Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Lash Extensions

Your First Visit

Here are the important things to know and do before your eyelash extension treatment.

You will need to arrive 10 minutes before every appointment.

Please allow UP TO 3 hours and that will include the consultation time.
*The amount of application time varies depending on the stylized look, and many natural lash hairs you have.

My session rates are for the service, and you will leave with a beautiful look.     I stand behind your service and my work. 

Be sure to CONFIRM your appointments.

You will want to avoid caffeine and drinking a lot of water before our treatment.

As it can become difficult and uncomfortable to lie still during your treatment.

No PHONES/TEXTING….just snoring will be allowed during your appointment. 

Be sure not to wear any eye makeup to your appointment.

You are paying to get eyelash extensions and will want to maximize the amount of time for your extensions.

There is a $50 upcharge for removing your makeup and your session time will not be extended.    (If you are booked for 65 minutes, and it takes extra time away from that, you will get less extensions.)

Be sure to bring your glasses.

You cannot wear your contacts during your appointment.

*You will need to bring your own contact case and solution, if you need to take your contacts out right before your lash session starts.

When you arrive, there will be paperwork that will need to be filled out.   As well as close up “before” photos because we will need to determine what will be the best type of extensions to use.

Once your consultation is completed, you will be escorted to our treatment room, and you will be made very comfortable.   And you lash nap will begin!

This is where the fun will begin!!   Just as the diagram shows…your lash style can be just that…”styled”.

The extensions come in different lengths, curls.  Your look will be customized!

Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume

Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume



Pictures have are better able to communicate, what is the difference between “classic lash extensions” versus “volume or ‘Russian Volume'”.

Providing eyelash extensions has very intricate nuances.   If you are new to deciding to get lash extensions, then you are in for a treat.


Did you know?


Eyelash extensions come in different:

  • Weights
  • Lengths
  • Colors
  • Curvatures



Classic Eyelash Extensions Versus Volume



Classic eyelash extensions –  

This technique option is good for someone that may already have great lashes and density.

What can you get and expect?     The classic application you will only get one extension per natural lash hair.


Volume Eyelash Extensions:




This eyelash extensions technique is an excellent choice if you want to maximize your customization options!


What can you get and expect?    


 The Loft Volume technique will provide you with multiple extensions per natural lash!!!!




It is important to remember, that as common as lash extensions have become, that this is definitely an extension service.




Thank you for reading,


Ann Marie Walts


Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – 15 Years

Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – 15 Years

Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist –

We are happy to be celebrating 10 years of being certified by both Xtreme Lashes and Bella Lash extensions. With a decade of experience your lashes will be full, long and lush! Our studio specializes in extensions.




Eyelash Extensions Are Customized!

Maybe for you, you are just wanting to get eyelash extensions to make your own natural lashes longer, right?

However, did you know that you can have your lash look customized?

The synthetic extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors and thicknesses.   There are two types of applications, too.   The types of applications are called Volume & Classic.


Volume Lash Extensions

This type of application is an advanced technique.  As the photographs shows,  you can experience getting a set of “fluffier” and fuller extensions.   This method consists of us making handmade fans out of multiple extensions that are then applied to ONE natural lash.

The type of extensions that are used for this techique are ultra lightweight.  Sometimes,  cluster lashes are confused with this type of application.   However, cheap cluster lashes are not good for your natural lashes at all.   They are too heavy, and can cause damage.

The beauty of Volume lashing is that the amount of extensions within the “handmade” fan can be adjusted.  The benefit of this type of look is that if you have fine lash hair, and not all that much density then this would be the perfect option for you!

Classic Eyelash Extensions


Classic Application consists of ONE synthetic extensions applied to ONE NATURAL HAIR!      You never want to experience this.   Extensions do not cause damage.   Damage comes from poor application and or poor aftercare.

Proper application is everything!!!   As our correction shows, our poor client experienced a poor application, and needed to have them corrected.

If you want to lengthen your lashes, then the classic application will benefit you.     If your natural lashes already look great when you wear mascara, then you may find that this application will suit you nicely.