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Maybe your question is not listed on my site?   Do you need styling advice?   Ask Me.... I will try to help.   All comments subject to moderation.    All comments go through a Sucuri Security spam filtration. *Comments subject to...

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Pink Hair Extensions

Pink Hair Extensions Looking for Pink Hair Extensions for Breast Cancer Awareness?  I have the pink extension hair in stock. As the image show, not only does Great Lengths come in pink but just about every color in the rainbow.   The hair is color fast and will not...

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Divorce And Your Hair

Life has its own agenda, and sometimes how we think things 'would of, could of or should be' just do not go as planned. Over the last few years, I have several women who were going through the divorce process, reach out to me to make a changed to their hair. Divorce...

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24/7 Online Appointments

Online Appointments No time to call? 24/7 Online Appointment booking available! Everyone is so busy these days, and we sometimes by the time we remember to call to book an appointment, it might be midnight.  Does that sound familiar? No worries. Book Online...Anytime...

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NYC Photoshoot

Manicures & Photoshoots August 12, 2015 - Wednesday, I will be working/manicuring in NYC on a photoshoot with TV personality & Model ~ Fatima. It has been about 6 years that I have been involved with High Fashion shoots with   I provide the...

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Not Your Drugstore False Lashes

The fastest way to get longer lashes is to get professional lash extensions.    Once you see the customization that can be will get hooked. As lash extensions are becoming more popular, you may find that there may be more options or business to choose...

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Places That Do Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Extensions Places that do hair extensions        If you are looking to change your hair's color, thickness or texture, then you'll really enjoy what we have to offer.    We are located in West Springfield, Ma, and that is located in Western Ma. Our...

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Get A Complimentary Headshot With Makeover!

Complimentary Headshot With Makeover.   Experience your own mini "Selfie Headshot Shoot" when you book a new hair color makeover, hair extensions and or hair smoothing service.   Our salon is in West Springfield, and our photography studio Ann Marie...

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Balayage Specialist

Balayage Specialist Balayage hair coloring technique is a free-hand technique that can create a soft blend of highlights. Your own natural color or color that your hair is now will determine what "realistic" results that you can achieve in 1 visit. Also, you will have...

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Hair Anxiety….Does everyone see my problem?

Ease Your Hair Anxiety If you suffer from anxiety from your hair, then you are not alone.   Hair anxiety can make you feel like everyone can see how you feel, and that certainly can raise your level of anxiety.   Cowlicks versus Hair loss You are the only one...

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Your Blonde Hair Frustrating You?

Your Blonde Hair Frustrating You? Not all shades of blonde hair are created equal. There are really so many shades of blonde hair. There are cool blondes, and then there are the warmer tones. So, what is the best way to achieve what you are looking for?    ...

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Commuting NYC – Ann Marie Walts

NYC....The Creativity Charger Do you ever have a day or moment that you ask yourself, "where did the time go?"      I know that I do. It is 6:50 am this morning, and I am in lower Manhattan, at where else......but Starbucks.   It has been over 20+ years that I have...

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Real People Makeovers

 Real People Makeovers!   How many times have you watched a makeover t.v. show? What is it that keeps you glued to the end of the makeover show?     It is always the final after photograph or reveal!   How To Tips:   Maybe you are contemplating getting...

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Photography Studio Is Open!

Photography Studio Is Now Open!!! The most recent "news" is that my second business location is now open! Looking for "professional photographer near me"?    What is such a huge convenience is that I can offer to you both hair & photography. My passion for my...

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Get Pink Hair Extensions!

Looking For Pink Hair Extensions? If you are looking for pink hair extensions, I have them.    It is easy to book online  As we are approaching October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, choosing to wear pink hair extensions is a very nice way to show support,...

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Stay Tuned! Mass Appeal Appearances

Mark Your Calendars! As Seen on Mass Appeal!   Everyday can be filled with excitement!   I was taken by surprise when Mass Appeal's host, Lauren Zenzie, called my me. I have been asked to be a guest expert for 3 upcoming segments.   For now I will recommend...

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Eyebrow Models Wanted

MODELS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!   THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING Fill Out Form Text A "Selfie" to 413-642-1472 3D Brow Building Technique   Models Wanted!   Our new, revolutionary 3D Brow Building will allow you to re-construct your eyebrows completely....

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What is new…Eyebrows Are Trending!

Eyebrows Are Trending Eyebrow sculpting and extensions are more about adding versus taking away. My friend Melissa is going to be my model and she was a bit nervous because she had had a poor waxing experience.   Once I explained to her that is was about building the...

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