When was the last time you loved your hair???


CONSULTATION with Ann Walts      

Get a "One To One" Consultation to  creatively explore designing and customizing your hair extension, haircolor, and/or hair straightening makeover.   Together we will focus on what is your primary problem or goal that you want to achieve.  As well as set you up with the necessary makeover appointments. 

Ann Marie will customize an all-inclusive experience to help you be able to achieve your beauty/image goals. 

Whatever your hair frustrations are, you will get solutions/options from what your consultation reveals.  You will experience the ultimate convenience of getting to go to ONE Artist, instead of going to multiple professionals

Please be prepared to book your appointment(s) to move forward, on the day of your consultation.  *If you are using your debit or credit card, I professionally recommend that you let your banking institution know that you will be using your card for a deposit.   This will save time, in the event that your bank freezes your card for unusual activity. Consultation Fee is Non-Refundable.  

Introducing hairtalk®, the original tape-in hair extension.


Hairtalk’s Remy hair extensions instantly transform your client’s look with our wide assortment of products.

Create length, volume, and customizable color effects that provide a discreet, comfortable, and perfectly blended look.


Our extensions create a water-tight seal by securing the hair between two hypoallergenic adhesive bands for a long-lasting application. The adhesive wefts lay completely flat on the head causing no tension and are easy to remove. Each extension application lasts 6 to 8 weeks

Add Lowlights To Your Color

Hair Extension hair is 100% real human hair.   It is colorfast, and it will not bleed onto your blond hair like hair color can. 

Low commitment, too.    If you get tired of the contrast look, then it can be removed, and saves on bleaching your hair!

You want to "Try" extensions?

If you are brand new to the idea of wearing a extensions, then this application may be just the right choice. 

Are you tired of using your clip in extensions?

Tape extensions can last up to 5 weeks!  Think of all of the time you will save on styling your hair. 

Starting at $900 to $1500+


Unicorn Hair-Loft Salon Studio

You Simply Love Unicorns!

If your personality is one that likes constant change, then definitely you will most likely be a better fit for this application.     

This will give you the creative freedom to be able to switch up your look more often than our premium fusion strand option.  



Photography by Ann Walts

When Tape Hair Extensions?

Tape hair extensions are great if you want extensions that are more permanent than clip in hair extensions, and you are not ready to commit to wearing fusion strand by strand. 

Are you going on vacation or have a special event?

Your hair is your best accessory, and you deserve to look your absolute best!


Are you pressed for time but want to get long hair? 

Perfect!    If your hair is at least 4 to 5 inches long, and not curly, then you will most likely be a good fit for tape-ins.

How much are hair extensions? 

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