Fusion Of Hair Extensions, Makeup &, Photography.   The Art Of A Makeover

Fusion Of Hair Extensions, Makeup &, Photography. The Art Of A Makeover

The Art Of A Makeover by Ann Marie Walts

Typically you would have to go to several artists to get to experience a head-to-toe makeover.  And if you want the most dramatic change to your hair then most likely you would have to get hair extensions.

My Unique Point Of Difference
As a very seasoned Makeover Artist, that holds as many certifications as I do, you will find that you can experience be able to get everything you need to be done in the same place.   

And my very unique “point of difference” that I can offer to you is that I hold as many certifications that usually an entire salon staff would. 

Actual Before and After Makeover Photos
Actual Before and After Makeover Photos

Just From A Photograph

Were you ever asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up, when you were little?”    

For myself, I can share with you that I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I was only about 8 years old, and I saw a photograph of a woman’s hair where her own hair was braided into a hair!

Fast forward to today….and I would put money on it that it was achieved by adding hair extensions, or a fake braid. 

Get rid of frizzy hair

Since 2001 – Photographing My Own Work

Long Before A Smartphone

Many years ago, I was very much inspired by a hairstyle article that I had read.

It was about a hairstylist that provided makeovers and then photographed their work.   

Boom!   Bam!    Yes!!!   

It was at that moment that I knew that was what I wanted to do the same, and photograph my makeovers. 


And now….that is what I have been doing for more than 20 years.    My career has been jam-packed with some very special highlights.

To date, you will find me that I have been on  Mass Appeal’s TV show, as a regular guest several, several times.

When you combine close to 30 years of experience and an Artist that craves on going education, then you will get to experience…..THE ART OF A MAKEOVER

Headshots -Makeovers Near Me copy

Working At Hair shows!
..the beat of the music was infectious.

When you think of your favorite song, I bet it will bring you right back the place or time that makes you so very happy?

I can remember like it was just yesterday, the very first time I went to a hair show.    I was in hairdressing school. 

There was an electricity on the showroom floor from the music, and I knew that I wanted to find a way to be part of that.    Eventually, that part of my dream came true. 

Live, Eat, Breath Corrective Hair Color

Not too long after getting into the Industry, I was hired as a Redken Hair Color Educator.

Soon, I would be trained by the best of the best hairstylists in the country.   I spent close to 10 years, traveling around the U.S. setting up educational workshops, and working at countless hair shows.

Corrective Hair Color & Customizing Formulas

There is a huge difference in attempting to color your hair, versus customizing your hair color formula.     There is a definite science to providing professional hair color, and I absolutely love correcting hair color.

Hair Color Gone Wrong?
I wound up becoming self-employed when I was only in the business for about 5 years.  

I quickly saw that there was a need to help people like you, that needed your hair color fixed, and that was what I focused on for the first part of my career.

And today, I can probably color your hair blindfolded, and still get goosebumps when I precisely color match your natural hair to seamlessly match your hair extensions!

Best Salon For Balayage Near Me


AND NOW WHEN YOU FASTFORWARD TO TODAY….you will find that if you are looking to get hair extensions, then you will be able to feel confident that “what you see, is what you can expect, for results!”

Hair Extensions will absolutely transform the way your feel about your hair!

Your hair extension makeover will look seamless, natural, and beautiful because the very first in-depth service appointment is your very detailed, private 1 to 1 consultation. 

Your Complete Look….FROM your makeup, fixing your frizzy hair, to making your eyelashes longer……I have you covered. 

Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations Like a Celebrity

Styling Without Limitations

Can you imagine what if would feel like if you could experience styling your hair, like a celebrity, without any limitations?

Today’s hair trends are fun, creative and almost anything goes.


Your Hair…Like Your Favorite Celebrity



Which one of your favorite celebrities have you noticed have changed their look throughout their career, or in the same year?

How is it that they can have short hair one day, and very long the very next day?




How To Have No Limitations to Achieving Celebrity Hair

You will find many that many celebrities are wearing hair extensions!

Why I get so very excited about hair extensions is that you really are NOT LIMITED to having hair that you will love!    Go for it!

You can change your hair’s:


Hair extensions have so many uses, and that is how the stars are able to drastically switch up their

loohair-extensions-for-fine-hair-western-ma-ann-marie-waltsk, and so can you.

Hair extensions can add anything from volume, length, and or just a few splashes of color.


My experience as being a stylist, for the last 20+ years, and certified/specializing in extensions has truly become my passion because I am able to design the hair of your dreams.

You will fall in love with the quality that Great Lengths Hair extensions. These are the best extensions available today!






End results are very natural looking, and the extensions can last up to 5 months.

From time to time, there is and will be a movie star that influences the current hairstyles, cuts and colors.

You may remember when Jennifer Anniston’s hair was THE MOST popular trend?




Your Hair….Only BETTER!


What is your trend?

What is your style?

How great would it feel the have the hair of your dreams?

What is your unique style?

Finding a hairstylist that fits you and your personality will lead to a very creative relationship filled with limitless styling options.


Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions

Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions

Your Lashes & Extensions will shed….please read.

Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions


Realistic expectations about eyelash extensions begins with being educated about many things.

  • About your hair growth
  • About Aftercare
  • Today’s ads in magazines


A Little Bit Of Science


Providing eyelash extensions and receiving them require being educate about the “how, what & why” of “expectations”.

One of the most popular questions is how long will or should they last?


Did you know that your natural eyelash hair sheds?    Yes!…it does.


eyelash hair growth cyle regarding eyelash extensionsProfessionally, I feel this little bit of science will help set up your expectations to be realistic when it comes to getting eyelash extensions for the first time or answering questions about “durability or longevity” after wearing them for a while.




My eyelashes will shed?


Yes, and here is why:


You natural hair for your eyelashes and hair on your head, goes through a life cycle of growth.   The cycles are anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Xtreme Lashes Application-The Loft Salon Studio

What does this mean exactly and how does this affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions service?

Your extensions will be applied to one human hair or attachment site.

(The photo shown give you a close view of a what a classic eyelash extension application looks like.  Your natural lash hair actually grows in rows.)


Each one of those “attachment sites” are at a different cycle of life.     Everyone’s shed rate or growth rate will be different.


Are My Extensions “PERMANENT” ?


No.   They are semi-permanent.


They are going to require maintenance at home and regular visits called either “fills” or “re-lashing” appointments to keep them looking fresh.


How Long Can My Extensions Be?


This is another popular question.

There are safety limits, as your extensionist, that will be predetermined by the natural length of your lash hair.

The artificial extensions come in a whole variety of lengths, thick, curvatures and colors!     The customization of your service is endless.


Will My Extensions Always Look The Same?


The “same” is an objective perspective.   Given that the natural canvas, your own lash hair, will always be going through its life cycle of growth and shedding….it really is challenging to give a definite answer to this question.

Your own natural lash hair does not stop growing when extensions are applied.   If you eyelash hair grows it will be necessary to put a longer extension on it or them.

The look of your design may change over time, and this is perfectly normal.

The purpose of the “fill” appointments is to re-plenish the extensions that have shed with the lash hair that is was attached to.

A fill appointment requires that you have 50% of your extensions left when you come in.


What if I lose extensions days after getting a fill?


This is still “normal”   and can happen.


Tips At Home:

Tip:  Do your best to sleep on your back.  sleep on your back

Why this is so important is that it can take up to 24 hours for the adhesive to completely cure.

Sleep on your stomach with you face more in the pillow?    This is the worst for your extensions.

Be kind to your extensionsist because they cannot wake you up when you are at home to correct your head position.


First 24 hour RULE:   DO NOT GET EXTENSIONS WET.  No water, steam or excessive sweat can come on contact with the extensions for the first 24 hours during the curing time of the adhesive.  This rule applies to each treatment.


Showering:    Avoid direct water pressure on your face.     It is ok to get your extensions wet, and you can even go swimming but take care of cleansing your face when you are in the shower.

Using a little common sense will save you stressing out about your extensions, and help with the longevity.   For complete aftercare directions be sure to ask at your consultation or at our lash extension appointment.

Your aftercare will play a huge role with the longevity.   You will need to take care of them just how you are instructed.


NO Crying:   WITHIN first 24 hours  If you are going to be attending an event that you may become emotional, be sure to schedule you appointment accordingly.   You need to keep your extensions dry for the first 48 hours.


During & At Your Salon Appointment

You can expect to have all aspects explained to you and subsequently you will be reminding on the “how to” care of your extensions.

This type of luxury service is a “semi-permanent” cosmetic procedure that is extremely precise.    Your natural lash hair is isolated with tweezers and the extensions are applied with surgical grade adhesive very close to your eyes.

How will you be prepped for your service?

Tip:  It is best not to drink a lot of liquids before your extension service because once your treatment begins you will not be able to get up to use the restroom.


  • You will first have a extremely thorough consultation.
  • Your design and expectations will be discussed.
  • The necessary aftercare products & care  will be gone over
  • Paperwork signed


Treatment Room Experience:

  • You will be relaxed and fully reclined on a massage table
  • Your lower eyelashes will be secured out of the way with soothing under eye gel patches.
  • Quiet music with be playing
  • Your natural lash hair will be prepped by being cleansed & primed
  • Your relaxation will now begin.


Can I talk during my treatment?

It is advised that you do not, and the reason being is that your facial area needs to remain still because of how precise this procedure is.     It is extremely important that the focus remains on the extension service itself.

Is is ok or will I fall asleep?

It is very common that my clients fall asleep, however if you can just go to that “quiet/happy” place that happens before deep sleep, that will be the most helpful.

Sometimes, when we go into a REM sleep it can cause our body’s or head to jerk.   This will make it extremely difficult to be able to facilitate the procedure and will cause repetitive head repositioning to provide the services.


Why will my head need to be moved during my service?

When you extensions are applied, the application will be applied to your lashes on one side or one lash and then the next application site will next being on the other eye.    The step of going back and forth on each eye, will ensure that the adhesive dries in that isolated area.


Final Words

Realistic expectations about eyelash extensions are that you can expect that once you get eyelash extensions that you may never want to go back to your natural lashes.Xtreme Lashes Ann Marie Walts

You can expect to become quickly accustomed to how much the extensions will enhance the look of your eyes or the length of your lashes.

You may quickly forget what your natural lashes looked like, and will definitely be more conscious when they shed.

Also realize that if you are going to get eyelash extensions it is so important to not compare your lashes to those that you see in the magazines, etc.   Many times the photographs are enhanced with Photo Shop or if not with that, then the companies will choose a model that has enough natural lash hair for three villages.

Your dietary habits or if there are any changes in medications that your are on can potentially affect your service.   You will need to communicate this to your lash stylist.


Clear Communication

Having a fun relationship with your lash extensionist is key.  (Bella Lash has a great ‘Lash Etiquette’ article)

This service is very artistic in nature and with your natural lash canvas constantly   growing & shedding the “look” you want may be an ongoing experience.


Trust your lash extensionist.     Experienced ones are hard to find.

To Learn More Or To Book

Call 413-734-6204


Thank you for reading.


Ann Marie Walts

Advanced Certified Lash Stylist

Brides, Extensions for Hair and Eyelashes

Extensions, today, offer so many styling options.  The Loft Salon Studio, 201 Westfield Street, in West Springfield Mass– utilizes three types of extensions.  413-734-6204

When it is your hair that needs to be extended, Great Lengths Hair extensions are what they have to offer.  Great Lengths Hair Extensions are 100% real human hair, and attached strand by strand.  They are extremely gently and can last up to 5 months.    Hair extensions are a great option when you want to add immediate length, fullness and or splashes of color.

The other type of extension service that they offer are eyelash extensions. Yes. Eyelash Extensions.

Xtreme Eyelash extensions are not only glamorous, but very practical.  This procedure is very sought after today by everyone.

Especially for brides.

Among the many styling, haircolor and hair related services that www.annmariewalts.com has to offer all and especially brides, they offer professional photography services.  This is makes it very easy for completing a brides look.   Hair, Makeup & Photography all in one place.