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Our Consultation is our “Service” Appointment.

You’ll learn so very much about your hair, hair type, options and we will get to know you!!

*Non-Refundable should you choose not to move forward, or you decide not to stay for the full amount of time. 

NO SHOWS  result in 100% Broken Appointment Fee

Experience a PRIVATE APPOINTMENT, — You’ll Get “One on One” consulting and salon appointments



What We Can Do For You

The Loft Experience

We love consulting with clients.  Why?  It is a very special time to get to meet with you, in person, to get to know you and what you need.

Getting a Professional Makeover is a very personal experience, and we want to be sure that we understand what you need.We, literally can make and take care of you from head to toe!

Most of all, we want you to really enjoy being pampered at your private appointment(s),


Please review our Salon Policies

beauty Consulting

Do you feel like you need to be revamped? We offer a personalized consultation experience.  We like to get to know our clients first, before picking up any of our tools.

Professional PHotography

Do you need a new headshot?    Imagine how fantastic you will feel and look after getting a makeover by us.   Next, experience a really fun time and the convenience of us providing you photography, too?!

Corrective Hair Color

Your hair color can be corrected, customized and creative.  Our educational background is the cornerstone of our passion for designing hair color.

Texture Correction

Whether you prefer to have your hair smoother or wish it was curly; we have professional treatments to meet your styling needs.

Hair Extension Consultation

60 Mins – $100*

Hair Extensions are a luxury service that offer some very useful options & solutions to fix your hair problems.  They are not for just making your hair long, and we provide various application options for different hair types, lifestyles and price points.

Whether you are brand new to wearing extensions, or are a very experienced wearing them, you will experience a “design” based experience.

Everyone’s hair is different in thickness, colors and or textures.    All of that needs to be gone over at this “in person” consultation.

We have been certified for 12 years & by 6 different companies….it is not just a service.    It is what we do, and love it!

Price At Consultation

Hair Smoothing/Hair Straightening


45 Mins – $100*


It is extremely important to have your hair analyzed prior to getting a straightening treatment.   Price for treatments will be vary due to the length and thickness of your hair.   We use only premium products.

Cezanne, JBeverly Hills & Bio Ionic.

Price At Consultation

Hair Color Consultation

60 Mins – $100*

If you are brand new to us….welcome!    Previously, we spent 10 years teaching hair color classes all over the country.

Our passion for designing or correcting hair color is equal to our love of designing hair with extensions.

This interactive consultation really gets exciting when you show us your favorite Pinterest or Instagram Photos!

We want to set you up for success and provide you with realistic expectations about your dream color’s price and maintenance.

From Corrective Color to Balayage!

Price At Consultation

Haircut Designs

45 to 60 mins – $70 to $110*

*Prices For Haircut & Blowdry
More Info  

  • Shampoo with 5 Minute Deep Conditioning Scalp Massage
  • Haircut/ Design
  • Blowdry & Finish
  • Receive Styling Instructions on “how to” replicate your “salon finish”.

Haircut Consultation

60 Mins – $100*

We are often sought out to correct haircut mishaps.

If you have had a bad haircut or are nervous about trying out a salon that is new to you, then you will benefit from this consultation. 
Our approach is to sit down with you, listen to your expectations, and use various photographs to aim to design a new look for you.

Price At Consultation

Bridal Consultation

70 Mins – $100

Planning a bridal look is a very exciting and personal time.  This consultation is to discuss your hair & beauty goals.  Be sure to bring in photos of ideas of the feeling that you would like you hair to express.  From there we will be able to book any future Bridal Trials.   We do not offer pricing without a consultation because we customize all of our work.

Price At Consultation

Wig Fitting

60 Mins – $100*

We offer a private environment, and do not book any other client during your time.   We carry a selection of high end 100% real human hair, lace front wigs.    Prices start at $1,100  & Up.    The purpose of the wig fitting is for us to help you choose a wig that will fit you and your personal style.    We do not special orders

Eyelash Extension Consultation

60 Mins – $100*

Test Application:   We will apply 3 to 5 extensions to each lash as a “test”.    From there, we will book your full set.   

Why?   We want to ensure that you are completely compatible with our extensions, and that this service will work for you. 

The purpose of this consultation is to assess your lash styling needs, educate you on the procedure, and to show you the various type of extension options we have.

We offer two types of professional applications & have been certified/ featured by 2 of the leading companies on the market.   Xtreme Lashes & Bella Lashes.

This appointment is also necessary if your are coming from another lash stylist.   We are not able to provide maintenance (lash fills) on work that we did not originally provide.   We do offer a complimentary removal when you get a new full set by us.

There are limitless options with various thicknesses of extensions, and various curvatures!

Price At Consultation


Brow Extension Consultation

30 Mins – $50*

Brow extensions are applied one at a time.  They can fill your sparse spots from over plucking or define your natural brow line.

Price at Consultation

Makeup & Makeup Trials


We provide our makeup application/ trial or lesson services,  at our photography location, in Chicopee, Ma.

We love sharing “how to” tips, so you can duplicate some or most of your professional experience.

To book this, simple use the button below, and we will follow up with more information.

Manicures & Pedicures


Enjoy a private appointment, and get treated like a celebrity.   We have been fortunate have our work/manicures published in Fashion Magazines, have worked on Celebrity shoots (for manicures), and can provide to you an impeccable polish job!

  • $40 Classic Manicure
  • $50 Gel Polish
  • $75 Minx


  • $75 – Spa Pedicure
  • $135 – Pedicure & Minx for Toes

Full Sets – Eyelash Extensions

2 to 3.5 hours

Prices vary & Include the consultation fee.

 Maximum Fullness- $599 

Russian Volume 4D to 6D  – Up to 3.5 hours for


Most Popular!   –  Naturally Fluffy – $525

Russian Volume 2D To 3D

Classic – $450   1:1 ratio  (1 extensions to 1 natural lash)



Photo Shoots

Please call or email us at for details of what you need.

Eyelash Fills

Ala Carte Pricing

$155 for 60 mins

$195 for 3 weeks

$100 for 30 Mins

Past 3 weeks and a new set charge will be applied.

Buy A Series of 5 & Save 15% off  Ala Carte Prices

Creative & Corrective Hair Color

Consultation Necessary – $125* per hour


Our business model offers “One on One” appointments.  We have been offering our professional color services this way since 1999.

What is your “hair color problem”?      As a former color educator, our strength is creating and correcting your hair color.

Do you have long hair?    Then you already know how important it is to find a salon that knows how to work with your hair, and that it can take  longer appointment.

What is included:

All the hair color techniques that is will take to get you towards your “Dream Hair”.

  • Foils
  • Glazing
  • Conditioning Treatments
  • Refreshing


Why is this our approach:

Our goal is to create an end results that you will simply love.   Our consultation is extremely detail oriented, and we will be able to share more with you.

Our business model, through, consulting is to then set up your appointment(s) that can be a few hours to a full day.

Today’s color trends are time consuming.

We love making beautiful hair color for you….WITHOUT any surprises “at the desk”. 


Price At Consultation

Hair Smoothing/Hair Straightening

2 hours or More   – $200* per hour


We offer an hourly rate, and a consultation is still required.    The length of appointment will vary due to the thickness and length of your hair.

It is extremely important to have your hair analyzed prior to getting a straightening treatment.   Price for treatments will be vary due to the length and thickness of your hair.   We use only premium products.

Cezanne, JBeverly Hills & Bio Ionic.
Extremely relaxing!    Results can last 4 to 6 months!

Amount of Time At Consultation

From Ann Marie Walts

Art Of A Makeover

The very unique thing that you can benefit from  & give you something different than a “traditional” salon experience,  is that I am also a photographer.

Many years ago, I was very much inspired by a hairstyle article that I had read.   It was about a hairstylist that provided makeovers, and then photographed their work.   Boom!   Bam!    Yes!!!   

It was in that moment that I knew that was what I wanted to have happen on a regular basis with my clients.

Get Glammed….then Let’s Shoot.  Even more fun when you book a Selfie shoot with your BFF!

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