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Hair Extensions & Makeover Solutions


Consultation $100

Your consultation will be your first service appointment. 

Book an Appointment

This 60 exploratory appointment will be a time that we will design and customize your makeover.   All options, pricing will be gone over, and the furture necessary appointments will be set up.

*Non-Refundable and pays for the consultation.





Consult, Correct and Create!


HAIR EXTENSIONS &’s what I do!



If you think that you have to go to a big city to get beautiful real looking hair extensions, hair color correction, and/or fix your really frizzy hair….then think again!

You will find that I am a  very seasoned Artist that holds as many individual certifications that would “normally” take a whole salon staff to hold, to be able to take care of all of  your needs.


Unique Difference – 17 Years of Consulting

About 17 years ago, I  did something “abnormal” and started having the 1-hour consultation become “the first service appointment”.


I gravitated towards correction work, and it takes time to properly assess your hair, and you may need the following:

  • Fixing Fine Hair With Hair Extensions
  • Fixing Hair Color
  • Fixing Frizzy Hair
  • Lash Extensions
  • All of the above

Please visit my “About” page to my certifications.


Personalized & Customized Experience

I need to see you and your hair in person to be able to professionally advise what will be best for your hair, and to book the proper amount of time for the necessary services.

At the consultation, am I able to answer “how much” because all of the work is designed on an individual basis.





Thank you for your business.
~Ann Walts


Frequently Asked Questions

The $100 Consultation fee pays for your 60-minute consultation.   This service appointment is extremely detailed. 

How come it is not free?

It’s is because I charge for my professional time. 

This is not possible because every makeover is customized, and can vary in length of service time that needs to be scheduled. 

No.    You will need to book a consultation, first, and then at your consultation, I will set you up with your necessary appointment(s) with the accurate amount of time need for your color correction. 

Appointments can range from 3 to 12 hours. 

The consultation fee is Non-Refundable, and pays for my professional time for the service. 

It would be unfortunate if you made this decision, however, you have to consider if you are having these doubts now, and haven’t booked a consultation…then you may not be really ready to get started. 

Corrective Hair Color is NOT inexpensive. 

Hair Extensions

It’s not just an service on our “menu” extensions are what I do!  If you are looking for the best hair extensions, then you will love what real human hair extensions can do for you!


Beautiful makeup is a must have, and Motives Cosmetics is our “go-to” brand for in and out of the studio.   We even have an online store!


If you want to change your hair color just for fun, or your hair color is messed up…Ann Marie can help you!   She was formerly a Redken Hair Color Educator. 

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions have been part of the studio, since 2007.  Ann Marie is Advanced Certified by both Xtreme Lashes and Bella Lash.  Classic & Russian Volume Techniques Available. 


A true makeover begins with a fantastic haircut!    A haircut is not “just a haircut”.   You will be shown “how to” style your new haircut, to ensure that you can duplicate “salon results” at home!  (New Client Consultation Necessary)


Since 2001, and in a darkroom, Ann Marie was traditionally trained.   Her love of photography began with black and white film, and then over the last 20 years she has intergraded it into the salon’s creative process.


If your frizz bothers you a little or you simply cannot stand your unwanted texture….no problem!  We have solutions to smooth to straighten your hair. The results can last 3 to 6 months. 

By Private Appointment Only 

The studio hours fluctuate and are by appointment only.   I am not able to take walk-ins.     Please use the website to contact the studio or to book your consultation. 


2301 Westfield Street ~ West Springfield, Ma 01089