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Hair & Photography – Ann Marie Walts
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01. Consultation

Our approach to designing services are personalized & customized according to your needs, and the amount of time that it will take to help you attain your long term goals.

Consultations vary from 30mins to 1.5hours

Consult Fee: range $50 to $110

*Non-Refundable if you choose not to move forward. 



02. Pricing

Our makeover & photography design prices are tailored to each client.   Your fee may not be the same as a friend and/or family member because of variables such as:

Length or Thickness of your hair

Length of Time of  your appointment

Photography needs may vary


03. Private Appointments

Many of our makeovers take 3 to 12 hours.   You will always experience receiving a private appointment.   In return, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early because we run on time.

We strive for consistent results and alway encourage communication & change.

Communicating With Your Stylist – On Mass Appeal

Walking out of a hair salon can be the happiest time or the most traumatizing time. It’s important to communicate exactly what you want to your stylist, so you can leave the salon feeling confident and beautiful!
Ann Walts with the Loft Salon Studio gave us tips to better communicate with your stylist.

“attention to detail is astounding”

What Clients Are Saying…

AMAZING!! That’s the only word I can think of to describe Ann Marie!! I had hair extensions done and I left The Loft feeling great! This morning I left for work feeling confident and looking good!!


Ann Marie is so knowledgeable about what she does. She explained everything to me from the process to the products. (I’m talking down to the molecules!) My hair had a few different shades of blonde and even some brown.


Ann Marie customized each extension so that it would flawlessly blend with my color. You can’t tell the different between the extensions and my natural hair.



She makes you feel comfortable and is so easy to gab with! By the time I got home I already had an email with aftercare instructions and when I woke up this morning I had an email with a how-to for each of the products I went home with.A cheat sheet that I can use until I’m familiar with them. As a bonus Ann Marie is inspiring!!


She has the best stories and you can tell that she absolutely loves what she does.

Her patience and attention to detail is astounding. Worth every penny!! I did a lot of research before I decided to go ahead with extensions and everything I came up with pointed to The Loft.

Thank you, Ann Marie!!!

* Online Booking

We offer online booking for your convenience.   Life gets busy and sometimes you may want to make a reservation outside of our appointment hours.

We required pre-paid deposits & a major credit card to be on file to reserve the studio's professional time.

* Appointment Reminders

Confirmation Participation

You will always receive appointment reminders.  We offer them via email, text and or phone. 

Always confirm each appointment. 

Unconfirmed appointments may be subject to cancellation. 

* cancellations

Same Day or No Show Cancellations or Less Than 24 Hours


You will  be subject to a broken appointment  charge of 100% of the fees.





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