Great Tips On How To Buy A Wig

You will find that wigs can really transform the way you look.    There are so many options of types of wigs, styles and colors available today.

As shown on the video, you will find me providing a demo of “how to” put a wig on, and take it off.

It is really, really easy to change the style of your hair, too.    On one day, you can have short hair, and on the very next day….your hair can be long.


How To Shop For A Wig

The first recommendation would be to find that picture of yourself that you absolutely love.   More than likely it will be because you were having a great hair day!

That picture(s) will be a great reference because it will possibly have your favorite hair color and or hairstyle…that you are most comfortable wearing.    This will make the decision making process much simpler.

Wigs come in different types.   There are synthetic wigs and very nice real human hair ones.   There really is something for everyone.

The price points vary depending on what type of wig, it is.   Typically, synthetic wigs will be a little bit more affordable; however real human hair wigs will provide you more styling options.

Get Fitted

My studio offers a professional fitting service.   This private wig fitting appointment, will help you choose just the right one for you.   Fee is $100.

At your appointment,  I will show you the “how to” work with your new hair.


Ann Marie Walts

Owner of:

The Loft Salon Studio & Ann Marie Walts Photography