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Best Salon For Hair Extensions Headshots

Hair, Makeup & Photography by Ann Marie Walts

Do You Need A New Look or Hair Salon?

You can rest assured that the only thing that will be “new” will be the way you look, after you make the best decision you will have made in a while…to treat yourself! 

Your Private Creative Consultation Appointment!

Your consultation appointment is designed to encompass answering everything you will have questions about!

You will learn about  “why” “how” and the “what” can be fixed about your hair, and how much your makeover will be. 


 UPGRADE YOUR STYLE with an “All-Inclusive” Complete Hair Extensions Makeovers, Correction with Photography by Ann Walts


Hair Extensions Western Ma

Ann Marie Walts - Hair Extension Expert - BloggerAnn Marie Walts has been providing hair extensions in western ma, since 2006,and she has been a professional photographer since 2001, and a hairstylist for 20+ years.

Typically, many of my guests  have shared that when they were searching for makeovers, that they really thought that they would have to go to Nyc or Boston.    That is completely understandable, but simply not the case.

Over the last 25 years, I have acquired countless certifications, and my work is published on many accounts, for various skill sets. 





Hair Extensions Western Ma

Types Of Extensions

100%  Real Human Hair Extensions 

Micro-bonding is a method of customizing the size of a keratin fusion hair extension attachment prior to installation.  This is recommend for most hair densities that are fine to medium. See Micro-Bonding Video

Corrections with Hair Extensions

Corrections & Poor Applications

Choose wisely….
What do you do when you find yourself so severely disappointed after spending either $100’s to $1,000’s of your hard earned money, but find that your hair extensions have been poorly applied & your money wasted???

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