Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Lash Extensions

Your First Visit

Here are the important things to know and do before your eyelash extension treatment.

You will need to arrive 10 minutes before every appointment.

Please allow UP TO 3 hours and that will include the consultation time.
*The amount of application time varies depending on the stylized look, and many natural lash hairs you have.

My session rates are for the service, and you will leave with a beautiful look.     I stand behind your service and my work. 

Be sure to CONFIRM your appointments.

You will want to avoid caffeine and drinking a lot of water before our treatment.

As it can become difficult and uncomfortable to lie still during your treatment.

No PHONES/TEXTING….just snoring will be allowed during your appointment. 

Be sure not to wear any eye makeup to your appointment.

You are paying to get eyelash extensions and will want to maximize the amount of time for your extensions.

There is a $50 upcharge for removing your makeup and your session time will not be extended.    (If you are booked for 65 minutes, and it takes extra time away from that, you will get less extensions.)

Be sure to bring your glasses.

You cannot wear your contacts during your appointment.

*You will need to bring your own contact case and solution, if you need to take your contacts out right before your lash session starts.

When you arrive, there will be paperwork that will need to be filled out.   As well as close up “before” photos because we will need to determine what will be the best type of extensions to use.

Once your consultation is completed, you will be escorted to our treatment room, and you will be made very comfortable.   And you lash nap will begin!

This is where the fun will begin!!   Just as the diagram shows…your lash style can be just that…”styled”.

The extensions come in different lengths, curls.  Your look will be customized!

Sticky Situation…Eyelash Extension Corrections

Sticky Situation…Eyelash Extension Corrections

Sticky Situation…Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extension Corrections?


Eyelash extensions have been gaining momentum for about 10 years now, but what is a bit unsettling is the need for “eyelash extension corrections”.


Are Eyelashes Safe?

Normally, the answer this popular question is yes.     However, the answer is a BIG NO…when you get a poor application like the “before” photograph shown.

What is wrong with the before photo?    Picture speak 1,000’s words.

What I can share with you is that way too adhesive/eyelash glue was used.   This can or will cause irritation.   Additionally, her natural lashes were stuck together.

If she was not mindful, and sought out an immediate removal then this poor application could of severely damaged her own natural lash hair.


Avoid a “sticky situation”


Insights From A Client


Beauty treatments are meant to be fun, relaxing and enhancing.    My client was on vacation and had went to a “really good salon”.

Eyelash extensions is all about precision, and a professionally applied extensions should never be a rushed service.

Unfortunately, my clients first experience was not an Xtreme experience but an “extremely disappointing” experience.


Tips & Indicators of Experience


One professional tip that I can share with you would be to look on a eyelash directory for a certified lash stylist, in your area or go the distance if you find one.

  • Go to the website that you find
  • Look and see how much information that is listed
  • Does it answer many of your questions without having to call?


Look for ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS!!!     This tip I cannot stress enough.

Just because a site has beautiful stock photographs and a reputable brand does not mean that you can expect to get a eyelash design that will look something like the stock photography.

Are they posting up to date photos?

Check that websites frequent posts on their:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus page


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Protecting Your Eyelash Extensions

Tips and Advice About Aftercare…

Protecting eyelash extensions is very important to understand how and why to properly take care of them.


Are They “Lashes” Or Extensions?


It has been my professional experience that you can quickly forget that your are actual wearing extensions.    Extension for both eyelashes and or hair extensions require a little bit of aftercare to ensure the longevity of the service(s).





What do I do after I my eyelash extensions?


The single most important aftercare responsibility that you will have will be to properly cleanse your lash line with only the recommended Xtreme Lashes® products.










Why Xtreme’s® Makeup Remover Is A Must


It is sometimes misunderstood……

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

As a serious professional lash extensionist , most recently I called Xtreme Lashes® and asked that they add “lash extension cleanser” to their fantastic product that is their “Eye Makeup Remover”.



Client says, “I do not wear makeup…..& I do not need it…”

It has been my experience that some clients do not wear makeup and do not see the value or need to purchase this item that is truly meant to clean your lash line.



Properly Cleaning Eyelash Extensions


Protecting and caring for your extensions will save you money in the long run because premature extension loss is usually caused by improper aftercare.



Close Up Look At Extension Attachment & Why Cleansing Is A Must

Xtreme Lashes Application-The Loft Salon Studio

Avoid Oil Buildup or Blepharitis

Your eye lash extensions are adhered with surgical grade adhesive to your natural eyelash hair.

Your natural eyelash hair is attached to a hair follicle and there are glands that secret oils.    To much oil build up from not cleaning your eyelash extensions, can result in blepharitis.

“Meibomian glands are glands that are arranged vertically within the eyelid near the lashes. The force of an eyelid blink causes oil to be excreted onto the posterior lid margin. The oil is the “staying power” of the tears that helps prevent rapid tear evaporation. In a patient with Meibomian gland dysfunction MGD), vision is affected because there is too much or too little oil in the tear film.”



Are Eyelash Extensions Safe To Wear?

Yes, with a precise & professional application and followed up with responsible at home aftercare.   You can experience wearing Xtreme Lashes® Extensions for a very long time.



Thank you for your time.

The Loft Salon Studio
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2012 Advanced Certified in Design & Color Theory
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Need more information?

Click here to visit our Eyelash Extension page.






Sticky Situation…Eyelash Extension Corrections

Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong

Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong

Poor eyelash extension applications are so uncomfortable and costly.

It pains me as a professional lash artist to have to break the news to a client that they have to have their extensions removed or listen to their disappointment.

The actual photos show some real but scary “before”  up close of what a “poor application” looks like.



The Story… Double Disappointment

My new guest was very new to getting lash extensions, and it was time for her to get a “re-lash” which is also called a “lash-fill”.

She had explained that she was on vacation out of the area, and was super excited about trying this service for the very first time.



Working On Others “Work”

Upon a visually inspection and taking the “before” photos, I had to let her down very gently about two things……

First was the fact that I would not be able to give her a “re-lash” and the other was that her lash extensions had to COME OFF!

As I have been certified since 2007, it has been extremely rare that I am able to “fill” someone else’s work.



The Correction


Her poorly applied lash extensions were gently and professionally removed.   Next, I designed a 3d Full Set.

What is 3d?    I made customized hand made fans.

Va-Va Voom is what my client chose.


Choose Wisely & Safely

Not all “lash stylists”, I say that loosely….are educated or certified.

Professionally, I sought out the extra education with Xtreme Lashes to seek separate certifications.



Tweezers, Glue & Your Eyes

Once a trend hits the “main stream” many times everyone want to get their hands on either providing the service or receiving the service, however it is important to be mindful that if such a complicated and detailed service is too cheap or your are not expected  to get a consultation first…….then I would suggest looking for business that reflects that this is a service that they do specialize in and not simply offer.


Need a correction or a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.


Thank you for your time,

Ann Marie Walts








Be Safe When Getting Eyelash Extensions




Saftey With Your Eyelash Extensions

It is so important to be safe when getting eyelash extensions.   This popular service has gained so much attention over the last 10 years. Much of my own business does specialize in corrections for more than just eye lash extensions, but it still saddens me when a client needs a correction, and especially with their eyelash extensions.


This procedure consists of the use of sharp tweezers  to isolate your natural lash hair, and surgical grade adhesive to attach the eyelash extensions……and so close to your eyes! This service can be costly for your the consumer and very lucrative for a business.   Educating yourself is the first investment that you can do for yourself, prior to calling on a business to do this service.

Chose A “Certified” Stylist

Just because a business offers a service, be sure to ask to see actual photos and certifications.   If you do frequent my blog & site, I may sound like a broken record, however you are safer to seek out a professional that takes providing extension services seriously.

Advanced Certified By Xtreme Lashes & Bella Lashes

Xtreme lashes for an eyelash extension company has very high standards and very through education.  In the state of Massachusetts, the only professionals that can provide this service are:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Cosmetologists
  • Esthetician

Nail salons providing this are doing so illegally; unless they have one of the approved licensed professionals on staff.   Price will not always determine your results, but they do say, “You get what you pay for”.   Be Safe When Getting Eyelash Extensions & Choose Wisely   Is it your first time wanting to get extensions or do you need yours fixed?   CALL 413-734-6204