Review Of Loft Salon Studio – Best Hair Extensions

Review Of Loft Salon Studio – Best Hair Extensions


Jolene’s 4-Day Makeover


Please watch Jolene’s video.


Q.  Had you worn hair extensions before?

A. Yes.  I wore clip-in hair extensions everyday, and I was spending at least 45 minutes a day getting ready.



Step #1 (Day 1)  – She booked her consultation online through my website!  🙂


Step #2 (Day 2) – Next, on a separate day, she came in for her hair color correction to her very private and exclusive appointment.

Step #3 – At the end of her hair color appointment, I then color swatched/matched her new natural hair color to match the Great Length Hair Extensions. 

Everything has to be seamless. 


As the only reason you would want to tell anyone that you are wearing extensions is if you want to participate in my referral program……. 😉






The Mane Event!

Step #4 (Day 3)

On Day 3, Jolene came in for her ALL DAY HAIR EXTENSION MAKEOVER!     

Yes….it can take all day!   

Every makeover is unique, and the amount of time it can take to transform any of my guests or for yourself will vary.    This is WHY, it is not possible to answer the “how much will my hair be” over the phone.


Best Hair Extensions Salon in USA

Day 4 – The Follow Up


2 Weeks after every hair extension makeover, there is a follow-up check-up.

At this appointment, you will come in and we go over any outstanding questions.    As Certified Great Length Hair Extensionist, it is important that I know you are confident in the “how to” properly take care of your extensions.

Also, it is a fun appointment that is designed to teach you “how-to” style your own hair to look like it was done at the salon.


In Closing


Hair Extensions are a luxury, and having additional hair added to your own natural hair can definitely help your hair to be thicker, longer and have more body.

Your makeover experience starts to begin when you book a 1-hour consultation.    More than likely, you have never experienced this kind of appointment, and it is the most valuable service that I have to offer.

It’s important that you know what you are getting into before simply “jumping in”.

My services and personality are best suited for those who are ready to make a change, and are not looking for “the same” thing.


Are you ready to make a change?




What are the best hair extensions?

What are the best hair extensions?

The Best Hair Extensions

In my experience of providing hair extensions, for the last 13 years, I feel that the best hair extensions will be based on your lifestyle.

This before & after hair extension makeover photograph depicts is a  full set of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. 


Quality of Hair Extensions

Not all hair extension hair is created equal.   I can share with you that I went all the way to Italy, to visit the Great Lengths Factory

Great Lengths extensions may cost you more than other brands and applications, however it is worth it.



Lesser Quality but Not A Choice

There are plenty of hair extension suppliers that have tried to get me to do business with them.    Their “sales pitch” is that they are cheaper than what I have to offer.

Just like anything else, things that are simply cheaper are not always the best option.        Cheaply priced extensions usually come with a poor hair extension application, more times than naught.

Superior Quality

Great Lengths is 100% ethically traceable and sourced.    Their hair extension quality control is absolutely top-notch!

The factory workers hand blend and customize the extensions.   There are so many people that are involved to prepare the hair that you will eventually wear!


Unlimited Options:

Depending on how busy your lifestyle is can help you determine what option may work for you.


In Conclusion:

The best extensions are those that are applied by a professionally certified hair extension specialist.    Extensions are a luxury service, and you will want to go to someone that knows what they are doing.

Also, remember that hair extensions can be worn safely without damage, when you properly care for them with your hair extension aftercare.


Thank you ~ Ann Marie Walts

2301 Westfield Street – West Springfield, Ma 01089


Visit my Great Lengths Only site!

Did You Know?  Braiding Hair Extensions

Did You Know? Braiding Hair Extensions

Braiding Hair Extensions

If you have never worn hair extensions, and are maybe considering it, then you probably wonder how and which way you could wear them?

Professional applied extensions are virtually undetectable, and this is what makes wearing hair extensions be so very natural looking.   It is always fun to surprise a client by braiding their hair, and showing them they are really not limited to hair styles.

Braiding is so much fun, and possible!

Ombre Your Hair With Extensions

Ombre Your Hair With Extensions

Ombre Is Here To Stay

Using hair extensions to achieve your Ombre’ will give you many benefits.

First of all, you hair will be thicker and fuller.    You will be on your way to having hair that looks like Victoria Secrets hair!


Customize Your Color

When you have darker hair, it can take several visits to achieve the shade of “ombre” you are wanting, when you opt for chemical hair color.   The second benefit and probably the most rewarding it the instant gratification of being able to have your designed customized in one visit.

Now mind you, having your hair color customized with chemical color is very nice too, and we do love to paint some hair as well.

Best Hair Extensions Are Natural Looking

Best Hair Extensions Are Natural Looking

If you are wanting the best hair extensions that are natural looking, then you will love Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

The beauty of Great Lengths is that this luxurious line of extensions has so much to offer.   You can thicken your hair, add hair color and/ or add length.


The Hair

The hair is 100% real human hair, and comes in over 50 shades.   Our studio specializes in color matching and customizing hair color to ensure that you hair extensions will look so natural.    The last thing you want is for someone to be able to tell that you are wearing extensions.

When it comes to your hair color design, you are not limited to just settling for one hair color!    We offer advanced color blending.

Hair Extensions & Photography

Hair Extensions & Photography

Hair Extensions & Photography are a very common combo for photo shoots.

When is the last time you had a professional photo of yourself?

We find that most people are a bit uncomfortable, at first, when it is time to think about having a personal photo shoot.

You will find that the best way to get over being nervous is to feel comfortable with your photographer.    Our style is to give you a little bit of guidance, and then have you feel like you are hanging out with a friend.

The only job you have is to be yourself.     In our experience, the more relaxed that we can help you be…that is what will enable us to get “the shot”.


Tip!   Have your makeup professionally done!      

Not only is it fun to have someone simply do it for you, but it is a sure fire way that your portrait will look amazing.

The type of makeup application that is done for a shoot can vary slightly from what you may or may not wear on a daily basis.     Also, a very fresh makeup application will really photograph very nicely.


Hair extensions are not just for celebrities anymore.   Hair extensions are great for adding hair color, thickness or length.



“Is THE place for hair extensions”

“Is THE place for hair extensions”

Taking time out for yourself when you are very busy can be difficult at times.   I had the absolute pleasure working with my guest Kat.  She is extremely busy Air Force pilot.    The size of the planes she flies are gigantic!    (Thank you, Kat, for your service!!!)

Quite often I am asked a common question of, “Who gets hair extensions?”  Well, our answer to that is….”Everyone that does business with us”.

If you have never had hair extensions, then you will know after you get them….what you were missing.    Hair extensions can add volume, some fun colors to your hair and then if you are want instant gratification of longer hair….in one day…then you can have all of that.

People sometimes ask if hair extensions are a fad?   Absolutely not!   If you have fine hair, and simply wished that you had a little more hair, then hair extensions are a fast and luxurious way to have the hair you wish you did.

Spend a day pampering yourself, and you will leave looking fantastic!

Seamless Blending  Hair Extensions

Seamless Blending Hair Extensions

Are you looking for beautiful hair extensions?

Do you need for no one to know that you need or want to wear them?


How Seamless Blending Hair Extensions Happens:

For my designs, I feel that a seamless blending of hair extensions begins with designing a beautiful hair color with you natural hair.

My love and passion for providing hair color started a long time before I began customizing my hair extension designs for my clients.

I spent 10 years as a Certified Redken Hair Color Educator, teaching hair color across the country.    A very good friend of mine pulled me into education and wanted me to apply for a position for the artistic team.    I am so very grateful to her, to this day.   Ann Marie Walts-Manicurist-Hair-Photographer

I had a great run with that company, and go to experience being a Platform Artist at the hair shows.     The excitement of all of the busyness at the shows was electrifying.      The nerves and excitement of having to present in front of 100’s of people still gives me goose bumps; when I think of the great times and memories.  🙂




Hair Color Is Like Paint

My grandfather was an artist who like to paint with oils, and hair color is very similar.  corrective hair color western mass

It, however, is just a different medium.

I “see” and customize hair color very, very much like my grandfather would customize his oil paints.

The laws of color are a constant and they will never change.    Yellow and blue will always make green, etc.



Why Is It Important To Customize Your Color?Best-Great-Lengths-Hair-Extension-Salon-Near-Me

I have experienced first hand going to Great Lengths hair extension factory in Nepi, Italy, and have witnessed how they hand dye the hair with such care.

The quality of the hair and the care that goes into the shade that they make is incredible.

It is possible to color hair extension hair, however it is the best choice not to when possible.

Over the course of the last 11 years of providing customized designs, I have only ever had to customize Great Lengths a handful of times.


“You get what you pay for….”  

I am so extremely passionate about customizing your experience and hair that I strongly feel that it is the smallest details that make the biggest difference.

The type of hair extension work that I offer is more complicated because it is harder to design with 3 shades of extensions and match that to your “natural” hair, but the results create seamless blending of hair extensions!




Quick Change with Hair Extensions

Quick Change with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the fastest way the quickly change your look.

As an experience hair extensionist, I will help you choose an option that will best suit your lifestyle and budget.

Hair extensions range from synthetic to real human hair.

If you are looking for clip in extensions, tape or fusion extensions…then I have all of them.


DYI Keratin Hair Extensions &  Extension Removal

DYI Keratin Hair Extensions & Extension Removal

DYI Hair Extensions - Hair Extensions Western Ma

DIY Keratin hair extensions might seem like a good idea.

Maybe your friend or a well intentioned family member thinks that applying extensions is easy to do, but it is best to leave this type of work to a certified stylist.  (Like shown)

My business offers very thorough hair extensions consultations for installation and for removal.

If you hair is medium to thick then a full application can consist of up to 400 individual bonds.   The amount of hair installed will, also vary according to your natural density, too.

Most applications can take 4 to 8+ hours to install.   It can be expected to lose some extensions, it has been my experience than my clientele does not lose an excessive amount.


Hair Extension Removal

A professional removal is just as important as a certified professional installation.    Hair extensions removal appointments will  vary in the length of time for a various of reasons.

  • The type of design
    • How much hair was installed
    • Full lengthening covers more of the head
    • Just Volume

One of the best features about keratin hair extensions is the fact that you are able to brush then right at the scalp.  If you properly take care of your extensions, then there will be not matting.

More importantly is the brushing because the attachment will encase your natural hair.  Your natural hair will still need to shed, but will not have anywhere to go.    The extension next to it will be going through the same process.

It is really important that you brush, brush, brush your hair extensions!

Loft Salon Studio’s professional removal rates:

  • $125 per hour for properly cared for
  • $175 per hour for improperly cared for or matted extensions
  • If you are new to the salon, then you it will be necessary to book a new client consultation.  
  • The consultation is $100 and takes up to 45 minutes.  (Non-refundable)
  • Next, another date will be schedule for your removal.


Tips on saving time & money:

If you do not like or enjoy having lengthy salon appointments and/or look for a way to save money when it is time to have your extensions removed, then be sure to brush your hair extensions daily. Matted extensions are caused by improper care; which can result in damaging your own natural hair.

Matted extensions will prolong your salon visit, and certainly is avoidable.

(Like the photo shown.)



How much are hair extensions?

All salons have different price points, brands and applications to offer.     I love being able to offer so many solutions.

In my experience of being certified for 14 years and featured by Modern Salon Magazine,  the right hair extension application is the one that best suits your lifestyle or budget.

Unfortunately, my salon is often sought out for hair extension corrections.

My business offers a wide range of applications & price points:

I offer private appointments.


CALL OR TEXT 413-734-6204


Bad Applications – Hair Extensions

Bad Applications – Hair Extensions

Do you need your hair extensions corrected?  If your answer is “yes”, then give me a call. 413-734-6204.

Bad applications of hair extensions come with a price.

I professionally feel that the most important aspect you are paying for is a safe hair extension application.

The left side of the photograph was not done by me.   My new client was experiencing discomfort and was not able to wear her hair up.

I am 11 years certified, and simply want you to love your hair. ~Ann Marie Walts

Wedding Or Prom Hair Extensions – Before & After

Wedding Or Prom Hair Extensions – Before & After

Wedding Hair Extensions – Before & After

Wedding Hair Extensions – Before & After

If you are getting married, it is a very good idea to start to make plans for your wedding hair.   You can never start too soon, with planning.

Maybe you already have a hairstylist, but just feel that their area of expertise may not be the right fit for your wedding day.   That is ok.   It is best that you absolutely love your hair, because your wedding photographs are going to last a very long time.

Project Details

Skills Hair Extensions, Makeovers

Hair Extensions - Photography Near Me Western Ma

Hair Extension Solutions for Fine Hair

Hair Extension Solutions for Fine Hair

Are you frustrated with your fine hair?


Hair Extension Solutions for fine hair are achievable and believable.  Mousse has it’s limitations for adding fullness, when you compare it to what hair extensions can do.

If you have tried over, and over again to grow your fine hair out to a longer hairstyle, but then wind up cutting it…..I understand your frustration.

Hair extensions are a real solution.

There is difference between fine hair and thin hair.     Thin hair is more relative to the amount or density that you have.

Practical Uses for Hair Extensions

  • Thicken a specific area
  • Add “Highlights” and get the benefit of the added hair (for fullness)
  • Add Extensions to your fine hair– throughout & simply match your length
  • Full Lengthening.….get the hair you have always wanted.


How Much Will Your Extensions Be?

Designs vary in price because of the various options.   I need to meet with you at your consultation.   You can book a consultation online or call me.

Real Hair Extension photographs!!   Real Makeovers for Real People!

Ann Marie Walts

The Loft Salon Studio & Ann Marie Walts Photography

2301 Westfield Street

West Springfield, Ma 01090 


High Quality Hair Extensions

High Quality Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Not all hair extension hair is created equal for quality, but when it comes to Great cannot go wrong.

Great Lengths produces high quality hair extensions.


Gorgeous Hair Color

Great Lengths hand colors the hair, and then custom blends each one of the shade with 3 differing shades to create stunning hair color.

The shine of the Great Lengths hair color is just right, and will not be a dead give away that you are wearing a hear extensions.

413 – 734 -6204

Designing Your Hair Color

Designing Your Hair Color

Visualizing Hair & Using Graphics

I was very much inspired by my clients makeover to try to find a way to “communicate” how I “see” the “how” I am going to achieve what it is that you may want.

During any given consultation, I am listening and observing what technique or design method that I will have to utilize to create the “look” that is being asked for and or suggested.

Hair color can really change the way you look.

How you want your hair color to look can start with an inspiration from a photograph.   My latest client had some Pinterest Boards saved to her phone for some ideas that she wanted to share.

Are you on Pinterest?


413 734 6204

Hair Extensions For Brides

Hair Extensions For Brides

How may I help you!


Stay Awhile...Leave Looking Fantastic!

Contact MeBook Consultation

Hair Extensions For Brides

Hair, Photography & On Location Services



As a bride your bridal hair & photographer are so important for your wedding.  Hair Extensions can thicken your hair or give you immediate length.

The hair and photography were done by myself- Ann Marie Walts.

Page sought my business out for bridal hair extensions.   She came in for a consultation about 6 months prior to her event.

Her hair was somewhat damaged when we begun to work together, but was in great shape for her big day.

She needed to:

Complete Makeovers

Complete Makeovers

Complete Makeovers

Where to go?

Maybe you are contemplating getting a complete makeover?  Will you have to go to NYC or Boston?  No.   The Loft Salon Studio & Ann Marie Walts specializes in hair color, hair extensions, makeup & photography.

This client wanted to surprise her husband that was coming home from the service, when she picked him up from the airport.  There are many, many makeovers that I have truly enjoyed providing, however this one was extremely special.

Jess’s look took 2 appointments.

I first customized her hair color to match her hair extension hair.

The second appointment involved a full set of hair extensions.  It was extremely important that her haircut blended into the hair extension application well enough.

Hair extensions need to become invisible.


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