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Review Of The Loft Salon Studio

Ash Malloy review:

“I can confidently say that I my hair has never looked better after Anne Marie worked her magic on me.

If you’re looking to be transformed, look no further.Best salon experience -Tape Hair Extensions Fix Damaged Hair

Anne Marie conducted a thorough consultation with me before we began the process of creating a new look. She listened carefully to my hair saga, and addressed all questions and concerns I had. From the get go, I felt comfortable because she’s a clear communicator, a warm personality, and is an expert in her field.

She is meticulous in her application of extensions and in her styling. She checks in with you every step of the way to make sure you’re satisfied with everything.

And talk about pampering! You have her undivided attention being alone with her in the salon. She’ll make your entire appointment all about YOU.

In addition to giving you a fresh fabulous look, she treats you to a photography session afterwards, so you’ll have some glamour shots to give to friends and family afterwards, if you’d like.

Anne Marie is a true professional. After going to get I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my hair. She’s an expert in healing hair and making you feel like your best most authentic self!

Also, she has the best massage chairs which you’ll be treated to during both your shampoo and your hair cut!
I can’t express enough my gratitude to Anne Marie or recommend her highly enough.

You’ll realize how much confidence you’ve been robbing yourself of for not going to her sooner!
Best salon experience of my life. “