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 When is the last time you loved your hair?

Experience the pampering convenience of being taken care of from HEAD TO TOE by ONE MAKEOVER ARTIST! 



CONSULTATION with Ann Walts      

Get a "One To One" Consultation to  creatively explore designing and customizing your hair extension, haircolor, and/or hair straightening makeover.   Together we will focus on what is your primary problem or goal that you want to achieve.  As well as set you up with the necessary makeover appointments. 

Ann Marie will customize an all-inclusive experience to help you be able to achieve your beauty/image goals. 

Whatever your hair frustrations are, you will get solutions/options from what your consultation reveals.  You will experience the ultimate convenience of getting to go to ONE Artist, instead of going to multiple professionals

Please be prepared to book your appointment(s) to move forward, on the day of your consultation.  *If you are using your debit or credit card, I professionally recommend that you let your banking institution know that you will be using your card for a deposit.   This will save time, in the event that your bank freezes your card for unusual activity. Consultation Fee is Non-Refundable.  

Get In Touch

Prices are by consultation only for all Makeover services, and especially hair extensions.

You will need to book a consultation to receive an accurate customized pricing.

For the first time client,

Appointments can be booked online or by calling 413-734-6204.

We do require a deposit at the time of booking, and a credit card is required to make any appointments.  *Your credit card transactions are processed by our PCI compliant booking system.

  • Consultations are required as the first service appointment, prior to scheduling any makeover experience.
  • Consultation is $100 Non-Refundable,  and pays for the consultation.

Payment is taking at the time of the booking.


PRICING – No pricing or estimates can be given over the phone, email or texting for makeover services.

Due to the customization, we are not able to quote any prices, ranges or estimates over the phone.

We need to see you in person.   Just as we cannot do your hair over the phone. 

Any and all prices will be provided at a consultation only.

Thank you for understanding.


  • Consultations are $100
  • Consult & Haircut starting at $200 & Up
  • Eyelash Extensions starting at $400 & Up
  • Hair Extensions – Price At Consult
  • Hair Color – Price At Consult
  • Hair Smoothing – Price at Consult
  • Photography – Price at Consult


Contact Me


TO 413-734-6204 





LIVE CHAT Support – Immediate support when we are online or you can leave a message

2-WAY TEXTING Support – Available by Texting “LOFT411” to 413-734-6204

Email Support – Please allow 1 Business Day

Phone/Voicemail – Please allow up to 2 Business Days (& please have a voicemail activated)


Find Us

2301 Westfield Street 
West Springfield Ma, 01089


Tues-Fri: By Appointment
Sat & Sun: Closed


Call Or Text



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the consultation fee put towards the services?

The fee for the consulation pays for the consultation service.  The consultation takes up to 1 hour, and is $100.

What if I do not move forward with what I am consulted about?

As the consultation fee in Non-Refundable, we are extremely thorough with the consultation service, and you can expect to learn some vary valuable insights regarding your hair. 

You will be presented with various options, and price points to acheive what you think you are most interested in. 

In the event, that you do not move forward, the fee pays for the professional time of meeting with you. 

Can I bring in my own hair for extensions?


We only work with the professional brands that we carry and are certified in.   

What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Debit Cards

We do not accept personal checks, or EBT cards.

How much are hair extensions? I just want an estimate.

We can only provide exact pricing at a consultation because there are so many options, and not everyone’s hair design is the same. 

Length, color, and thickness all vary.  

We are not able to give you a “guess-timate” or a “ballpark” or a “range” over the phone, email or through social media. 

Any requests will be responded to with the same answer of, “We will need to set up a consultation.” 

We need to see you in person. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We charge a 100% broken appointment fee for late cancels, cancelled contracts, and no shows. 

Why?   The amount of time that is booked off, and the inadequate time to fill the lossed time is a direct loss of income. 

We do understand that life can happen, however you can always expect mulitple reminders of your booked appointments.

You can receive:

  • Text & email reminders
  • Phone calls (upon request)

*We reserve the right to refuse service for future appointments or reserve the right to request full payment for future appointments. 

It’s not personal.   It’s just business. 

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