Best Hair Extensions in Ma

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon?


How much do hair extensions cost in a salon???

 The cost of hair extensions can vary due to the multiple factors that may be required for your customized makeover.


You will need to be seen in person to get pricing, because just as I’m not able to do your hair through a text, or over the phone…’s not possible to provide you with an accurate answer.

Adding Color with Extensions “Non-Chemical Highlights” Start at $700+

Adding Thickness to Length:
$1000 to $5000+ 

How thick or thin your hair is will not be the same as someone else’s hair.

There is not a “one size fits all” price or price range

There are so many options and applications that it is necessary to see you in person, at a consultation.

Your current hair texture, density, and hair color will need to be analyzed to ensure that your hair is actually suitable to safely add additional hair.

Best Hair Extensions in Massachusetts- Ann Walts

Ann Walts is Certified In these types of hair extensions:

  • Cold Fusion Extensions
  • Thermal Fusion Extensions
  • Tape Hair Extensions
  • Bead/Link Hair Extensions
  • Great Lengths Fusion & Tape
  • HotHeads Tape
  • HairTalk Tape
  • Pure Hair – Bead / Link
  • So Cap  Fusion, Tape
  • Balmain – Fusion

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