Lash Extensions

Your First Visit

Here are the important things to know and do before your eyelash extension treatment.

Give Yourself Time

You will need to arrive 10 minutes before every appointment.

Please allow up to 3 to 3.5 hours.   

Your eyelash extension consultation will take approximately 30 mins. 

Be sure to CONFIRM your appointments.


Get Ready To Relax

You will want to avoid caffeine and drinking a lot of water before our treatment.

As it can become difficult and uncomfortable to lie still during your treatment.

No PHONES/TEXTING….just snoring will be allowed during your appointment. 

Arrive with a Fresh Clean Face...NO MAKEUP

Be sure not to wear any eye makeup to your appointment.

You are paying to get eyelash extensions and will want to maximize the amount of time for your extensions.

There is a $50 upcharge for removing your makeup and your session time will not be extended.    (If you are booked for 65 minutes, and it takes extra time away from that, you will get less extensions.)

Lose Your Contact Lenses!

Be sure to bring your glasses.

You cannot wear your contacts during your appointment.

*You will need to bring your own contact case and solution, if you need to take your contacts out right before your lash session starts. 


What To Expect

When you arrive, there will be paperwork that will need to be filled out.   As well as close up “before” photos because we will need to determine what will be the best type of extensions to use. 

Once your consultation is completed, you will be escorted to our treatment room, and you will be made very comfortable.   And you lash nap will begin!

Customizing Your Look!

This is where the fun will begin!!   Just as the diagram shows…your lash style can be just that…”styled”.   

The extensions come in different lengths, curls.  Your look will be customized!

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