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By Ann Walts

Hair Extensions

Going To Great Lengths…Literally.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are more than just a product to me.

Hair Extensions have been able to unleash my creativity as a seasoned hairstylist.

There are so many reasons to wear hair extensions!!!


Over the last 14 years of my 20+, I became certified by several companies, and have attended several courses across the country. However, my love of Great Lengths led me to Nepi, Italy….I went that far to go visit and experience their factory, first hand. 


Hair Extensions are like fabric…and I can truly design your hair!


What is your reason to wear hair extensions? 




Add Color
Add Thickness
Add Length
Reasons To Wear Hair Extensions


Reasons To Wear Extensions




Your sides might be thin because your hair is or it can be caused by using your hot styling tools.



GET RID OF FRIZZ &  Add Thickness


Is your hair fine & flat?    Have you tried every hair product on the market? 

Just like the first before & after hair extension actual photograph, you can just have a section of your hair made thicker.

In this example, my client’s makeover consisted of a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment, first. 

Then 10 days later, she had hair extensions added for thickness all throughout her hair.



Are you tired of your short haircut?     Then there is no reason to have to suffer trying to grow it out.

Your hair has to be 4 to 5 inches long for a full lengthening. 

The reason why is to be able to achieve a believable look, and to be able to have enough hair to cover the attachments. 

Application Time can take 4 to 12 hours.    Price at consultation


Come On In

Treat Yourself to Your Private Makeover Experience

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