5 Important Things To Know About Eyelash Extension Pricing

5 Important Things To Know About Eyelash Extension Pricing

Where were you in 2007, and what birthday were you celebrating?

It’s a funny question, right?

If we do the math, together, 2007 was

14 years ago………..

I was taking my first, and not my last Xtreme Lashes certification. 

New To Lashes?

I understand if you are excited, and maybe confused about who to work with, how much to spend?

Please allow me to help you with that.

No Mascara Needed!

Luxury eyelash extensions have many benefits.

First of many, are the fact that you will not need to wear any mascara!     Eyelash extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths and thicknesses.

Eyelash extensions will require maintenance.  The maintenance treatments are known as “lash fills”.

With regular maintenance you will experience getting pampered within a “spa-like” experience.   The obvious benefit is that you extensions can be maintained indefinitely if you choose, but is the relaxation benefit that you will enjoy the most.

It is your special “time out”.       If you have every gone for a facial or a soothing massage, then the quiet time is very similar to that.

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Stay In the Know -Do your research!

Not all eyelash extension services out there are created equal.    If you find yourself a bit confused as to why prices are all over the place, then you are not alone.

What we can share with you is this.

First and most importantly….do your research.     As beauty trends become increasingly popular, you will find that everyone wants to offer the “it service”, and unfortunately, yes, there can be price wars.

Do not get us going about Groupon, however, with that said; you have to understand that this very relaxing service is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure.

If you want to save on the price of a slice of pizza or a movie ticket then there is very little to lose, compare taking the chance when you choose the cheapest option.

Different Types of Applications

Did you know that there is two distinct types of  professional applications?

The most common type of application is called Classic.    The “classic” technique is the application of one synthetic eyelash extension to one human hair.

It is sometimes referred to as a 1:1 ratio.     They “typical” full set can average 75 to 90 added extensions per eye.

The extensions are individually applied….ONE AT A TIME.     As the very close up photograph will show, you can see that the extensions are not touching the skin.

You can expect the extensions to shed when your natural hair sheds, because the extensions adhere to the side of your natural lash hair.

Don’t Fall For Clusters OR Very Cheap pricing!

If you come across businesses offering lash extensions for as little as $75, then they are more than likely offering “cluster lashes”.

Cluster lashes are not only cheap, but they are very damaging to your eyelash extensions.    The weight of that type of application is too heavy for natural lash hair.

They are very bulky and can put strain on your natural lash hair’s follicle.

The last thing you want to do is the damage the hair follicle of your natural lashes, because if that gets damaged then your run the risk of your natural lashes not growing back.

That is not worth any deal or coupon.

Advanced Russian Volume


ONE HAIR AT A TIME…..It’s not a race!


The beauty of this advanced technique is that you can really achieve a fuller look.

Russian Volume, like clusters, offer multiple extensions to a single application, however the point of differences are many.

Your natural lash hair will be analyzed.   The luxury Russian Volume fans are handmade with extremely lightweight extensions.    You never want your extension to be heavier than your natural lash hair.

The hand made fans can vary in the amount of extensions.  They can range from 2 to 6 within one fan.    So, remember when we said that an average set of extensions can range from 75 to 90 attachments?

VaVaVooom!!!       The other technically terms you may hear are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D.    What is referring to are the amount of extensions within the fan.

So, can you image the impact you will get if you have 75 attachment sites times a 4D Fan?    Wozer!

All of the customization and working with an educated lash stylist is what will affect the cost of a full set.   Who you choose to do business with is your choice.

All professional lash stylists would agree, then you are best to choose wisely.       Lash extensions are luxury, and you deserve the best!

*If you struggle with gaps, then you will truly benefit from choosing the Advanced Russian Volume.  The multiple fans can correct that versus the Classic application.

Not Your Drugstore False Lashes

Not Your Drugstore False Lashes

The fastest way to get longer lashes is to get professional lash extensions.    Once you see the customization that can be offered….you will get hooked.

As lash extensions are becoming more popular, you may find that there may be more options or business to choose from, these days.

With that said,did you know that eyelash extensions have been around since 2005?

I have written many blog posts on the this subject, however, the most important thing to know is that for your comfort and safety,it is best to choice experience first.


Actual Lash Extension Photos


As a photographer, I do know the value of a photograph.    I respect and grateful that the manufacturers that I work with give my business the option to use their photographs, however, when I can I choose to post my own work.

How can you tell if a business can deliver REAL results?      

It has been my experience when communicating with clients that photographs are the best communication resource.




Lash Extensions Expectations


Lash Extensions services will have you enjoying the benefits of having longer lashes, and all the while experiencing very relaxing treatments.

Your natural lash hair sheds.     Your extensions are attached to an individual natural lash hair.

It is a good idea to have realistic expectations when getting this service.     READ MORE 


Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – 15 Years

Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – 15 Years

Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist –

We are happy to be celebrating 10 years of being certified by both Xtreme Lashes and Bella Lash extensions. With a decade of experience your lashes will be full, long and lush! Our studio specializes in extensions.




Eyelash Extensions Are Customized!

Maybe for you, you are just wanting to get eyelash extensions to make your own natural lashes longer, right?

However, did you know that you can have your lash look customized?

The synthetic extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors and thicknesses.   There are two types of applications, too.   The types of applications are called Volume & Classic.


Volume Lash Extensions

This type of application is an advanced technique.  As the photographs shows,  you can experience getting a set of “fluffier” and fuller extensions.   This method consists of us making handmade fans out of multiple extensions that are then applied to ONE natural lash.

The type of extensions that are used for this techique are ultra lightweight.  Sometimes,  cluster lashes are confused with this type of application.   However, cheap cluster lashes are not good for your natural lashes at all.   They are too heavy, and can cause damage.

The beauty of Volume lashing is that the amount of extensions within the “handmade” fan can be adjusted.  The benefit of this type of look is that if you have fine lash hair, and not all that much density then this would be the perfect option for you!

Classic Eyelash Extensions


Classic Application consists of ONE synthetic extensions applied to ONE NATURAL HAIR!      You never want to experience this.   Extensions do not cause damage.   Damage comes from poor application and or poor aftercare.

Proper application is everything!!!   As our correction shows, our poor client experienced a poor application, and needed to have them corrected.

If you want to lengthen your lashes, then the classic application will benefit you.     If your natural lashes already look great when you wear mascara, then you may find that this application will suit you nicely.


You Are Worth It!  Lash Extensions

You Are Worth It! Lash Extensions

Volume Lashes

Fuller Looking Eyelashes

To often you forget to take time out for yourself, and how often do your feel a little guilty spending money on yourself?

There are many benefits to getting lash extensions and the best benefit is the relaxation factor.   The winter months can be so cold, dreary and cold.     How many times is it sometimes hard to get out of bed because the covers are so warm and toasty?

Well, when you come in for your eyelash extensions, you will get to get tucked in, pampered and your cushioned massage table is heated.    Once you are tucked in, then you will drift off to sleep as you listen to very soothing music.

Beauty sleep at it’s finest.    Maybe, you are not one to fall completely sleep, however, if you have gone for a facial, then you know about that place that right between sleeping and awake.    It is the best place.

Whether experience getting eyelash extensions is just a special occasion treat or it becomes your regular “mini-vacation experience routine” you will leave feeling refreshed……and of course with longer lashes!

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions popularity has really grown.  Our studio has been certified for 10 years.

It is really, really important that you work with someone that is certified.


How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions can last up to 4 weeks without maintenance and indefinitely with “lash fills”.

Your natural lashes will shed, and the attached extension will shed with it.     Having realisitic expectations when wearing extensions is the best way to enjoy them.


Customizng your look

 Eyelash extensions come in a variety of thicknesses and curvatures.    So, once your get to see the extensions up close, you will be simply amazed at how they are designed…just for you.   



Turn Up The Volume – Eyelash Extensions

Turn Up The Volume – Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume is a advanced eyelash extension technique.   Not all salons that offer eyelash extensions, are versed in providing this type of extension service.

The photograph shown is my work, and reflects what Russian Volume looks like.   Photo credit: Ann Marie Walts Photography

I have been:

Volume extensions are the best option to multiply your density.    Russian Volume consists of the application of multiple lightweight extensions, to one natural lash.

This technique will provide you more extensions than the traditional/classic “one to one” ratio of extensions, that came out about 10 years ago.

Both techniques compliment each other, however, if you are looking for a set of lash extensions that will give your eyes the “pop” that you are looking for, then call me.


Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions

Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions

Your Lashes & Extensions will shed….please read.

Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions


Realistic expectations about eyelash extensions begins with being educated about many things.

  • About your hair growth
  • About Aftercare
  • Today’s ads in magazines


A Little Bit Of Science


Providing eyelash extensions and receiving them require being educate about the “how, what & why” of “expectations”.

One of the most popular questions is how long will or should they last?


Did you know that your natural eyelash hair sheds?    Yes!…it does.


eyelash hair growth cyle regarding eyelash extensionsProfessionally, I feel this little bit of science will help set up your expectations to be realistic when it comes to getting eyelash extensions for the first time or answering questions about “durability or longevity” after wearing them for a while.




My eyelashes will shed?


Yes, and here is why:


You natural hair for your eyelashes and hair on your head, goes through a life cycle of growth.   The cycles are anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Xtreme Lashes Application-The Loft Salon Studio

What does this mean exactly and how does this affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions service?

Your extensions will be applied to one human hair or attachment site.

(The photo shown give you a close view of a what a classic eyelash extension application looks like.  Your natural lash hair actually grows in rows.)


Each one of those “attachment sites” are at a different cycle of life.     Everyone’s shed rate or growth rate will be different.


Are My Extensions “PERMANENT” ?


No.   They are semi-permanent.


They are going to require maintenance at home and regular visits called either “fills” or “re-lashing” appointments to keep them looking fresh.


How Long Can My Extensions Be?


This is another popular question.

There are safety limits, as your extensionist, that will be predetermined by the natural length of your lash hair.

The artificial extensions come in a whole variety of lengths, thick, curvatures and colors!     The customization of your service is endless.


Will My Extensions Always Look The Same?


The “same” is an objective perspective.   Given that the natural canvas, your own lash hair, will always be going through its life cycle of growth and shedding….it really is challenging to give a definite answer to this question.

Your own natural lash hair does not stop growing when extensions are applied.   If you eyelash hair grows it will be necessary to put a longer extension on it or them.

The look of your design may change over time, and this is perfectly normal.

The purpose of the “fill” appointments is to re-plenish the extensions that have shed with the lash hair that is was attached to.

A fill appointment requires that you have 50% of your extensions left when you come in.


What if I lose extensions days after getting a fill?


This is still “normal”   and can happen.


Tips At Home:

Tip:  Do your best to sleep on your back.  sleep on your back

Why this is so important is that it can take up to 24 hours for the adhesive to completely cure.

Sleep on your stomach with you face more in the pillow?    This is the worst for your extensions.

Be kind to your extensionsist because they cannot wake you up when you are at home to correct your head position.


First 24 hour RULE:   DO NOT GET EXTENSIONS WET.  No water, steam or excessive sweat can come on contact with the extensions for the first 24 hours during the curing time of the adhesive.  This rule applies to each treatment.


Showering:    Avoid direct water pressure on your face.     It is ok to get your extensions wet, and you can even go swimming but take care of cleansing your face when you are in the shower.

Using a little common sense will save you stressing out about your extensions, and help with the longevity.   For complete aftercare directions be sure to ask at your consultation or at our lash extension appointment.

Your aftercare will play a huge role with the longevity.   You will need to take care of them just how you are instructed.


NO Crying:   WITHIN first 24 hours  If you are going to be attending an event that you may become emotional, be sure to schedule you appointment accordingly.   You need to keep your extensions dry for the first 48 hours.


During & At Your Salon Appointment

You can expect to have all aspects explained to you and subsequently you will be reminding on the “how to” care of your extensions.

This type of luxury service is a “semi-permanent” cosmetic procedure that is extremely precise.    Your natural lash hair is isolated with tweezers and the extensions are applied with surgical grade adhesive very close to your eyes.

How will you be prepped for your service?

Tip:  It is best not to drink a lot of liquids before your extension service because once your treatment begins you will not be able to get up to use the restroom.


  • You will first have a extremely thorough consultation.
  • Your design and expectations will be discussed.
  • The necessary aftercare products & care  will be gone over
  • Paperwork signed


Treatment Room Experience:

  • You will be relaxed and fully reclined on a massage table
  • Your lower eyelashes will be secured out of the way with soothing under eye gel patches.
  • Quiet music with be playing
  • Your natural lash hair will be prepped by being cleansed & primed
  • Your relaxation will now begin.


Can I talk during my treatment?

It is advised that you do not, and the reason being is that your facial area needs to remain still because of how precise this procedure is.     It is extremely important that the focus remains on the extension service itself.

Is is ok or will I fall asleep?

It is very common that my clients fall asleep, however if you can just go to that “quiet/happy” place that happens before deep sleep, that will be the most helpful.

Sometimes, when we go into a REM sleep it can cause our body’s or head to jerk.   This will make it extremely difficult to be able to facilitate the procedure and will cause repetitive head repositioning to provide the services.


Why will my head need to be moved during my service?

When you extensions are applied, the application will be applied to your lashes on one side or one lash and then the next application site will next being on the other eye.    The step of going back and forth on each eye, will ensure that the adhesive dries in that isolated area.


Final Words

Realistic expectations about eyelash extensions are that you can expect that once you get eyelash extensions that you may never want to go back to your natural lashes.Xtreme Lashes Ann Marie Walts

You can expect to become quickly accustomed to how much the extensions will enhance the look of your eyes or the length of your lashes.

You may quickly forget what your natural lashes looked like, and will definitely be more conscious when they shed.

Also realize that if you are going to get eyelash extensions it is so important to not compare your lashes to those that you see in the magazines, etc.   Many times the photographs are enhanced with Photo Shop or if not with that, then the companies will choose a model that has enough natural lash hair for three villages.

Your dietary habits or if there are any changes in medications that your are on can potentially affect your service.   You will need to communicate this to your lash stylist.


Clear Communication

Having a fun relationship with your lash extensionist is key.  (Bella Lash has a great ‘Lash Etiquette’ article)

This service is very artistic in nature and with your natural lash canvas constantly   growing & shedding the “look” you want may be an ongoing experience.


Trust your lash extensionist.     Experienced ones are hard to find.

To Learn More Or To Book

Call 413-734-6204


Thank you for reading.


Ann Marie Walts

Advanced Certified Lash Stylist

Protecting Your Eyelash Extensions

Tips and Advice About Aftercare…

Protecting eyelash extensions is very important to understand how and why to properly take care of them.


Are They “Lashes” Or Extensions?


It has been my professional experience that you can quickly forget that your are actual wearing extensions.    Extension for both eyelashes and or hair extensions require a little bit of aftercare to ensure the longevity of the service(s).





What do I do after I my eyelash extensions?


The single most important aftercare responsibility that you will have will be to properly cleanse your lash line with only the recommended Xtreme Lashes® products.










Why Xtreme’s® Makeup Remover Is A Must


It is sometimes misunderstood……

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

As a serious professional lash extensionist , most recently I called Xtreme Lashes® and asked that they add “lash extension cleanser” to their fantastic product that is their “Eye Makeup Remover”.



Client says, “I do not wear makeup…..& I do not need it…”

It has been my experience that some clients do not wear makeup and do not see the value or need to purchase this item that is truly meant to clean your lash line.



Properly Cleaning Eyelash Extensions


Protecting and caring for your extensions will save you money in the long run because premature extension loss is usually caused by improper aftercare.





Close Up Look At Extension Attachment & Why Cleansing Is A Must

Xtreme Lashes Application-The Loft Salon Studio

Avoid Oil Buildup or Blepharitis

Your eye lash extensions are adhered with surgical grade adhesive to your natural eyelash hair.

Your natural eyelash hair is attached to a hair follicle and there are glands that secret oils.    To much oil build up from not cleaning your eyelash extensions, can result in blepharitis.

“Meibomian glands are glands that are arranged vertically within the eyelid near the lashes. The force of an eyelid blink causes oil to be excreted onto the posterior lid margin. The oil is the “staying power” of the tears that helps prevent rapid tear evaporation. In a patient with Meibomian gland dysfunction MGD), vision is affected because there is too much or too little oil in the tear film.”



Are Eyelash Extensions Safe To Wear?

Yes, with a precise & professional application and followed up with responsible at home aftercare.   You can experience wearing Xtreme Lashes® Extensions for a very long time.



Thank you for your time.

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