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How Long Does It Take To Get Eyelash Extensions????

Initial applications can take 90 minutes to 3.5 hours  (This does not include the consultation time)

This is a luxury semi-cosmetic extension service.     

We offer either “stand alone” consultations or “Same Day” Appointments that will consist of the Consultation & Full Set of Extensions.

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3D Volume Extensions

Customized Eyelash Extensions

Are you new to getting extensions?

If you are new to getting eyelash extensions, then we want to share with you that there is more than just price to consider.

We offer different types of applications.  

There is what is called “Classic” and  ” Advanced Russian Volume”.    

These types of techniques really will provide you a customized experience.


No two sets of eyelash extensions are the same, because of the various options that are available to you.      We are certified with both Bella Lashes & Xtreme Lashes

New Clients – Consultation Necessary

Our approach is to fully educate you on the “why, and what” eyelash extensions can do for you, and the “how to” take care  of your extensions….before you get them.   

*Consultation Fee is $50 (Non-Refundable) 

 Your “New Client” consultation can take up to 30 minutes to assess the health of your natural hair and select the combination of extensions to “style” the “look” of your lashes!



*Consultation Necessary


Consultation $50 (Non-Refundable)


Russian Volume

Full Set  $475* & Up

 2.5 to up to 3.5 hours for initial extension application 


Fluffy Look! –Volume eyelash extensions consist of “handmade fans”.

The fans are multiple eyelash extensions that are applied to one natural lash hair.

2 to 6 extensions per natural lash can be applied.




Starting at $350*

Classic eyelash extensions consist of applying 1:1. 

 One extension to one natural hair.   

This application is ultra natural looking.


Maintenance – Fills

Your lash extensions will require “fills”.   Your extensions will need to be retouched to maintain their fluffiness and length. Your natural lashes are constantly shedding, and your lash extensions will be adhered to your natural lash.

When your lash sheds….so will your extensions that is attached to it.


Express Fill  $100 – 30 mins — A minimum of 75% of lashes must be remaining


Standard Fill $155 – 60 mins 

 A minimum of 50% of lashes must be remaining 

   (Save 15% off -Buy a series of 5 Fills!)


Extended Fill $200 – 90 Mins – At least 25% of extensions must be remaining


Past 3+ weeks – A full set charge fee is necessary

*Special Note:  If you are currently wearing extensions and are coming from another salon, I will not be able to provide you maintenance.   I can only provide maintenance for clients that have recieved their initial full sets with me, because I have found that not all stylists work is the same or the products used.   Thank you for understanding.


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Advanced Certified

Your eyelash extensions service will be customized.

  I have been advanced certified since 2007 by Xtreme & Bella Lashes.

  Eyelash extensions come in a wide variety of curvatures, thicknesses and colors.

    The safety of your eyes is so very important. 

 Surgical grade adhesive is used to apply the extensions.


Eyelash extensions are extensions.  It is best to do your research when choosing to have this luxury service done.


Our Mass Appeal eyelash extensions episode can educate you more, too, as to why it is best to choose experience over the cheapest price. 

Certified Featured Lash Stylist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a consultation? Is there a charge?
Consultations are necessary to ensure that you are a good candidate for extensions.     Consultation is $50.

It takes about 30 minutes.   You will have all of your questions answered at that time, and be provided a small demonstration of the techniques.

I do offer “Same Day” Service, when you are certain that you are wanting to get extensions.

                                                     SPECIAL NOTE:   If you are MISSING LASH HAIR, rub your eyes or have allergies…….you ARE NOT a cadidate.    

All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

How long will my extensions last?
Yes, with proper re-lash maintenance appointments,  you. can wear you eyelash extensions indefinitely.

You will need to come in every 2 to 3 weeks for “fills’.

How well they will hold up between appointments will be dependent on your aftercare. 

Read my article about having “Realistic Expectations”

Which will be better for me? Classic Extensions or Volume?
In my professional experience, I find that most of my clients will opt for the Russian Volume.

Why?   You will get more extensions per attachment than you will with Classic.

Example :  If you would describe your own lashes as “short, sparse and thin…”, then choosing Classic (One extension to One Lash) will only lengthen your problem.

With Russian Volume, I will be able to correct your problem.

Can I just get a fill? I am already wearing extensions.
Unfortunately, no.

I only offer maintenance servicing to procedures that I have initially provided.    I do, however, offer 50% off my removal rate; should you want to get a full set by me.

What if I do not have natural lashes or my are really curly?
Unfortunately, you are not a candidate for lashes.  
What if I have allergies or rub my eyes...all the time?
Unfortunately, it is not recommended that you get eyelash extensions.

Please call 413-734-6204 before scheduling.

How long have you been providing eyelash extensions?
Yes, great question.   I have been certified since 2007.

Additionally, I have been both advanced certified by BOTH:

  • Xtreme Lashes
  • Bella Lashes
Nail Salons and illegally offering lash extensions.....Did you know?

Please shop for experience first….


According to Massachusetts state law, it is ILLEGAL for nails only salons to offer eye lash extensions if there is not a licensed cosmetologist on site.


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