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At Loft Salon Studio & Ann Marie Walts Photography,  we specialize in customizing your customer experience from start to finish, while providing you a private appointment & a pampering atmosphere.    We carry only luxury brands and are committed to continued education.

If you are a professional that is need of transforming your look or escaping your hectic lifestyle, then you will surely enjoy what we have to offer.

We offer full makeovers from head to toe at the salon, and full professional photography services at our photography studio location, in Chicopee.

If you need to work with a business that is extremely versatile, then you we cannot wait to work with you!!!



The New Guest Design Consultation is crucial for reviewing expecations & offering solutions through customer relations.   It is our mission statement is to communicate by listening, questioning & providing various options.  

The “Why”?—You will leave this first appointment with options, pricing and knowing what it will take to achieve what you are looking for.   Our services are personalized & customized according the amount of time and or appointments it will take to help you attain your long term goals.    You will always experience a private appointment, as we do not double book any of our guests’ and their services.

We do require a current credit card on file for all clients.


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Once you have created your account you can let us know exactly how you would like us to communicate with you, schedule appointments, see your history, and even purchase gift cards and retail.


All the best!

Ann Marie Walts


*All reservations will require a non- refundable deposit to reserve & guarantee your appointment time.  Making a reservation with us means that you are agreeing to our Salon Policy

If you are looking for exceptional service with someone that is extremely knowledgeable then you will want to go see Ann Marie at The Loft. She does fantastic cuts and color. I once had a very bad experience at another salon with a cut and Ann Marie took the time to evaluate what had happened and she suggested a few extensions on one side to fill in where I was butchered! The extensions were a life saver! Make your appointment today, you will not be disappointed!

Donna O'Sullivan

Ann Marie has worked on countless editorial photo shoots with me as a manicurist and also as production support. She’s an incredibly hard worker who is dedicated to getting the best results. I’m always happy to have her as part of my team.

Seth Karecha

Fashion Photographer & Editor

I went to see Ann Marie at The Loft Salon Studio for Great Lengths hair extensions. The results are absolutely stunning! She expertly color matched my hair to the extensions, and provided answers to all my questions in a consultation that I had before the installation. She educated me on all types of hair extensions so that I could pick exactly what worked for me. You can tell that Ann Marie knows exactly what she is doing! She is such a professional. You can tell she really cares about YOU and not just making a buck. I knew exactly what I was getting and how much I was going to spend. On the day of the installation she pampered me-I spent the whole day with her and had the time of my life! I left feeling like a whole new person. I’m so excited to go on vacation and show off my hair. I’m so grateful I found The Loft Salon Studio! I will be a client for life!!

Kat McGinnis

Airforce Pilot

How To Book & FAQ’S

How do I book an appointment?

Booking Information & Policies

Hello New Guest!

STEP ONE:  Please first select & book the specific consultation through our website.  

EARN POINTS with every online booking.

Forms of Payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Debit Cards

No personal Checks or EBT Cards

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day cancels or modifications will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy

Is there a charge for the consultation?


Payments Accepted

  • Visa
  • MC
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Debit

What If I want to pay “when I get there”?

Thank you, however that is not an available option, currently and here’s why:

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy  or Mission Statement

How often is a consultation required?
For the first visit….always.

Subsequent visits will be dependant on how long it was since you last came in and what service you are seeking.

In regards to haircolor, if it has been longer than 3.5 months then a new paid consultation will be necessary.

In regards to hair extensions, if you take a break from getting them then it may be necessary to re-design your design plan.

If you maintain regular visits, and want to make a change to your services, please contact me prior to your regularly schedule visit.    This will enable me to ensure that you will have the time to share with me what you need.

What if I want to pay when I get there? I do not want to book online.

Thank you, however this not an available option.

Reserving the studio’s professional time requires pre-paid deposits secured with a major credit card.

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Debit

No checks, EBT Cards Accepted.

What if I decide just not to show up to my appointment or cancel on the same day,or less than 24 hours?
Not cancelling, not showing up or same day or less than 24 hour cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy
I need to know more about your consultation?
  • Our consultation process is the most important service that we have to offer to you.
  • Your consultation can take up to 45 mins to assess, analyze and design your customized service.
  • This consulting process remains the same for any of the specific consultations that you may choose.
  • Ann Marie Walts is extremely artistic and detail oriented and wants to get to know you & your needs.

History & Experience

  • The Loft Salon Studio has a background in providing hair color education for & with Redken, formally.
  • Our work is published in a variety of mediums for hair, photography, editorial manicuring.
  • We have frequented working a Fashion Week several time.

Most importantly is that we strive to have open communication and always allowing ample time for you to switch things up….if you choose.   That is “why” we offer private appointments.

  • Consultations are Pre-Paid AT TIME OF BOOKING.
  • No shows, Same Day Cancellations & Less than 24 Hours will not be eligible for a refund.

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy

What if I do not want a consultation? I know exactly what I want.
I appreciate that you are reaching out to my business, and of course your know your hair best.

If you have never experienced having to have a consultation first, you will find that you will have more options by going through this process.  I  do not double book, and need to book the accurate amount of time for your private appointment(s)

I aim to have you absolutely love your hair.

Lastly, it is our studio policy.   We do not offer services without this first appointment. (for most services)

  • $50* To $100 charged at the time of your booking
  • The consultation when booked is pre-paid on a major credit card.

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day, or less than 24  cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy

What forms of payment do you accept?
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Debit cards
  • Cash  (We do not offer “discounts” with this payment method.  Please do not ask, thank you.)

We do not accept personal checks or ebt cards.

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy

What are your hours?
The studio is open by appointment.

  • We offer both day & evening hours
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  (Day and or evening)
  • Friday (Day)

Closed Sunday & Mondays

Saturdays-very limited availability & reserved for special occasions and or hair extensions.

On location services available for a convenience fee.   Ask for details.

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy

Where are you located?
2301 Westfield Street

West Springfield, Mass 01089

There is ample parking in the back of the studio.

We are located directly on Rte 20 in West Springfield on the way to Westfield, Mass.   We are only about 5-7 minutes from Rte 5 in West Springfield.

  • 90 miles west of Boston
  • 140 miles from Manhattan

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy

What if I cannot get a babysitter? Can I bring my children to my appointment?
Thank you for asking.

We ask that you please make the arrangements necessary to or please reschedule.

We do offer services to the young, however the salon/studio is not a safe environment for children if they are not getting services.

Please see our salon policy page for more information.

Not cancelling, not showing up or same day cancels will result in 100% broken appointment charge.   See Salon Policy

NO Show


Same Day Cancellations or Less Than 24 Hours


You will  be subject to a broken appointment  charge of 100% of the fees.


As our policy is that a consultation and or deposit is taken at the time of your reservation, & our policy has been explained when the booking was made; then you card will be charged according to this policy.

Our policy applies to all methods of booking. 

  • Over the phone
  • Through our site

The lack of notice causes a loss of revenue and/or loss of opportunity to offer the professional time to another guest.   Please be courteous.

Cancellatons of Makeover Contracts or Same Day Cancellations:

Deposits on any makeover contracts will be forfieted, and 100% off contract wil be due, and we reserve the right not to reschedule. 




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