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Corrective Work Specialist - Ann Marie Walts

Whether your need is to correct your fine hair with hair extensions, your hair color and/ or your frizzy texture…..Ann Marie Walts will most likely have a solution for you!

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Designing Your Makeover/ Correction or Photo Shoot


Hair is very personal and makeover & corrections can be very emotional.   

I will walk & talk you through the whole process. 


Hello To You!

If you are on this page, then there is a very good chance that you are looking for help with your hair,  corrective hair color, hair extensions, lash extensions, haircut…or maybe you need to revamp your entire image because you need a new headshot for personal branding?

Most likely, you are having a tough time right now with your hair, or you are in a place where you feel that you have to change salons or stylists?


If you are identifying with this right now, then in my years of consulting with clients, I can only imagine that you know you need to make a change,  but you might be a little nervous.    That is completely normal to be nervous about trying something new.

My clients before you shared many of the concerns, at their consultations, but then going ahead with their customized designs felt they needed to share their experiences. 


The hair, makeup, and photographs depict REAL PEOPLE & my work


Your hair needs to reflect who you are, and as I am also a professional photographer.     I  have a very unique 360-degree perspective that drives my creative ideas. 


You can expect to find that I am extremely passionate about attending classes to “stay up to date”.    What I love even more than that would be to educate you on……..ins and outs on the “how-to”  handle/ style your hair at home, and as well as your makeup, too!


All appointment reservations, requests through online booking, phone, online messages will require a pre-paid deposit.      Your appointment will not be double booked, as I do not schedule anyone else during your time. 

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Corrective Hair Color-Photography-Extensions

Consultations Necessary For Pricing


I value your consideration, and while I am not able to provide any quotes, prices or even “just your general range…”;  what I can tell you is this:


My salon fees are not inexpensive, however with that said….what is THE MOST EXPENSIVE EXPERIENCE????

The most expensive experience is paying for something that did not come out right to begin with.     If this is your situation, then you’ll find value in our consultation process.


Most likely, you may not of ever experienced having an up to 1 hour consult prior to scheduling.   Our consultation is the cornerstone & heartbeat of being able to effectively listen, problem solve and professional advise & design the proper solutions for you….before ever touching your hair, etc.


Early on in my career, I fell in love with correcting hair color, and from there on….simply correcting hair.

Unfortunately,  I never suspected that there was a need for “hair extension corrections”, or “eyelash extensions”  but sadly there has been a demand for corrections for these high end luxury services.



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