set Your DVR -Mass Appeal & Loft Salon Studio – Understanding your hair type.

What is your hair type? Loft Salon Studio

What type of hair do you have? Do you know what hair type your have? https://vimeo.com/284848107 Different Hair Types Have you ever wondered how you can determine, at home, what kind of hair you have? When you learn a little bit of the science, then …

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Frizzy Hair Driving You Nuts?

Frizzy Hair Driving You Nuts?

Agave Smoothing Oil treatment to the rescue….

If your frizzy hair is driving you crazy, then there is no reason for your to hate your hair another day.

I could write a post to try to compel you to try Agave, but it will be your level of frustration with your hair that will prompt you to find out more.

Agave can control your friz up to 100%, and with repeated treatments the health of your hair will improve.

  • Same Day to shampoo your hair
  • Same Day hair color is an option
  • Great for Highlighted blondes