How long do they last?

With regular maintenance, you can enjoy your extensions indefinitely.

Save 50% with Hair Extensions

You will save 50% off a Full set when you get a Full Set of hair extensions!

Do you offer Rewards?

Yes!  Every visit will earn you “lash points”, and they can be used towards products & services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a consultation? Is there a charge?

Consultations are necessary to ensure that you are a good candidate for extensions.     Consultation is $50.

It takes about 30 minutes.   You will have all of your questions answered at that time, and be provided a small demonstration of the techniques.

                                                     SPECIAL NOTE:   If you are MISSING LASH HAIR, rub your eyes or have allergies…….you ARE NOT a cadidate.    

All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

How long will my extensions last?

Yes, with proper re-lash maintenance appointments,  you. can wear you eyelash extensions indefinitely.

You will need to come in every 2 to 3 weeks for “fills’.

How well they will hold up between appointments will be dependent on your aftercare. 

Read my article about having “Realistic Expectations”

Which will be better for me? Classic Extensions or Volume?

In my professional experience, I find that most of my clients will opt for the Russian Volume.

Why?   You will get more extensions per attachment than you will with Classic.

Example :  If you would describe your own lashes as “short, sparse and thin…”, then choosing Classic (One extension to One Lash) will only lengthen your problem.

With Russian Volume, I will be able to correct your problem. 

Can I just get a fill? I am already wearing extensions.

Unfortunately, no.

I only offer maintenance servicing to procedures that I have initially provided.    I do, however, offer 50% off my removal rate; should you want to get a full set by me.

What if I do not have natural lashes or my are really curly?

Unfortunately, you are not a candidate for lashes.  

What if I have allergies or rub my eyes...all the time?

Unfortunately, it is not recommended that you get eyelash extensions.

Please call 413-734-6204 before scheduling.

How long have you been providing eyelash extensions?

Yes, great question.   I have been certified since 2007.

Additionally, I have been both advanced certified by BOTH:

  • Xtreme Lashes
  • Bella Lashes
Nail Salons and illegally offering lash extensions.....Did you know?

Please shop for experience first….


According to Massachusetts state law, it is ILLEGAL for nails only salons to offer eye lash extensions if there is not a licensed cosmetologist on site.


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For Subtle Look
  • Classic Lash
  • Natural Looking
  • *Consultation $50 Fee Additional
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Hybrid Lashes

Mix Classic & Russian
  • Mix of Classic & Russian
  • Great for a some length & more fullness
  • Consultation Fee $50 Additional
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Lash Extensions by Ann Marie Walts

Actual Photos


SINCE 2007

Advanced Certified Lash Stylist

I have been certified and Advanced certified by both Xtreme & Bella Lashes.

I was first certified in 2007 and will be celebrating my 10th anniversary very soon.

Do I offer “Cluster Lashes?    NO!

The reason is, that they are not safe and can damage your own eyelashes.

You will find that they are very inexpensive and are misunderstood as being “eyelash extensions”.

Classic Lashes: Great Choice For Length



This technique is involves applying ONE EXTENSION To ONE NATURAL LASH HAIR.

The lash extensions come in different lenghts, colors and curvatures.

Russian Volume :  Great Choice For Fluffiness

Russian Volume is a very advanced technique.   Handmade “fans” are made out of multiple lash extensions.

Maximize your density or great for creating density that you do not have.

FRIDAY SALE includes Complimentary Consultation.

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