“How To” Avoid Damage – Hair Extensions

“How To” Avoid Damage – Hair Extensions

Learn “How To” Avoid Damage- Hair Extensions



Improperly applied hair extensions are the most expensive extensions.

A poor application can cause headaches, and stress on your fine hair.


Are you trying to decide whether you should get hair extensions, or are you wearing them and are very disappointed?


A Message for Fine Haired Potential Clients:

My heart goes out to you when I, as a professional, have worked with many, many fine-haired clients who are so very disappointed with their hair.   Your fine hair struggles can be fixed, but need to be handled with care, and especially when getting hair extensions.

What you want to do when seeking out a salon, for hair extensions for fine hair, is to be sure that they can show you actual photographs.

I professionally feel that one, if not the most important part that you are paying for is how the extensions are attached,  and how neatly & safely  the hair extensions are attached.


Choose Wisely:


It is said that “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”.

I know that I can only speak for myself, and my business; however much of my business has consisted of fixing poor applications from lesser experienced situations.




The correction photograph shows bond attachments that were too big and too much hair was applied.   It is great to want to have longer and thicker hair, but not at the cost of safety.    You do not want to damage your own hair.


The correction- Done by Ann Marie Walts.   The photographs shown are examples of my work.  This typed of customized bonding is referred to as “micro-bonding”.

The amount of hair being attached should never weigh more than the section of hair that it is being attached to.




“How To”   Choose The Best Salon for Hair Extensions and your hair type?

It is extremely important to work with a hair salon that offers hair extensions on a regular basis and can offer you a very detailed consultation.


I have been certified with Great Lengths Hair Extensions for 15 years!    They had the best education, out of all of the other brands that I hold certifications.

Hair extensions take time.   There are different types of applications.

  • Clip In –  You clip them in daily or as needed
  • Tape Hair Extensions (Great for trying out hair extensions or if you are a Bride)
  • Fusion Hair Extensions (By far-BEST option….ALL THE WAY AROUND)


Thank you for reading ~ Ann Marie Walts

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Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

What is “Old” is the “New” way…

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

My own professional journey into the industry to become a hairstylist began when I went to hairdressing school in 1992.    It has been quite a ride since then.

My career led me to work for a large well-known hair color manufacturer, as a hair color educator.   That had kept me extremely busy traveling all over the country teaching.


One Chair…since 1999

As it was my childhood burning desire to “do hair” and to become a hairstylist, I quickly realized that I did not like or agree with my own industry’s “norm” of double-booking appointments.

So, I did something really crazy, 21 years ago!    I STOPPED DOUBLE BOOKING. 


Reopening Massachusetts and A-One Chair Salon

My own experience, and account of the “impact”

My business, like any business, has it’s ups and downs….like the first time my business’s livelihood was threatened…that business test lasted for 3.5 years!!  Oh, my!


Now Enter Covid19 for the next business challenge!

Now when Covid19 came to our area, and how it has impacted the whole entire world…well that really has created things to change, for many.

It already seems like March was 5 years ago.  Yet it was only 2 months ago, when I was sitting at my desk, and I was realizing that my business was most likely going to be forced to close.



What would that look like?

I am self-employed.     My “job” and “passion” were just about to be abruptly interrupted, and I really did not have a say, because the larger picture of “Flattening The Curve” would soon become every day “Normal”, and without a timeline or an expiration date.


Now…Reopening Massachusetts for Salons

Per Mass.Gov
Limit service to hair services only (haircuts, color, blow-drying, and treatments). Non-hair services are not permitted (eyebrows, beard trimming, lip waxing, manicures, etc.)

• Provide training to workers on safety standards, up-to-date safety information and precautions including hygiene and other measures aimed at reducing disease transmission

• Adjust workplace hours and shifts (working teams with different schedules or staggered arrival/departure) to minimize contact across workers and reduce congestion

• Close waiting areas and ask customers to wait outside or in cars until it is time for their appointment • Require customers to make an appointment in advance to receive service


Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

• Maintain a log of workers and customers to support contact tracing (name, date, time, contact information) if needed • Remove non-essential amenities (magazines, customer-facing water or coffee, coat rooms, etc.)

• All workers must stay home if feeling ill • Workers who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 according to the Centers for Disease Control (e.g., due to age or underlying conditions) are encouraged to stay home

• Encourage workers to self-identify symptoms or any close contact to a known or suspected COVID-19 case to the employer

• Encourage workers who test positive for COVID-19 to disclose to the workplace employer for purposes of cleaning / disinfecting and contact tracing.

If the employer is notified of a positive case at the workplace, the employer shall notify the local Board of Health (LBOH) in the city or town where the workplace is located and work with them to trace likely contacts in the workplace and advise workers to isolate and self-quarantine. Testing of other workers may be recommended consistent with guidance and/or at the request of the LBOH • Post notice to workers and customers of important health information and relevant safety

What the Loft Salon Studio DID NOT have to change?


Well, like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, back in 1999….I stopped double booking, AND began to offer private appointments!   For over 2 decades

I chose to grow my business, as a one chair salon, to be able to focus on my guests’ experience, and focus on growing a hair extension & hair color correction makeover business. 


Covid19 and Your Comfort are Priority #1

Hair-Extensions-Makeovers-Photography-Western-Ma 1

Hair-Extensions-Makeovers-Photography-Western-Ma 1

You can rest assured that you will no be in an overcrowded environment with lots of people, because of a creative business choice that I made decades ago.

So, what is “old”…is the “new” way….and I am happy to be part of the Reopening Massachusetts.    Over the years, there were many days that I had questioned whether I had made the right choice about giving up double-booking, and yet many clients have shared their experiences with working with me.

As a fellow Barber had stated on Facebook….“Mom and Pop shops are the backbone of our communities”, and I couldn’t agree with him more! 


So, in closing….I have no intention of going anywhere and am truly grateful for my community, family, and my creative stubbornness not to have thrown in the towel.  In fact, all of the time I have had off…helped me to dive into growing my online Motives Cosmetics business.  🙂

Life must go on, and you may need a new salon/stylist!


Thank you for reading.

Ann Marie Walts - Makeover Expert - Hair Extensions

Ann Walts

Owner of Loft Salon Studio & AMW Photography, Beauty and The Geek Coaching

2301 Westfield Street – West Springfield, Ma 01089


Tips On Correcting Your Hair Color & Hair

Tips On Correcting Your Hair Color & Hair

Correcting Your Hair Color

How do you go about correcting your hair color?    It certainly can be doubly frustrating when you dislike your hair color, and you wish your hair was healthier.


#1 Tip – Communication & Being Listened To

As a consumer, it can be sometimes nerve racking coming up with the best adjectives to explain what hair color shade you want.

One of the best ways to communicate is with the use of pictures.    Find photographs that are your inspiration for your dream hair or your end goal.      Hairstylists are highly visual people.

We do not expect your to come in and speak our technical language…such as:

“I feel that I am a natural level 7 with an underlying undertone of orange and I want your to make me a cooler tone, and make sure your use blue/violet.”


What you can do is use Google and Google a shade.   For example, “sandy blonde hair



Opt For Consulting


How great do you or would you feel that really have a stylist, truly, listen to you and your needs?  

The extra time it may take to have a consultation, may just be well worth getting to your end results faster, in the long run.



Before & After – Realistic Expectations


Instagram has really become a force to be reckon with, in the sense of seeing some extreme makeovers.    Just because you see it on Instagram, can or should it be done, and how will you get those results that you may be drooling over?


#2 Tip – Consider The Maintenance

You may want to consider how much maintenance there will be, after you get  your new hair color; but BEFORE you do it?


Consider how much time do you have, within your schedule to commit to maintaining your “dream hair color”?


Do you like going to the salon?    Is is a treat for you, or are you so busy that the thought of adding one more thing to your plate make your groan?


Do you need to have a stylist show you the “how to” style your hair or to recommend the correct aftercare products?


Tip #3  Healthy Hair -The After


When you have perfectly prescribed products recommended for your individual hair problem….wella!

Your hair can be transformed.

All color manufacturers design their lines to have products that will support the longevity of their hair color line.

JBeverly Hills is an exceptional luxury line that is enriched and made with the finest grade of botanical ingredients.

Their hair color line has less that 1% ammonia, and actually nourishes the hair from the inside to the out!

Happy, Healthy & Manageable Hair!

Get Your Chrome Nails On! On Mass Appeal – Loft Salon Studio

Chrome Your Nails

As Seen On Mass Appeal



Chrome nails is the newest and hottest nail trend is fun to wear and was also fun to demo.         It is fascinating to watch the chrome naile powder go from a powder from, to making your nails look like a hologram.      

It can last up to 2 weeks.      We are currently running a Spring Introductory Special for only $45.    BOOK HERE

Click On Photo To Watch
Click on Photo To Watch

Some Fun DIY Tips



As I wear many, many creative hats….one of them has been an Editorial Manicurist.    That is a fancy title that means you have to pack your suitcase with nail polish, maybe some glitter and a whole bunch of creativity.

So, where the DIY tips come in?

Once you watch the Mass Appeal Episode, you will find that I share one of my favorite stores to find the fun treasures.   The best part is that it is not a  “Professional’s Only” resource.

All About You


If you are looking for an extremly pampering experience then you will enjoy our business model.   It is unique, in the fact, that ever since 1999….we offer private & individual appointments for all of the services offered.

You are never doubled booked.    It can be your place where you can have a “spa-like” experience.


Watch more of our episodes here. 

Set Your DVR – Chrome Nails!

Set Your DVR – Chrome Nails!


Manicure TipsManicure-by-Ann-Marie-Walts

We will be on Mass Appeal on:

Monday, March 5th – 2018

11am to 12pm on WWLP Channel 22


Manicure and Nail trends are so much fun.

Wait until you tune in to see what we will be demoing!







Editorial Manicuring


Our manicures are published in a variety of High Fashion Magazines, and we have been fortunate enough to have manicured some celebrities, too.

Providing manicures for photo shoots is as a creative venture.

It takes a whole beauty team to put together a “look” for a shoot, and the nails have to coordinate with both the clothes and the makeup.



Credit: Ann Marie Walts Photography

Credit:Ann Marie Walts Photography


Fashion Week & Miss Jay

Ann Marie Walts Photography was providing “behind the scenes” photography during an event at Fashion Week.

Ann Marie of Loft Salon Studio provided manicuring services for Ginger & Liz Polish company.

We were all excited when Nails Magazine published the manicure!

Extreme Makeovers…Change How You Feel

Big City Makeovers….right here!   Hair & Photography!


Taking your experience from ordinary to extraordinary!

Absolutely no need to go to NYC or Boston, to truly enjoy a TV like makeover.

Go from the Salon To Photography Studio & Leave Changed!

A full day of beauty is so much fun when you get to experience a full hair color makeovers & photography.

If you are new to The Loft Salon Studio, then the first thing I want to do is to say, “Welcome!”.

I have an extremely unique business model because I am equally passionate about providing “real people makeovers” and professional photography.

As you look around my site,  , you will find many, many real makeover photographs.

It has taken me years of consultations, and experience to build a portfolio of makeovers that can express what you can or maybe able to really achieve working with me.

My passion for photography began in 2001.  A little while later, is when I began to fuse “hair & photography” together for my everyday salon life.


Time For Yourself

My businesses offer private appointments.

Do you find that you are always doing something for others, and put yourself on “the list” last?    Maybe it has been unintentional, however, it is so important to allow yourself sometime that is for….just you.


Full Day Treat!

Retreat to a full day of just you.    It will begin at the salon, and then you will follow me to my photography studio in Chicopee, Ma.

Your hair will look fantastic.  You will not have to worry about your makeup either, because I will take care of that for you too.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself.Photographer near me- Western Ma

My photography business has a variety of prints and products with a online viewing gallery for your convenience.

Indulged yourself with a complete hair color makeover with your own photo shoot today!

The Loft Experience….

  • Beauty Shoots
  • Image Consulting
  • Business headshots
  • Modeling Comp Cards
  • Senior Portraits
  • Glamour Sessions


Stay Awhile….Leave Looking Fantastic!

Ann Marie Walts




Commuting NYC – Ann Marie Walts

Commuting NYC – Ann Marie Walts

NYC….The Creativity Charger

Do you ever have a day or moment that you ask yourself, “where did the time go?”      I know that I do.

It is 6:50 am this morning, and I am in lower Manhattan, at where else……but Starbucks.   It has been over 20+ years that I have been commuting to NYC for Beauty or Hair Color educational projects.

There is always something magical that happens when I am approaching the George Washington bridge.   It brings me back, and way back to when I was only a little girl with a dream of being a hairstylist.     However, more importantly is my gratitude for whatever the situations that present themselves that I continually get to work in the city.

This year I will celebrate 25 years “Behind The Chair”, and I am really, really not sure where it went.  When I got out of hairdressing school, I knew very quickly that there was so much more to learn.

When it was my first day of school, the school had us write down why we chose this industry, and what are plans were for the first 10 years.   For myself, I thought that I would own a salon by year 10, and that it would take about 10 years to get a “foundation” of knowledge to be able to even think of owning a business.      It turns out that I was not far off.   In my 11th year, I opened my first location that was named “The Loft”.

A lot has happened since 1999, for sure.

Set Your DVR! Mass Appeal – How To Styling

How To Styling & Choose Products


Tune in on Jan 23, 2017 at 11a.m.  on Mass Appeal


Mass Appeal_Loft Salon Studio

Do you struggle with knowing what products to choose for your hair?


Do you wish you could learn some tips on “how to” style your hair to get it to look like it does at the salon?


Be sure to tune in on 22 WWLP this coming Monday to get some tips and recommendations that will help you have a “great hair day…everyday!”

Set Your DVR – All About Wigs – Mass Appeal & Loft Salon Studio

Set Your DVR – All About Wigs – Mass Appeal & Loft Salon Studio

Set Your DVR

OCTOBER 1OTH, 2016  AT 11 AM

Wig Shop – Loft Salon Studio & Mass Appeal

Learn everything you need to know about real human hair wigs, extensions & more!

Check back tomorrow afternoon for the featured production video from 22WWLP’s team/ Mass Appeal.  The segment will prove to very informative and fun, of course.

Wigs are really for all reasons, and that is some of what will be covered.


Stamped & Branded….It’s Great Lengths Hair

Stamped & Branded….It’s Great Lengths Hair

It’s Great Lengths Hair

Great Lengths is the only extension company in the world that guarantees with documented support that all Great Lengths hair has met the following criteria:

  • Every strand has been donated willingly and with the full consent of the donor.
  • The donor has been treated with respect and care.
  • A fair and reasonable price is agreed for the hair and the money paid to the Temples to procure the hair is used solely for charitable endeavors, not for personal or individual profit.
  • A company representative procures the hair to cut out unreliable middlemen and ensure full and direct knowledge of the origin of the hair.
  • Exclusive in-house production process: Used from procurement of the hair to the wholesale selling of the extension to ensure full and documented traceability.  Great Lengths International does not work through hair brokers. Great Lengths operates and employs our own sourcing staff and facilities in India so that we are always 100% sure of our hairs source.


Stamped & Branded

You can rest assured that when working with me & my business that you will get real Great Lengths hair.    You would think that this would not have to be brought to your attention, however, with all of the consulting that I do; I hear or learn of a lot of different “stories”.

Great Lengths actually has gone the extra step, as they do with so much, and have hot stamped their name into their product.  I was estatic when they started doing this, hear in The States.

How else can you be reassured?

Great Lengths has a salon directory, and not everyone gets to be on it.   We have to meet their criteria.


PLATINUM SALON status is a special recognition for the frequency that The Loft Salon Studio provides Great Lengths hair extension.  Also, too, if you are ever in doubt and need further questions about the business you find; then you can always call Great Lengths. 

Here’s a video on “How To Book”


Thank you for reading. ~ Ann Marie Walts