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Certified since 2007

Luxury Eyelash Extensions

Which Application is for you?

Classic or Russian?

Not all eyelash or hair extension treatments are the same, and that is the main reason you will find that prices vary from salon to salon.

Back in 2007, when we were first certified, we learned how to provide the “Classic” technique.

What does that mean?   The Classic eyelash extension technique’s ration of extensions is what is called a “one to one”.

1 synthetic eyelash extension is applied to 1 human lash hair.   

Knowing that technique was simply not enough for us….After that we needed to find out and learn about “What is Russian Volume”?    


Customizing your lash Style

Advanced Russian Volume

Advanced Russian volume is much more tedious and specialized.  Not all salons offer this specialty service that can take up to 3- 4 hours to apply!

The Russian volume technique consists of us creating “handmade fans” of 2 to 6 extensions.  They are not pre-made like the cheap clusters that you find at the drug store, or the “quick in & out service” that you get with a group-on.

We charge what we do because we are extremely dedicated to attending ongoing education, and are more than a few times Advanced Certified by both Xtreme Lashes & Bella Lashes.   Extensions are what we do!

Please choose wisely, because your eyesight is not worth any deeply discounted coupon.

  • Can last indefinitely with lash fill appointments
  • You will not need to wear mascara
  • Ongoing relaxation appointments
  • Wake up looking refreshed every morning!


What We Can Do For You

The Loft Experience

We love consulting with clients.  Why?  It is a very special time to get to meet with you, in person, to get to know you and what you need.

Getting a Professional Makeover is a very personal experience, and we want to be sure that we understand what you need.We, literally can make and take care of you from head to toe!

Most of all, we want you to really enjoy being pampered at your private appointment(s),


Please review our Salon Policies

beauty Consulting

Do you feel like you need to be revamped? We offer a personalized consultation experience.  We like to get to know our clients first, before picking up any of our tools.

Professional PHotography

Do you need a new headshot?    Imagine how fantastic you will feel and look after getting a makeover by us.   Next, experience a really fun time and the convenience of us providing you photography, too?!

Corrective Hair Color

Your hair color can be corrected, customized and creative.  Our educational background is the cornerstone of our passion for designing hair color.

Texture Correction

Whether you prefer to have your hair smoother or wish it was curly; we have professional treatments to meet your styling needs.

Not all stylists lash the same

Coming from another stylist?

We certainly want to say “thank you” for considering us.      We want you to absolutely LOVE your extensions.

Unfortunately, we can only service the work that we have originally provided.

We offer COMPLIMENTARY removal of your existing extensions, and then we can customize a brand new set of extensions for you!

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