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Ombré Hair with flow strands, easy and gentle to hair


Hair Extenisons Ombre’


Ombré hair, the natural color shading – a new trend from America and a celebrity favourite.

Ombré hair is the dark hairline (quite long) that flows into light coloured ends. The ends then become lighter – either through the sun and natural influences or it is bleached. Dying hair blond can always damage hair. Dying hair blond ruins the keratin structure and instead of a fine ombré hair look, you have strawy dry ends.

Flow strands hair extensions achieve the effect without damaging your hair and are available in a magnificent range of colors.


Price for Ombre’ with Hair Extensions ~ At Consultation only.

Hair Color West Springfield Ma

Hair Color – Ombre’


If you are wanting to simply color your own hair.

Feel free to simply go to straight to booking, if you do not need any hair color correction.

The price listed is for:

  • For Mid back length (to top of bra- strap)
  • Includes Haircut & Blow dry


Funky Hair Color & Options


Vibrant hair color is more mainstream than ever these days.

Whether you want to choose traditional hair color or add some with hair extensions, we have you covered.


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Funky Hair Salon West Springfield
Ombre Haircolor West Springfield Ma
Funky Hair Color West Springfield Ma
Funky Hair Color West Springfield Ma