Eyelash Extensions by Ann Marie Walts

Advanced Certified since 2007

Best Eyelash Extensions

Volume, Classic & Hybrid

I am AUTHENTICALLY & PROFESSIONALLY CERTIFIED by both Xtreme Lashes, and Bella Lashes. 

The amount of training and education that I have is what is reflected in my fees. 





Customizing Your Look

Your eyelash extensions will be customized and your look will be tailored to compliment your eyes, and personal taste.

There are safety factors to be considered which include what is a safe length to lengthen your natural lash hair.

Your own natural lash hair will pre-determine how long your extensions can be. 


Xtreme Lashes Ann Marie Walts

How much for your extensions?

14 Years of Experience

I offer 1 flat price of $450, and the reason why I do this is because you will be provided a set of lash extensions that you will love!

You will get a thorough design consultation before we start.  (Approximately 30 mins)

*And you will get a Complimentary 1 week “check in/up” to see how you are doing with your extensions.