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Photography Studio Is Now Open!!!
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The most recent “news” is that my second business location is now open!

Looking for “professional photographer near me”?    What is such a huge convenience is that I can offer to you both hair & photography.

My passion for my photography had to have a separate location.   My photography studio is just the right size.   It is in an industrial building right off of 391.

Over the years, I have been actively photographing my own “before & after” shots for the salon.  I have also been a photographer for “behind the scenes” at Fashion Week, and for wedding events.

My passion for photography began in a darkroom, back in 2001.   That was in the day, when film was all that was available.  You really had to know what you were doing, and had to have patience because the process of developing a photography took time.

Ann Marie Walts Photography


Studio Location:

165 Front Street

Suite #3407

Chicopee, Ma 01013

  • Portraits
  • Events
  • Business Marketing


I have a full array and portfolio of custom photography products.

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