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There is nothing more relaxing than getting a manicure or pedicure.

We know a thing or two, about providing an impeccable manicure.    Our manicures have graced the covers of several fashion magazines.

If your favorite manicure is a French Manicure…no problem.

If you LOVE nail art…you will definitely have to check out what  Minx Manicure is about!

UV Gel Manicures

Dry instantly.  Can last up to two weeks.  The polish is a very thin gel that is cured with UV light.


Natural Manicures

Do you prefer your nails to be buffed & polished?  We have that, too!


Minx Nail Art Manicures



Fashion doesn’t stop with your clothes, extend your unique style all the way to your finger tips with Minx! Just remember, there is no room for boring nails in the fashion world – put a pop of pattern or a burst of color on the tips of your fingers and you feel like you can rule the world.


Spa Pedicures

Soak your tired feet!  Get them ready to show off your favorite pair of flip flops!


Have you ever had your nails chromed?

We love taking your manicure to the next level!


Editorial Manicuring

Beauty, Hair & Photography all go together.   Ann Marie Walts has been behind the scenes working on photo shoots with other creatives for years.     Whether it was providing manicuring or assisting photographers….it’s always a creative venture.
Published Work

Published Work

Project Manager

Manicure of Miss Jay

Photography Credit Ann Marie Walts Photography

Minx Nails by

Minx Nails by

Ann Marie Walts

Minx Nails by

Minx Nails by

Ann Marie Walts


our Work

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