Will we be a fit?

Please know that this page is built with my best intentions, and with you in mind.

Compatibility means more to me than money.

I am Ann Walts, and I will be personally taking care of you, if I take you on as a client.

My very first professional recommendation is to be sure that you feel confident that you are ready to get a makeover and ready to book it, at your consultation.

It will be worth your time to thoroughly read the content on this page, and on my site.

In my professional experiences, the price comes second to compatibility.   Both are important, and we will be spending a lot of time together.

Best Hair Salon Near Me-Western Ma

Do you simply LOVE to have fun?

Love Trends?

Do you like to shop for all of the newest trends, and have to have the most current hairstyles?

Well, that sounds like fun.

You will find that I seek out the most current hair educations to bring you all the lasted trends!  Bonus!  If you need to go shopping before booking a photoshoot with me, than we can do that, too!

Need “Me Time?

Do you need to be pampered, and have some dedicated “Me Time”? –YES!!

Since 1999, I stopped double booking.  You will get a very pampering, private 1 to 1 appointment.   

You will have my entire studio to yourself!     

Need An Expert?

Do you need an expert that is playful, quirky, and not afraid to make recommendations to you?

YES!   We will work together as a team.   I have 29 years of experience, and simply love what I do.

My heart is filled with a ton of gratitude to get to do the type of work that I do. I am extremely grateful for all of the kind reviews that clients, before you, have shared about their experiences.   You will be in good hands!

Want a Makeover?

Have you been wanting to experience what it would feel like to get a Makeover & your own professional photoshoot?


If this is you, then you will definitely have a blast.  How you are left feeling will last longer than just our time together, at the salon. 

Short of saying that I can guarantee you will get a ton of compliments, I know that it’s my mission to get you closer to what your dream hair looks like!

Hair Extension Review of Loft Salon Studio

Not A Fit!

Transparency is the best form of customer service. 

My business Reserves the Right to Refuse Service.

Only Price Shopping for the cheapest?

Save your time & money, and do not book!

  Not everyone is the right fit for hair extensions, or to be my client and me to be your professional.   

If this offends you, already, then I am not the right professional for you….already, and that’s ok if I am not.   

My business and profession are not a hobby. 

 I’ve spent close to $100,000 on my education, and I do not have anything to prove to anyone that the beauty industry is a “real job”.

Or the professional time to work with anyone that cannot simply look at my photography, read my reviews, my website, and come to an understanding that I love what I do.  

After close to 3 decades of being in the industry, and 2 decades of owning my own business…I no longer have to take on everyone that wants to knock on my door…that are not equally serious about doing business with me.

And we have to be a fit.

End of story. 


Only have so many appointments per month


Price's range $1,000 to $5,000 & up


I don't care what other businesses charge


I'm an Expert and you get what you pay.

Not a fit
Price shopping
Cheap Hair Extensions



…and my business is not joking.

Please be real with yourself before booking a consultation.


Please…Read below & you will know if this is you??


If any of the following apply then you may not be ready for the type of extreme makeovers that I & my business specialize in.


It’s ok, however, It is best not to move forward spending money ~$100 on a consultation.

~ PRICE HAGGLING – Comparing “Apples To Apples”….

“or I think the consultation should be free because that’s what other salons do!”


Are you are only “price shopping”, like to haggle, and want to find the “cheapest deal” or want to tell me how to run my business?????


         .…then I am definitely NOT the right fit for you, and here’s why.


                                    99.9%  We will not work well together                                   


And my business prefers that you don’t  spend $100 just to find out more about me, my business, or waste your time telling me what and how other salons are running their businesses….(because I have,professionally,  experienced people spending $100 on a consultation just to meet me but had no intentions of booking with my business…………🙈🙊🙊)         

  You are wasting your time, and money doing that.    And all sales are final, and you will not be refunded the consultation fee.   


 Why I can be so transparent?     

 It’s called good customer service. 

All of my work shows REAL & GENUINE PHOTOGRAPHS & PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY.   All images captured & created by myself ~Ann Marie Walts Photography   


 The makeovers on this site and I provide can or have, actually taken a series of 2 to 3 appointments for a total of up to 8 to 50 hours of work, per makeover.


       A customized set of hair extensions can take 5 to 12 hours to provide, that doesn’t include if you need your hair corrected first. 


     My HAIR EXTENSION price points for work like this have &

can range from $1000  to over $5000+.


I have 29 years of experience, and I definitely know that what and how I offer my services are unique, in the way that I and my business offers them.  


You will find that I am an Artist, and I am very confident in my artistry, dedicated to investing in my education,  and my level of expertise that does render results.   

My Makeover Consultation is $100* (Non-Refundable), and designed for the client that is ready to make a decision about moving forward in getting a makeover, at the time of the consultation.    


Why do I charge a consultation fee?   Because I charge for my professional time.


Simply put… your makeover quote is non-negotiable, and neither are my fees.    You get what you pay for.


*Over the years, you will find that I have corrected plenty of cheaper” options for hair extensions.   


I will not be the right professional to meet your criteria….If….

My business does not have time for anyone that is rude to my business on the phone or in person.   

If you book your appointment will be immediately canceled.  My business will reserve the right to refuse service and does not care how affluent you are, or who you are.

(I was on set of a celebrity shoot, a few years ago, and one of the celebrities was so disrespectful to me but then wanted something………and they, too, were refused their request.)



No Refunds



You spend ZERO time styling your hair, and are NOT interested in learning to do more……because “it is just not your thing”?

    A full head of extensions can take on upwards of 30 to 45 minutes to properly style.

 The types of makeovers that are provided do require maintenance.

I do appreciate you entertaining the idea of wanting a makeover, and possibly extensions, however the amount of time, and proper aftercare to keep your hair looking like it does when you leave the salon….WILL REQUIRE time styling.

Hair extensions can be high-maintenance, and are really designed for a type of client that is willing to properly brush, style and care for them, and follow instructions.

My business reserves the right to refuse service.  



She does what I tell her to do…give me the comb!

Would you consider yourself ultra assertive, Quadruple Type “A” personality aka… “control freak”?

My business reserves the right to professionally, and personally refuse to work with anyone who is controlling, rude, hyper-critical, combative, argumentative and always negative…..for any amount of money. 

Heres why:

In relationships of both personal and professional, it is ideal for personalities to complement each other and work as a team.

If you are accustomed to working with a stylist that “she does what I tell her to do”…then I apologize in advance, however, I know I would not be a fit for you.

I am a very seasoned hairstylist that hasn’t ever worked well with any client that won’t let me do my job, grab my comb, or accept my professional recommendations.

It is very important that you can place your trust in professional hands when you are seeking an extensive/ extreme makeover.

My business reserves the right to refuse service.



Is your need  to be “Fast In & Out”, and you need/want a “deal”?

Or want to compare my business to another salon?

Then my business atmosphere will not be the right fit for you.

I, professionally have 29 years of experience, and my specialized makeover sessions can take a 6 to 12 hour appointment in one day.

Most surgeries do not take as long as the hair extension services that I specialize in.

My business only works with the type of clients that are serious about wanting to do business with my business, open minded, and are looking to get pampered. 

My business reserves the right to refuse service.  



You are not comfortable  with change, Or sitting for a long time?

Great Lengths Extensions can take anywhere from 5 to 12 hours!

If the idea of sitting in a hair chair for more than 3 hours, is not for you, then please do not try to make that work for you, because most likely it will not.

My services are not quick, fast, or inexpensive.



Do you find that you are indecisive about change?


Then after find that you don’t like your decisions? 

Extreme Makeovers are ALL ABOUT CHANGE….

Our services are ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Fantasy versus Reality

It may be a fantasy to show up to an appointment and say,

“Do whatever you want because ‘you are the professional'”

However, you are talking about your appearance, and trust begins with thorough communication.

What I may “see” can be just the look to make you look fabulous….but at the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, it’s ultra-important that you see you.

A creative experience begins with the details.

You need to feel comfortable working with us, and vice versa.

I am not into wasting your time or money. 

Contact Us

2301 Westfield Street West Springfield, Ma 01089

(413) 734-6204


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