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Best Eyelash Extensions

Thicken & Lengthen Your Lashes


Professional eyelash extensions are professionally applied to your individual lash hair. 

Unlike “cluster” lashes or strip lashes, professional eyelash extensions are customized.

Ann Marie Walts is advanced certified by both Xtreme Lashes and Bella Lash.


Type of Techniques Available:

  • Advanced Color Techniques
  • Classic Application 1:1 ratio – 1 extension to 1 natural lash
  • Hybrid Application – Combination of Classic & Volume
  • Advanced Russian Volume – Maximum Fullness

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am already wearing extensions and want a fill?

We will need to schedule a removal service, and you will need to get a brand new set. 


 I can only maintain work that I have provided to ensure maximum results, and to ensure consistency. 

I do not have any lash hair. Can I still get extensions?

Unfortunately, no.

Lash Extensions need to be adhered to natural lash hair. 

What if I have allergies, and my eyes water?

Unfortunately, you will not be a candidate for extensions. 

How come you charge what you do?

Thank you for asking.

Over the last 13 years, I have specialized in extensions for both lashes and hair extensions.

I hold multiple professional certifications and have taken multiple refresher courses throughout the country.

Eyelash extensions are a very intricate service that requires attention to detail.

This service is not just a “menu item”…it is what I do.

How long do eyelashes last?

Lash extensions can last indefinitely when you get fills. 

If you are just wanting a full set for a 1-time special occasion, then with proper care a full set can last up to 3 weeks. 

What are eyelash extensions made out of?

Eyelash extensions are a synthetic extensions that replicate the look of a natural lash. 


Treat Yourself

Pricing for Lash Extensions by Ann Walts

Complimentary Consultation & Full Set package

$450 ~ Up to 3 hours.

 *Mega Volume Add on – Upcharge $50

Touch-ups / Fills

45 Mins ~ $100 up to 10 days

70 Mins – $155 up to 16 days

Packages Available!

Refer To Earn!


*Professional Aftercare Products for purchase are necessary to ensure the longevity of your service investment, and we are happy to stand behind our work with your commitment to properly caring for  your extensions per the manufacturer & our studio instructions.

Using products that are over the counter can affect your service, and then cost you more money with touchups in the long run.

We take pride in providing extensions to our clients very seriously.

They are a luxury service.

They are extensions.

Certified Since 2007 by Xtreme Lashes & Bella Lash

Ann Marie Walts

“You get what you pay for”, when you choose me as your lash extension stylist.  My fees are based on my level of certifications, dedication to the necessary safety protocols, and my love of the artistry when pampering my clients.



The major investment in Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions consists of the initial full set, typically between 70 and 120 lashes per eye. This can run anywhere from $250 to $600, depending on how many lashes are applied, the skill level of the Lash Stylist.

Prepare for your service: 

  • Wear something comfortable for your appointment.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of fluids before you come.
  • Do not use oil-based eye makeup remover prior to coming in.



Aftercare Instructions: 

  • Do not get your lash extension wet for 48 hours
  • Use only the recommended aftercare products
  • Prebook your maintenance fill appointments
  • Do not sleep on your stomach 
  • Brush your extensions 1 x a day


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