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Luxury Hair Extension Makeovers

Are Like Magic!

All of the photographs, color, and services proudly designed by Ann Marie Walts.


From Brassy To Platinum

Platinum Hair Extensions are great way to safely achieve those icy tones that you’ve been trying to get for years.

When you struggle with wanting to achieve blonde that is not brassy, then it is best to work with a haircolor expert.  

As a former, Redken Hair Color Educator, my expertise and ability to correct, match and design your color will help you achieve the color that you have been wanting.

This look took 2 days to complete her color & hair extensions.

Day #1 – We spent all day correcting her color, applying reconstructing treatments, and I was able to create the blond hair that she was trying to acheive.

Day #2 – We spent all day together.   Now, it was time for her Great Lengths Hair Extensions!  


From Short To Down The Aisle Package

The client have very thick hair, even though it was short.

Her hair extension transformation took 11.5 hours, to makeover her short hair.

Wedding Day!  – Next, I provided her “on-location” Bridal Services.


This type of transformation and additional “On-Location” packages would start at $4500 & Up



Beautiful Makeover Must Haves!

To achieve flawless looking hair extensions, we will have to have a conversation about your complete hair goals?

It is so very important that your hair color matches, and that your hair is not frizzy.

You will be taken care of from head to toe, and I will be able to take care of all of your makeover needs!

Hair Color Near Me - Hair Color Expert Ann Walts

Long Hair Color Transformations

My hair coloring services are geared towards Extreme Makeovers and Full Day Corrections.


Full-Day Transformations & Personal Photo Shoot – Starting at $1999 + up


Tame Your Frizz or Make It Straight

Long hair takes time, and your results can last 4 to 6 months depending on what treatment will be used.

Smoothing Treatments are good for reducing your curl.
Straightening Treatments will make your hair straight.

Long Hair like this starts at $999 & Up


Fix A Bad Haircut

It can be so very frustrating when you get a bad haircut.

Fortunatey, hair extensions can be added to short hair on the sides to give you immediate length. 

Or to creatively change the look of a short hair cut. 

$1300 &

Hair Extension Expert Near Me

Custom Blended & Add Thickness

Hair Extension are not always for just making your hair a lot longer. 

If you struggle with your hair being fine, and wish that it was simply thicker, then that is an option, too. 

Starting at $1599 &

I cannot share enough how much I enjoy Ann Marie Walts’ expertise. She really takes her time with all that she does. I have had my hair color and my eyelash extensions done by her. The results were so very natural looking. My hair was left in excellent condition and it was amazing to not have to wear mascara or barely any makeup anymore, because of my lashes. Additionally, I used her for what I needed for photography. She sees things through her lens that will bring the moments you want to last a lifetime stay with you forever in the pictures she takes.  She doesn’t just take pictures, she captures the story.  Being the lead singer of a band, I have had many pictures taken of me over the years. Nothing can compare to the way Ann Marie can catch the beautiful moments that are real, either by directing the shot or just capturing those moments you think no one else saw, she does. You can see the feeling in the picture and that’s what I’ve found is so rare and what I have found in Ann Marie’s work.  If you want a photographer who is a true professional artist, look no further.

Laurie H

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