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Where do hair extensions come from?

Take a virtual trip with me, and visit Great Lengths Factory in Italy.

If you want to know how much hair extensions are, then you will want to take the time to watch this video!

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What Your Options Can Be!

I understand that you want to know “How Much”?

And I want you to understand that when you experience the type of Luxury Makeover that I can customize for you….



$2997 to $4999+

Platinum Makeover Package

Go Big! And Pamper Yourself!

When you get a Platinum Loft Salon Studio Makeover, then nothing is off-limits. 

Bring in your favorite Instagram photo!

Just imagine yourself being able to transform how you feel, and have all the options available to you to transform your hair!

Soft, Frizz Free & Beautifully matched or corrected hair color!

*This package may require multiple appointments, and that will be reflected in your makeover agreement packaged price.




Gold Makeover Package


$1300 +

Silver Makeover Package – Specialty Work

This is an example of what can be done, when your hair is too short all over to add length.

However, more hair and some length can be added to your sides.

This is a great option if you wish your sides were thicker!

Can I bring in my own hair? ----- the answer is nooooooo!


Do you bring your own steak to Longhorn’s?

If you want to save money on hair extensions, then my professional FREE advice, is to not get them.

My business only works with the brands, manufacturers, and vendors that I professional do business with.

How long can extensions last?

I have applications that can last 1.5 months to up to 5 months.

And then the applications that I provide are safe and non-damaging with proper after care.

Why do I have to have a consultation?

This is the first service appointment.   

The process of setting up realistic expectations, and getting to know you is so very important to my business. 

During this 60 minute, 1 to 1 , design and assesment process, we will establish your goal.  

You will be given options and the prices for your makeover package.

Can I just get extensions to thicken my hair? I like my own length.


Let’s “as is it”.     

Hair extensions are a luxury expense.  

Don’t be scared of my prices before you even get started.    

You can confidently know, then you will get RESULTS.

The best way to save the most on  hair extensions, is by not getting them.   

If you only compare by price, versus level of experience, then you might be setting yourself up for a correction, and a costly mistake.

Will you color my hair, too?

I can take care of everything for you.

And if your hair is frizzy, you can get that fixed, too!

Yes, and you will need to have me do the color maintenance with your extensions.   

You will need to book approximately 3 appointments during the time that you are wearing your extensions.     These additional pampering sessions start at $195+

How much is it for removal?

I charge $130 to $400 per hour.

If you take care of your extensions, then I take care of you.

If you don’t take care of your extensions, then you better be prepared to pay more for removal.

And if you don’t brush your extensions, then my business reserves the right to refuse service.

What happens if I get my extensions and I don't like them?

It is professionally recommended, that you really evaluate whether getting hair extensions for yourself is a good idea before moving forward.

All Sales Are Final.

Things To Know:

There will always be an adjustment period to wearing extra hair, in general.

You will need to give yourself time to adjust to the attachments, bonds, and or professional tape.

If you need help with learning how to style your new look, beyond your complimentary check-up then please contact me.

My business is here for you to help you adjust.

As a courtesy:
If you find you simply cannot adjust then my business will offer a complimentary removal within 30 days of your installation.