Do you wish your hair was thicker and longer….in just ONE day?

Hey, I’m Ann Walts, and I am determined to customized a hair extension makeover, today! 

My only question is, will it be yours?


Hair Extensions Western Ma

Don’t know much about hair extensions?

You are in the right place to learn more.  I have been designing hair extensions for 15 years.

If I could help you achieve your hair goals faster, how and what would you like your hair to look like and do?

Would you like your hair to be:

  • Thicker?
  • Add some vibrant color?
  • Correct your bad haircut?
  • Longer hair in ONE DAY!


It depends on what you think is expensive.   

 Hair extensions are the most beautiful pampering luxury experience that can correct your hair problem.

I have options that start as little as $275, and that would be clip-ins.And options that can last 1.5 to up to 5 months.  Price at consultation only.

What types of extensions do I specialize in?

  • Keratin Fusion (Great Lengths)
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions (Hotheads)
  • Certified in Sewn-In (However, you will get the most customization with Fusion)
  • Custom Matching for Clip-Ins

You will find that I specialize in the best hair extensions for your hair type and lifestyle.

If I could help you achieve your hair goals faster, what would that be for YOU?


As I get lot of website visitors from all over the country, please note my location’s address:

2301 Westfield Street

West Springfield, Ma 01089

My hair extensions studio is located in Western, Mass.



Your "Go To" Studio

If you are looking for a hair extension specialist, then I can help you get what you are looking for.   I have been designing hair extension makeovers since 2006!

Hair Extensions Western Ma

Stop! Trying to grow your hair!

 You can get long hair in just one day! Hair Extensions can save you so much time from waiting to styling.


Fix Your Fine & Flat Hair

Is your hair a nice length, but you simply wish it could be thicker?  Let’s see what you and I can do to fix this problem.


Will hair extensions damage your hair?

I can assure you that hair extensions will not damage your hair.   In fact, they can help you get over the rut of trying to grow out your hair.

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